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エモンガ Emonga
587Emolga PMDGTI.png
Emolga in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Gender Male
Ability Static
Current location At Post Town
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Emolga is a major character in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Emolga first appears looking for Dunsparce in Stompstump Peak. After the player and Emolga rescue Dunsparce, they go back to Post Town, where they help Dunsparce to become friends with Virizion. However, after Dunsparce is coldly rejected and runs away crying, Emolga follows him. (This is the start of Emolga's disliking Virizion). Emolga then hears from Quagsire that Dunsparce went to Desolate Canyon with two Pawniard, he goes to Desolate Canyon to rescue Dunsparce again. He, Dunsparce, the player, their partner, Virizion, Gurdurr, and the Timburr Brothers battle the Pawniard Brothers, two Galvantula, and two Venipede. After defeating them, Emolga, Dunsparce, and Virizion join the player and their partner.

The next day, they are accepted by HAPPI as a team. Emolga suggests "Emolga's Enforcers" as the team name, but no one listens to him, and his suggestion is too long for the character limit anyway.

Super Mystery Dungeon

In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, Emolga is connected to Lillipup, Whiscash, Pachirisu, Virizion, and Dunsparce. His request is to help him find Dunsparce.

Personality and characteristics

Emolga is somewhat vain but has a good heart. He is best friends with Dunsparce and dislikes Virizion because of her rejection of Dunsparce. He wants nothing to do with her (even openly disapproving of Quagsire's example of him and Virizion sharing the move Quick Attack). Thus he may be proud or protective of Dunsparce.


