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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
These pages follow the remade Game Boy Advance iteration, not Pokémon Red and Blue. The guide for those games can be found here.

Five Island

Five Island
Five Isle Meadow
Rocket Warehouse
Memorial Pillar

Five Island covers another large area of the ocean. The main island includes the town of Five Island and Five Isle Meadow to the east, where the Rocket Warehouse is located. The southeast islands make up Memorial Pillar. Water Labyrinth, Resort Gorgeous, and Lost Cave can be found to the north.

Five Isle Meadow

Five Isle Meadow is a short path just outside the town of Five Island. The Rocket Warehouse stands in the middle of the area. Examine the door to enter the two passwords and gain entry.

Rocket Warehouse

The Rocket Warehouse is Team Rocket's base of operations in the Sevii Islands. Like the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City, the building uses a maze of spinner tiles to thwart any intruders.

Spinner maze

Enter the maze of spinner tiles to reach the stopper tile in the southwest corner. Walk carefully northeastward and step on the spinner with the east-facing arrow; this leads to a stopper tile in the north-central part of the maze. Go east and step on the row of spinners leading south to reach another stopper tile in the southwest corner. Follow the path to reach a Pearl near the west wall. Take the north-facing row of spinners to the northwest room; pick up the Up-Grade and battle the female Rocket Grunt. On the east side of the northwest room, step on the western spinner tile to stop near the maze entrance in the southeast. From here, you can detour southward to reach a Big Pearl, or continue northward to battle the next Rocket Grunt. Take the spinner tile two steps to the west of him to reach the middle of the maze. Go northwest to the lone cardboard box, then walk northeastward to the north-central room. Pick up TM36 (Sludge Bomb) from the table, then head south. Battle the third Rocket Grunt to the south to exit the maze.

Southeast room

Next, battle the female Rocket Admin near the front entrance.

She had always followed Giovanni's orders, not caring if they were right or wrong, but has a change of heart after losing to you. She uses the machine next to her to reverse the two eastern spinner tiles. This creates a shortcut to bypass the maze, giving you a chance to visit the Pokémon Center before taking on the last few battles.

East-central room

The final Rocket Admin accuses you of spreading lies about Team Rocket disbanding to create confusion in their ranks. He aims to put a stop to this.

After his defeat, he notices the Earth Badge that you won from Giovanni. Realizing that Giovanni has gone underground and Team Rocket in Kanto is finished, he admits defeat for their branch in the Sevii Islands, as well. He states his intention for the group to abandon the warehouse, but vows to find Giovanni and resurrect Team Rocket before he and the others flee the building.

Northeast room

The Scientist who stole the Sapphire can be found in the northeast room. He was nearly able to sell the gemstone to Team Rocket for a high price, but the deal fell apart when you defeated the group. He is out for revenge and draws you into battle.

Gideon is not interested in the Sapphire if he cannot sell it, and finally gives up the gemstone. Deliver this to Celio on One Island and his work on the Network Machine will be complete. This enables Trainers to battle and trade with others in the distant Hoenn and Orre regions.

Memorial Pillar

Memorial Pillar is an area of ocean to the southeast of Five Isle Meadow that includes Five Island's two southernmost islets.

A Tribute for Tectonix

The southern island serves as a gravesite for an Onix, nicknamed Tectonix by its loving Trainer. The memorial itself is a large rock pillar shaped like an Onix's tail. Its Trainer can be found here, spending time with his dearly departed Pokémon and cleaning the memorial. If you examine the pillar and leave a can of Tectonix's favorite drink, Lemonade, the man thanks you for your kindness with TM42 (Facade).

Fly back to the town of Five Island and be sure to make room in your party before heading north.

Water Labyrinth

The Water Labyrinth is a small patch of ocean that leads north from the town of Five Island. Much of the area is comprised of a maze of rocks jutting up out of the water.

A Joyful Gift

The tiny islet has only Pokémon Breeder Alize and an elderly Gentleman. Speak to him to receive a Pokémon Egg, if the lead Pokémon in your party has maximum friendship. The Egg will eventually hatch into a Togepi.

Resort Gorgeous

Resort Gorgeous is a small patch of ocean that holds several smaller islands at the northernmost extent of Five Island. The area is named for the resort on the middle island. Lost Cave is located to the east.

Resort Gorgeous

The resort itself belongs to a wealthy Pokémon Trainer named Selphy. However, there does not appear to be anyone home at the moment.

Lost Cave

Lost Cave is a tiny island cave always covered in fog from the ocean. Because these conditions obscure the cave's layout, visitors are easily disoriented and often find themselves back at the entrance.


To explore the cave, visitors must take note of the quantity of rocks found in each chamber. This number indicates the path forward by comparing it to the position on a clock. Traveling in the opposite direction will lead to a dead-end room with an item. To begin, climb down the ladder from the entrance to reach the lower floor.


