Luxo Cruiser

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The Luxo Cruiser

The Luxo Cruiser (Japanese: クルーザー Cruiser) is Greevil's personal yacht in Pokémon XD.

It is first seen in Gateon Port, docked near the rotating bridges. Later, Greevil, along with Ardos and Eldes, sail on it to Citadark Isle, where it remains permanently.

A Sailor inside Citadark Isle's headquarters mentions that Greevil makes him "swab the decks" of the Luxo Cruiser. He also reveals that Greevil rarely leaves it when he visits Citadark Isle.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Yacht Luxo
Germany Flag.png German Luxus-Kreuzer
Italy Flag.png Italian Yacht
Spain Flag.png Spanish Yate Luxo

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