Virizion (Gates to Infinity)

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ビリジオン Virizion
640Virizion PMDGTI.png
Virizion in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Gender Female
Ability Justified
Current location At Post Town
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Virizion Yuka Nishigaki Unknown

Virizion (Japanese: ビリジオン Virizion) is one of the major characters in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.
Virizion's debut

Gates to Infinity

When Virizion comes to Post Town, she catches the many eyes of the town's citizens before stopping at Swanna's inn with the majority of the townsfolk following her. It is revealed that Virizion came to Post Town after hearing stories of the Rainbows of Hope, but discovered that they no longer appear.

The player and their partner help Dunsparce, who has fallen in love with Virizion, in asking the Grassland Pokémon if she could be his friend after presenting her with a crystal gem. However she coldly rejects his friendship, and proceeds to explain to the distraught Dunsparce that she doesn't believe in friends, especially with the world they live in that is filled with distrustful Pokémon. It's even said that it's a town tradition to be rejected by Virizion. If Dunsparce was strong, then he would be considered an ally to Virizion, but she could tell that Dunsparce wasn't very strong. This greatly upsets Dunsparce, who runs off in tears, but Virizion defended her actions to the player and their partner that the world they live in is filled with deceitful Pokémon, and that making friends would only lead to disappointment and heartache.

When Dunsparce ran off with the Pawniard Brothers to become strong for Virizion, the Grassland Pokémon overheard the player and the partner going to Desolate Canyon to save Dunsparce from danger. She went to Gurdurr and asked for his assistance to save Dunsparce, but not before Gurdurr told Virizion that he too had lost faith in the world, but the player and their partner helped him realize that the world isn't worth giving up just yet. At Desolate Canyon, Virizion, along with Gurdurr and the two Timburr, aided the player and their allies against the Pawniard Brothers and their gang, succeeding in driving them off.

After the battle, Virizion apologized for her behavior towards Dunsparce. She then listened to the player and their partner explaining about building a Pokémon Paradise after they accepted Dunsparce and Emolga, and Virizion requested if she could join Paradise as well, much to everyone's surprise. Despite Emolga's intense opposition to Virizion joining due to her previous mistreatment of Dunsparce, the partner accepts Virizion as part of their Pokémon Paradise. The Grassland Pokémon had thoughts of leaving Post Town, but she decided to stay and believes that she may find the precious thing she has been searching for while residing in the Pokémon Paradise.

Later on, the player and partner meet Umbreon and Espeon, and they reveal that Virizion once had a best friend named Keldeo. He left for the Great Glacier and never came back. One day, Virizion got a letter from Keldeo, in which he wrote that he had used the journey to the Great Glacier as an excuse to get away from her and that they aren't friends anymore. It was because of this that Virizion stopped believing in friendship. Later on, the team goes on a journey to the Great Glacier. They eventually come across a Frism, left behind by Keldeo. Virizion is surprised to find out that Keldeo actually did make it to the Great Glacier.

Much later in the game, the team returns to the Glacier Palace in order to defeat the Bittercold. Umbreon and Espeon find Keldeo imprisoned in an ice tower, and free him. Keldeo reveals that he wrote the letter because he was being chased by Munna and Kyurem, and wanted to cut off all contact from Virizion to keep her safe.

After beating the main story, Keldeo becomes a member of the team, as well as Hydreigon.

Super Mystery Dungeon

It is implied that this Virizion is the same one from Gates to Infinity, due to her connection with Emolga and Dunsparce. Her mission involves rescuing Keldeo.

Personality and characteristics

Virizion starts out with a cold personality due to a past experience, convinced that making friends will only lead to betrayal and heartache. However, she later changes her ways and starts believing in friendship once again.

Moves used

Virizion starts the adventure with the following moveset:

Spr 5b 640.png
Grass Fighting
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Virizion Lv.20
Quick Attack
Normal Physical
Double Kick
Fighting Physical
Take Down
Normal Physical
Magical Leaf
Grass Special


