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Pawniard Brothers
コマタナ兄弟 Komatana Brothers

The Pawniard Brothers in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Gender Male
Ability Defiant
Current location Unknown
This Pokémon has not evolved.

The Pawniard Brothers (Japanese: コマタナ兄弟 Komatana Brothers) are characters from from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

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After Virizion coldly rejects Dunsparce's offer of friendship, Dunsparce runs off in tears, Emolga after him, and meets the Pawniard Brothers by the crossroads. They offer to make him stronger in a simple way. One of the brothers then suspiciously adds, "You do have Poké, right?" Dunsparce replies "Yes" and follows the brothers to Desolate Canyon. Later, Quagsire tells the player, partner, and Emolga that he saw Dunsparce talking to a couple of suspicious Pokémon before all three headed to Desolate Canyon. The player and their partner decide to go to save Dunsparce, with Emolga tagging along.

Meanwhile at Desolate Canyon, Dunsparce suspects there is something wrong, and the brothers reveal that there is no quick, simple way to get strong, and tell Dunsparce to hand everything over. Dunsparce tries to run, but the Pawniard Brothers surround him with their gang, which consists of 2 Galvantula and 2 Venipede. Suddenly, the player, partner and Emolga appear, who even the odds slightly, but the player is still outnumbered. Then all of a sudden, Virizion comes with Gurdurr and the two Timburr and now it is the Pawniard's gang that is outnumbered. After being defeated, they flee, never to be seen again.


  • In the inn:
"Hey, you see that? Just now. Sure did... Looks like we've found the latest victim. Wanna follow him? Let's do it."
  • In Quagsire's flashback:
"You wanna get strong, don't you? Just come with us. We'll make that wish come true."
"Oh, yeah. No problem. We've got a real simple way to get stronger. By the way... You do have Poké currency.png, right?"
"Sweet. We're the Pawniard Brothers. Good to know you. There's a place not too far from here called Desolate Canyon. Training there'll make this a breeze. Let's roll."
  • Desolate Canyon:
"Huh? What's the problem?"
"Go home? Why?"
"... ..."
"Stop right there, runt!"
"Heheheh! So you figured it out. Clever little runt. But don't you think it's a bit too late for that? That's right. It's just like you said. There's no simple way to get strong! Kahahaha! What we're after is Poké currency.png. So out with it! Hand over the cash! And all your stuff, too! If you hand it all over without a fight, we'll letyou off easy this time!"
"Kahahaha! Hmph! Friends, huh? I don't care either way, but--you planning to fight us. You think you can win? Against us? Hey, sounds good to me. We'll just take thisguy's stuff, too!"
"Hehehehe! Kahahaha! So, Emolga or whatever your name is...'ve got us surrounded, huh? You think this is a battle that'll just come down to sheer numbers, do you?"
"Hehehe! If that's true, then... How about this?! It's your turn, lads!"
"So, Emolga. Now it's YOUR chances that don't look so good, yeah? Kahahaha! The side with bigger numbers wins, isn't that what you thought? Hehehehe!"
"Dear me. You seem to be completely surrounded no, don't you? Well then. I guess it's about time to wrap things up here. Come on lads! All together now! YAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRHHHH!!!"
"Wh-who's there?! Who are you?!"
"Urk! Like we'll lose to you fools!"
"Let's get 'em, lads!"
  • When defeated:
"Ngh... Ugh! Aughhh... Gahhhhhh!"
"W-wait, you spineless little... We... We're coming, too!!! Waaauuugh!!!"
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