  • Upon meeting the player:
"Who's that? Who's over there?! Dunsparce... Nope, clearly not. They don't really look like enemy Pokémon either, but..."
"Request? Ohhh. That bulletin board thing. So there are still Pokémon desperate enough to work for that dinky reward, huh? Thanks, though. I could use your help. I'm Emolga. I'm looking for Dunsparce, too. Dunsparce is my best friend, got it? But... He's a bit of a coward really...and he's always messing up... Pretty much whenever he does anything, he ends up needing someone to bail him out. So, you know, I was getting a bit worried and decided to look for him myself... If you guys happen to find him first, take care of him would ya? See ya."
  • Upon finding Dunsparce:
"Thank goodness! So this is where you were! You guys found him, huh? Thanks. We owe you big time."
  • When the player receives their first reward:
"I'm glad we found you this time, but... you've gotta stop being so reckless!"
"That...that's not true! I mean, sure, you're a bit of a coward and so things don't always go so well... But your heart's in the right place, right? That's pretty hard to find these days."
"But why'd you try going someplace like Stompstump Peak again?"
"Aha! So that's it! You wily scamp! So that's what you were after, huh?"
  • When Virizion appears:
"Dunsparce has adored Virizion from the first time he laid eyes on her... he really wants her to be his friend."
"Dunsparce! This is your big chance! Go and give 'er that crystal!"
  • In the inn:
"The Rainbows of Hope! I've heard of them, too!"
"Dunspaaarce! Virizion! That was so cold! What is wrong with you?! You could've just accepted his gift, you know! Argh!"
  • Desolate Canyon:
"Don't you touch Dunsparce!"
"Freeze, you two! Don't you move a muscle! Dunsparce is my best friend, you hear!"
"Hmph! How about it, bullies? Watcha gonna do now? Your chances don't look so good now, do they?"
  • After winning:
"We... We beat 'em! We really chased away the bad guys! We did it!!!"
"Dunsparce! You OK?"
"That's not true! You realized it before it went too far, didn't you? That it's not that easy to get strong. If you hadn't, we would've been way worse off! We might've had to fight those bullies on their own turf instead of here in the open! I'm glad they didn't take you all the way to their hideout. And besides... You fought bravely to the end, without giving in to fear, right? You did good, Dunsparce. I for one think you gave it your all."
"Y-you want us?!"
"I... Well, I don't really mind, if that's what Dunsparce wants to do."
"Guess I don't have much choice then... I'll give it my all, too! Let's do this!"
"You--! What do you think you're trying to pull now, huh?! What happened to all your big talk about not making friends? Not trusting anyone? You just say whatever comes into your head, don't you? You're messing with us! If you're just toying with us, then we don't need you in our Paradise!"
"I...I do NOT approve! No way! Come on, <partner>! Tell her to hit the road!"
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Why should I have to be friends with someone like her?! I'll never accept you, you hear that? Right, Dunsparce? You've gotta feel the same, don't you?"
"I'm not OK with this, <partner>. Seriously not OK. Just so you know."
"Why would you even want someone like that in your Paradise?!"
"Wha-what kind of reason is that?!"
  • The next morning:
"Morning, <player> and <partner>! Hey, <partner>... It looks like Pelipper's here with some kinda delivery for you."
"No way! What does it say?"
"Sounds good to me. If we become a team and get Team Badges, we could take on anything!"
"Yeah! That's right! Hmmm... How about Emolga's Enforcers? Pretty cool, right?"
"Hey! What about my idea?!"
"I think it's good, too!"
"Right? That's because it's an awesome name! "Emolga's Enforcers" it is, then-- ...Hey! You guys haven't been listening to a single thing I've been saying, have you?!"
"Oh, fine."
  • Later that day:
"SIR... SIR Quagsire?! I don't really get it, but it sounds super awesome!"
"Is that...?"
"We already got recognized as a team!"
"H-hmph! I don't need to share anything with you!"
"All right!"
  • The morning of the first day of the V-Wave season:
"Never mind that! Just get yourselves over to Paradise Center! Quagsire wants everybody there!"
"But then tomorrow’ll be an Electric-type V-Wave! You won’t always have it so bad, Dunsparce... And then I’ll be the one gettin’ an extra shot of power! Hah!"
"It's headed right for us!!!"
  • Observing the mirage:
"Oh! You guys made it. It's over there. You can see it pretty clearly, huh?"
"Heh! That's right!"
  • The morning after the second suspicious Pokémon incident:
"Let's get out there and tackle another day!"
"Huh? Isn't that Leavanny and Lillipup? What's up?"
"Swadloon? Do you mean he's gone missing?"
"<partner>... It’s up to you to decide who’ll go with you into Inflora Forest. Anyone left behind will just have to keep searching around here."
  • After finding Swadloon:
"All's well that ends well, huh?"
"They're real good friends, aren't they? Those two kids."
  • The next morning:
"He's here! In Post Town! The suspicious Pokémon!"
"Well, I don’t know about that... It seems like this Pokémon collapsed on his way here to Post Town..."
"Yeah. He’s been taken to the inn already, and the signora’s looking after him. I got a glance at him, at least. He didn’t look all that scary to me..."
"Yeah. But he’s not from around here and no one’s ever seen him before, so... It all seems pretty suspicious. Gurdurr’s already assuming the worst. He started treating this new Pokémon like a bad guy right away. It’s not pretty."
"Yeah, you do that. I'll go get the others together."
  • In the inn with Umbreon:
"Sorry for the wait, everybody! I brought Dunsparce and Virizion, too!"
"Yeah. Let's go get some requests done from the board for now."
  • When Umbreon tries to set out:
"You ran all the way to Post Town..."
"So that’s why... But...why d’you think someone would’ve attacked you two?"
"I guess so... It was like some awesomely powerful spell was cast over us--like being hypnotized..."
  • When Umbreon opens an incomplete Magnagate:
"Whoa! The light's--!"
"We can't just sit back and relax when someone's in trouble..."
"Sparky! You can decide who's gonna go, right?"
  • When Umbreon and Espeon are reunited:
"Hey! Wait up! You just said... You know you just said something amazing like it was nothing, right?!"
"But why'd Swadloon have them?"

Moves used

Emolga starts the adventure with the following moveset:

Spr 5b 587.png
Electric Flying
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Emolga Lv.15
Quick Attack
Normal Physical
Electric Special
Electric Physical
Double Team
Normal Status

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