  • Upon appearing:
"Is this seat taken?"
"Hehe. Thank you, boys."
"Hmm. I'll think about it."
"I've been to some caves in the east. But there was nothing there. I'm afraid I didn't get anything at all from the trip. I wonder if I've lost my edge as an adventurer?"
  • When the player is in the inn:
"Yeah. That about sums it up. Though it's not like I don't have any goal... But you could basically say that I go wherever the whim takes me. I came to this town because there was something I wanted to see here."
"The Rainbows of Hope."
"I had heard rumors that the rainbows couldn't be seen any longer. But I still wanted to see them, you know? I thought that maybe if I came here, I'd find out that they had returned. But it looks like it's no use. I won't be able to see them after all..."
"His friend?"
"A gift?"
"Thank you for the gift. It's lovely. But... While it is very sweet of you...I can't accept it."
"I don't make friends. I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry, but with the world we live in... I just don't believe in things like friends. If you were strong, I might be able to consider you as some kind of ally. If you were strong, then at least you could help me out in some way. But you...well, you aren't very strong, are you?"
"The world's full of cheaters, thieves, and liars. There's nothing to believe in anymore. Someone who acts nice to you always has an ulterior motive. You can't just believe anyone who flatters you with pretty words. Making friends will just lead to heartache and disappointment. That's why I just don't have any."
"How could you feel any other way in this kind of world? You understand, don't you?"
  • At Desolate Canyon:
"Hold it right there!"
"Pawniard! You told Emolga and these other Pokémon that they were surrounded, didn't you? And yet... Who's surrounded now?"
"Taking advantage of the weakness in Dunsparce's heart with this dirty plot... You two...really are pathetic, aren't you?"
  • After winning:
"Well, I did see you. I happened to see you talking with Quagsire. I didn't hear everything, was enough to put the pieces together."
"I have to apologize. It was my fault that you felt like you had to get stronger. I am sorry about that. But... Bad Pokémon are always looking to take advantage of gullible Pokémon like you. You trust others way to easily. You can't live like that these days. You know? You just can't trust other Pokémon, not in the world we live in now."
"... ..."
"(A Pokémon Paradise?)"
"Er... Do you mind if I interrupt? I have a request for you all. Will you... Will you let me join your Paradise as well?"
"Toying with you... Yes, I can see how you would think that. I won't make any excuses for my behavior... But...even saying that... Is there no way you can let me be a part of your paradise?"
"Hehe. I'll just have to try."
"Well... It looks like I've caused a bit of a fight, but... I'm looking forward to working together with you all. I guess I'll be heading back first, then. Gurdurr."
"What you said...back there..." (flashback starts)
"What a fool... This only happened because he believes any old Pokémon he meets. They should be headed for Desolate Canyon. Come at once, would you?"
"... ... ..."
"... ... ..." (flashback ends) "I think...I might understand now what you were trying to tell me."
"Hehe, no need to act so bashful. Oh, never mind. (But...) (I had been thinking it was about time to leave Post Town...) (Perhaps sticking around isn't a bad idea either, though.) (If I stay here...) (I feel like I might finally find it.) (That one precious thing... I've been searching for...)"
  • The next morning:
"Hehe. And a good morning to you."
"I don't have any objections."
"Hehe. Understood."
  • Entering Paradise Center
"I would have expected no less. The famous reformer of criminals... Who even formed an organization to punish evildoers... And is said to travel the world for its operations... The one known for three qualities above all others: sincerity, integrity, and rage. It appears that your famous nickname is not just for show... ...SIR Quagsire."
"Someone is going to get left behind."
"Like if I keep using Quick Attack... ...then I would make Quick Attack level up to Quick Attack II, you know? And then all my teammates who know Quick Attack could use Quick Attack II. Emolga, you know Quick Attack, don’t you? So in this example... Even if Emolga never uses Quick Attack to level it up himself... He would suddenly be able to use Quick Attack II--without doing a thing. That’s what it means to share as a team."
"Sounds good to me!"
  • The morning of the first day of the V-Wave season:
"It's the V-Wave."
"It’s a strange wind that always begins to blow around this time of year, you know? Fire, Water, Electric... There’s a wave for each of the Pokémon types. Say a Fire-type wave is blowing one day, for example... Then Fire-type Pokémon will be stronger than usual and level up easier. Get it?"
"Victini! It's been ages, hasn't it?"
"And you’re just as lively as ever, aren’t you? know, the whole... V-Wheeeeeel!!! ...and striking a pose thing? You may want to tone it down other Pokémon could get annoyed, you know?"
"<player>? And <partner>? Victini might seem a bit much, but... He’s a really nice Pokémon, deep down. He wanted to help out the Pokémon who are inconvenienced by the V-Wave... ...and that’s why he travels around the world with his V-Wheel, you know?"
"...Well, anyway, you should probably only use the V-Wheel when you really need it. In other words, only when you feel you absolutely MUST change the V-Wave, OK?"
  • When looking at the mirage:
"It's the Great Glacier in the north."
"There are huge glaciers that fill the ocean far in the north. I’ve only seen them myself from atop a mountain near the oceanside, but.. The magnificent sight of that huge glacier was truly...awe-inspiring."
"There are all kinds of rumors about what might be waiting there... Jewels made of ice... A legendary Great Crystal... But it’s all just rumors and speculation, you know?"
"Because no one has ever gone to the Great Glacier. Or that’s... what they say... There are vast crevasses that make it impossible to reach the Great Glacier. And because the mysteriosity is so great there... ...the crevasses change unpredictably and no one can even map them. If you try to fly over the crevasses to get there, a freezing wind pushes you back."
  • In the inn with Umbreon:
"...Oh! Umbreon! Umbreon... What happened to you? What's his condition?"
"Are you sure? Thank goodness..."
"I know him. His name is Umbreon. He's a dungeon researcher."
"Umbreon researches the mysterious powers present in this land, including the dungeons. That research was his life. Especially his investigations of the Great Glacier."
"Do you remember what I told you all before, when we saw that mirage? That I had seen the Great Glacier up close, from a mountain on the seaside? That’s when I met Umbreon."
"But Umbreon wasn’t the only one I met then, either. He had a partner. Espeon. Umbreon and Espeon were investigating the Great Glacier together, you know?"
  • When Umbreon tries to set out:
"Umbreon... Why don't you explain what's going on? We might be able to help, you know?"
  • When Umbreon opens an incomplete Magnagate:
"An entrance to a dungeon?!"
"I see... I think I get it now. And the other cards you need...are with Espeon, are they?"
"At any rate, we can all protect Umbreon together as long as he’s here... Which just leaves Espeon."
"We will. You can believe that."
  • Talking to Umbreon and Espeon on the hill:
"I was a bit worried myself, but... They seem to be doing just fine."
"We'll be on the same team from now on, huh? Do you best! Umbreon! Espeon!"

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