Battle Ruin Maniac Dawson in the first chamber. There are three rocks here, so go through the cave opening to the east. The second chamber has twelve rocks; the south exit leads to a Lax Incense while the north exit leads to the next chamber. Six rocks in the third chamber means that you must turn around and take the south exit that you just passed through. There are six rocks in the fourth chamber as well; the north exit leads to a Sea Incense while the south exit leads to the next chamber. Go east in the fifth chamber. The sixth chamber has nine rocks; the east exit leads to a Max Revive while the west exit lets you continue on. Go south in the seventh chamber. In the eighth chamber, the west exit leads to a Rare Candy while the east exit leads forward. Twelve rocks in the ninth chamber points to the north exit.

Lady Selphy can be found in the final chamber. She is surprised by your presence, and draws you into battle.

Selphy is bored and fatigued from getting lost in the cave, and asks that you help her to her home. She automatically travels with you to the front door of her resort, where she dismisses you.

Resort Gorgeous

Now that she is back home, Selphy will occasionally want to see a certain species of Pokémon. If you present the correct Pokémon to her, she will have her butler, Sebastian, give you a random item as a reward. She will grow bored if you take too long (more than 250 steps taken), and wish to see a different Pokémon instead. The requested Pokémon may be any species that you have encountered.

Seven Island

Seven Island
Trainer Tower, 1F
Canyon Entrance
Sevault Canyon

Seven Island is the southernmost of the Sevii Islands and the farthest from mainland Kanto. Its remote location has left the island virtually untouched, making it difficult to hike across. The town of Seven Island lies across a bridge from the main island, with a battle facility known as Trainer Tower farther to the north. South of town, the Canyon Entrance and Sevault Canyon open up to the sea, where the Tanoby Ruins are located.

Seven Island (Town)

The town of Seven Island holds little more than a Pokémon Center and Poké Mart. On the main bridge, an Ace Trainer offers to teach the move Swords Dance to a compatible Pokémon.

Trainer Tower

Trainer Tower stretches from the north side of town to the the northernmost island, where the battle facility that gave the area its name stands tall.

Trainer Tower

Trainer Tower sets a goal for challengers of battling through eight floors of opponents to reach the rooftop as quickly as possible. There are four different types of battle in which challengers may participate: Single Mode, Double Mode, Knockout Mode, and Mixed Mode. Beating the record time for each mode earns a challenger a rare item, which can be obtained repeatedly. Unlike most battle facilities, a challenger's Pokémon are not healed between battles, though recovery items like Revives and Potions may be used. If necessary, challengers can return to the entrance to heal their party at the Pokémon Center, though this will waste more time in comparison to using items. Battles do not award experience or money, and the levels of the opposing Trainers' Pokémon match that of the player's highest-leveled party Pokémon.

Canyon Entrance

The Canyon Entrance is a small stretch of land that leads southward from the town of Seven Island to Sevault Canyon. The hilly landscape gives Trainers an idea of the harsh terrain up ahead.

Sevault Canyon

Sevault Canyon is a long, narrow valley leading southward to the ocean. The canyon seems to serve as a training ground for elite Trainers, while being guarded by equally skilled Pokémon Rangers. A small cave known as Tanoby Key is located on the valley's north side. The Tanoby Ruins lie to the south.

Tanoby Key

Tanoby Key

The Tanoby Key is a small cave in the northwest part of the canyon. The chamber houses seven pits in the earth, along with several boulders.

Trainer Tips!
1. Use Strength to move the north-central boulder (↑4) northward to the first pit.
2. Move the northwest boulder (→1, ↑2, ←3) to the northwest pit, and the northeast boulder (←1, ↑2, →3) to the northeast pit.
3. Move the southwest boulder (←1, ↑2) to the southwest pit, and the southeast boulder (→1, ↑2) to the southeast pit.
4. Move the remaining southwest boulder (↑3, ←1) to the west-central pit, and the remaining southeast boulder (↑3, →1) to the east-central pit.

Once each pit is occupied by a boulder, the earth shakes as a mysterious rumble echoes somewhere far away.

The Chansey Dance

The lone building in Sevault Canyon belongs to a man and his Chansey. Speak to him to learn that the man loves to dance, and even offers you a chance to join in. If you accept his offer, dancing the Chansey Dance heals all of your Pokémon to full health. Lucky!

Tanoby Ruins

The Tanoby Ruins consist of a group of seven islets scattered near the southern edge of Seven Island. Each of these small islands holds one of the Tanoby Chambers. According to a Ruin Maniac, these ruins have been around for more than 1,500 years.

Tanoby Chambers

The Tanoby Chambers are seven ruined structures from a bygone era. The intention behind their creation has long been lost to history. They may have some connection to the earth as all are named after plants; from east to west: Monean, Liptoo, Weepth, Dilford, Scufib, Rixy, and Viapois. Clearing the earthen puzzle in Tanoby Key reveals their true purpose, serving as a home to the Unown.

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