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Appendix:Pokémon XD walkthrough/Section 3

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Pyrite Town

Upon arrival, you'll see a girl being chased by a man with a camera leaving the city. It's not that important (yet), so keep going. In the circle you can battle lots of Trainers to raise your levels, and you can also train in Pyrite Colosseum, just north of the city. Eventually you'll find two shady people being stopped by a police officer. The two guys scram, and apparently the police officer recognizes them from back in the day. Hm... I wonder...

Anyway, enter the giant skyscraper in the upper-right part of the city that contrasts with the other buildings. It's called the ONBS Headquarters. Go and travel, talking to people. On the second floor, you'll run into Secc. He'll tell you to speak to Nett, who is on the roof. Also on the second floor, watch a news bulletin going on in the southwest room. Go upstairs to the roof, and after a few cutscenes, you'll meet Nett from the last game. You'll give him the Data ROM, but he tells you it'll take some time to decipher it. Figures. He tells you to visit wise and noble Duking from the last game at the Rock Poké Spot, which is a place where Wild Pokémon can actually show up in Orre.

Rock Poké Spot

When you arrive, you'll see Betty (I mean Pofty), one of the news reporters, interviewing Duking. He appears to lost some of his wiseness and nobleness and has gotten his brain soaked up with the thoughts of fame. He says it's taken him 15 years with little sleep to find Poké Spots (there's two others, by the way), but if you know him from the last game he was quite content staying in his home five years ago, only leaving to save his Plusle and to stop Cipher. He tells you to head to the next Poké Spot, revealed on the map.

Oasis Poké Spot

When you arrive, Duking will greet you again. He tells you if you ever encounter a Wooper, Surskit, or Trapinch, that you'd give Duking it in a trade. He'd love to give you a Larvitar, Meditite, and Shuckle for all three. He'll tell you that the final Poké Spot is a Cave, but what he doesn't tell you is that you'll meet an old face there...

Cave Poké Spot

Now that you're here, you'll see the two shady people, Folly and Trudly, talking about this Miror B. Radar and their future. Yes, you heard right, Miror B., the first Cipher Admin from the last game. Is he still in cahoots with Cipher?

Apparently not. The Miror B. Radar will start going off, and Miror B. in his funky new jumpsuit will show up. He'll see you, get this psychic feeling you'll be trouble (sounds familiar), and battles you.

Upon defeat, Miror B., along with Folly and Trudly, will scram, dropping the Miror Radar in the process. Here's how it works.

The Miror B. Radar will go off every time Miror B. appears in an area (usually a Poké Spot, Pyrite Colosseum, or Realgam Colosseum), and he only does so when you miss a Shadow Pokémon. There are two more "set" Miror B. appearances, when he shows you his Shadow Pokémon.

You'll receive a few e-mails. Unknowing of what's happening at ONBS right now, you'll head there.

Pyrite Town

When you reach ONBS, you'll find the giant Bodybuilder isn't guarding it. He's inside, sprawled on the floor. Megg, the girl at the front desk, is missing, and her Shroomish is really worried. Cipher has raided this place! And they're still here! As you journey up the floors, you'll find various Cipher Peons imprisoning residents of the building (or, in one case, asking for an autograph, and, another, stalking you via elevator). A few of them have... Shadow Pokémon. And quite a few of them are optional.

Cipher Peon Rett
318.png Level 18 Carvanha
339.png Level 17 Barboach

Cipher Peon Mocor
341.png Level 18 Corphish
309.png Level 17 Electrike
088.png Level 18 Grimer

Cipher Peon Torkin
352.png Level 19 Kecleon
283.png Level 21 Surskit
296.png Level 18 Shadow Makuhita

Yes, that's right, another Shadow Makuhita. There was one in Colosseum.

Cipher Peon Elox
084.png Level 20 Doduo
072.png Level 18 Tentacool
358.png Level 20 Chimecho

Cipher Peon Rixor
211.png Level 19 Qwilfish
111.png Level 20 Rhyhorn
170.png Level 20 Chinchou
109.png Level 19 Koffing

Cipher Peon Mesin
167.png Level 20 Spinarak
267.png Level 19 Beautifly
269.png Level 20 Dustox
037.png Level 18 Shadow Vulpix

Cipher Peon Dilly
316.png Level 19 Gulpin
179.png Level 19 Mareep
370.png Level 20 Luvdisc
182.png Level 21 Bellossom

Heh, his parents are really cruel to name him something as silly as Dilly. But then again, he's a Cipher Peon, giving him the right to have a silly name.

Cipher Peon Edlos
162.png Level 19 Furret
263.png Level 20 Zigzagoon
176.png Level 19 Togetic
225.png Level 21 Delibird

Cipher Peon Lobar
215.png Level 20 Sneasel
193.png Level 19 Yanma
200.png Level 20 Misdreavus
355.png Level 19 Shadow Duskull

Cipher Peon Feldas
064.png Level 22 Kadabra
180.png Level 22 Flaaffy
288.png Level 21 Vigoroth
280.png Level 20 Shadow Ralts

Now that you're up here, you should heal before entering, the boss is quite challenging this early in the game.

After a cutscene, Exol (was he the big one who took Professor Krane?) gets the Data ROM back but then you challenge him. Good boy.

Once he's defeated, he'll run off with the Data ROM. At least no one was hurt (poor Bodybuilder-Guard). Nett will inform you that the missing S.S. Libra is Cipher's doing. Nett tells you to inform the Mayor of the City of Cipher's diabolical plan, which is so ingenious I'm going to describe it to you: Cipher is planning on disguising themselves as key figures and even normal residents of the city and cutting off all systems of communication, hiding the real people where they can't be heard or located. Thus, the city will collapse from under itself without anyone outside the city having a clue. If anyone arrives at Phenac City everything will look normal. Isn't that brilliant? Anyway... head to Phenac...

Phenac City

"Hi! We're not letting you into the City even if you read the paragraph about our plan above. Here, take these Battle CDs (Battle CDs 01, 07, and 20), and to take them to Realgam Tower in the east." Realgam Tower? Wasn't that Cipher's stronghold?

Realgam Tower

Not anymore, but Trudly and Folly are here blabbing on about the Battle CDs. They're gonna throw them out, but instead of giving all 47 remaining CDs to you, they feel like throwing them in places all around Orre. That's a big sidequest I might eventually cover. You can explore Realgam Tower's Battle Bingo, Battle Sims, and Colosseum (not up and running yet, even after five years of being Cipher-free). Then head back to Phenac City.

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