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Appendix:HeartGold and SoulSilver walkthrough/Section 15

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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS versions, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Indigo Plateau

Indigo Plateau,
battleground of the Elite Four
Inside the lobby

Indigo Plateau
The Ultimate Goal for Trainers!
Pokémon League HQ

The Indigo Plateau is where Trainers come to challenge the Pokémon League and prove that they have what it takes to be the best. The game's almost over... well, not really. After defeating the Elite Four and the Champion, you'll get to travel through Kanto as well.

The Elite Four members and the Chamipon aren't called "Elite" or "League Champ" for nothing, so you should train your Pokémon team to at least level 45 before challenging them. Unlike your battle with the Kimono Girls, you'll have the chance to save your game and use your items between each battle; however, you won't have access to a Pokémon Center, so make sure to stock up on Full Restores, Hyper Potions, Max Potions, Full Heals, and Revives. Other healing items, such as Lemonade, Moomoo Milk or other drinks and Antidote, Parlyz Heal or other status ailment healing items are also useful. The old man and his Abra are still here from Generation II, but aren't feeling as useful anymore, since more and more Trainers have been flying home when they get discouraged, rather than teleport.

In order to be well-prepared for the next five battles, it is important to bring a team with a wide range of types:

Advantageous Types
Elite Four Will
Offensively: Dark Bug Ghost Fire Electric
Defensively: Dark Steel Psychic
Elite Four Koga
Offensively: Psychic Ground Fire Flying Rock
Defensively: Steel Poison Ghost Ground Rock
Elite Four Bruno
Offensively: Psychic Flying Water Grass
Defensively: Ghost Psychic Poison Bug Flying
Elite Four Karen
Offensively: Fighting Ice Rock
Defensively: Dark Fighting Steel
League Champion
Offensively: Ice Rock Dragon Electric Water
Defensively: Steel

The above-listed defensively advantageous type are only good at defending attacks of the types that the specific Elite Four member or Champion specializes in(such as using Steel-type Pokémon against Champion's Dragon-type Pokémon). Their Pokémon have more than 1 type of moves that may cover their weaknesses, so be extremely careful.

Assemble your best team, save your game, and talk to the guard to enter the first room. Your Dark-type, Rock-type, Electric-type or Ghost-type Pokémon should be the lead. Ice-type are also OK, but you should save it for the Champion battle.

Elite Four

Battle 1: Will

Will's room

The first battle is against Will and his mind-numbing Psychic-types. Take him down with Ghost-type, Bug-type and Dark-type moves.

As part of the Psychic-type, all of his Pokémon can inflict a lot of damage with the Psychic move. You should also be prepared for Xatu's Confuse Ray and Exeggutor's Hypnosis. Ghost-type, Dark-type and Bug-type attacks — especially moves like Shadow Ball, Crunch, Megahorn and Bug Buzz — are your best offense against his team. If you chose Totodile as your starter, a few Crunches from Feraligatr's massive jaws can whip through Will's entire team without much of a problem. Aside from that, you could also use a strong Electric-type move (like Thunderbolt) to make short work of his Slowbro and his pair of Xatu. Powerful Fire-type attacks (like Flamethrower) are also useful against his Jynx. For Exeggutor, Bug-type attacks will do quadruple damage, but if you haven't got Bug-type moves Fire will work as well.

After defeating Will, heal your team. There is no single type with an advantage over the second member's entire team, but you should reorganize your party with your Fire-type, Rock-type, Flying-type, Psychic-type or Ground-type in the lead, and step through the door to the second battle.

Battle 2: Koga

Koga's room

The second battle is against Koga, former Gym Leader of Kanto's Fuchsia City, and his group of venomous Poison-types. As most of his Pokémon have a sub-type, even Ground-type and Psychic-type moves (which are super-effective against Poison) such as Earthquake and Psychic might not ensure a quick victory.

Koga's Pokémon have plenty of poisonous attacks. You can avoid unpleasant status problems by sending a Steel-type (like Skarmory) into battle, because they are immune to Poison-type attacks. Poison-type Pokémon will not be poisoned. His Forretress's Toxic Spikes move is a pain, because it can leave your Pokémon poisoned or badly poisoned when they switch into battle. If it uses this move, send in a Poison-type to get rid of those spikes. Forretress's Explosion is another pain because it sacrifices itself to deal a ton of damage to your Pokémon (probably knocking yours out, unless it is a Rock-type or Steel-type). Wrap up this battle in a hurry by scorching Forretress with Fire-type attacks, its only (yet major) weakness. Use Psychic-type attacks to mop up the rest of Koga's team. Ground-type attacks are super-effective against Muk.

Once Koga is defeated, take the opportunity to heal your team and shift your Psychic-type or Flying-type to the lead position. Step through the door to fight your third elite battle.

Battle 3: Bruno

Bruno's room

The third battle is against Bruno and his bulky Fighting-types. Flying-type and Psychic-type moves are your way to victory here.

Apart from Onix, Bruno's Pokémon are all pure Fighting-type. With their high Attack power, their physical moves are sure to inflict serious damage. A Fighting-type's only weaknesses are Psychic-type and Flying-type attacks, so use those moves to cut their health down to size. A Ghost-type Pokémon with Hypnosis and Dream Eater may be useful for all but Onix due to the former's immunity to the Fighting type. Look out for Hitmonchan's elemental punches, which can cover a wide range of an opponent's types. Bruno's strongest Pokémon -- Machamp, is a pain to deal with. It has the ability No Guard, which ensures its attacks never misses! It also has the move Rock Slide to hit Flying-types. Do not use Fly against Machamp, because its Rock Slide will hit your Pokémon twice(when your Pokémon flies up high and after your Pokémon attacks) and you will lose two chances of healing up! Your Flying-type Pokémon will be almost surely knocked out by two Rock Slides. Luckily No Guard also ensures attacks of your Pokémon always land. Flood the battlefield with your Water-type when his Onix shows up (although Grass-type moves such as Petal Dance, Magical Leaf and Giga Drain work too), and the third battle is over.

After your battle with Bruno, rest your team well. There is no single type with an advantage over the fourth member's entire team, just like Koga's team, but a Fighting-type or a Bug-type Pokémon should be your lead.

Battle 4: Karen

Karen's room

The fourth battle pits you against Karen and her cunning Dark-types. Attack her weaknesses with Psychic-, Fighting-, and Ice-type moves. Her lead Pokémon is immune to Psychic-type attacks, so a Fighting-type is preferred for your lead Pokémon.

Out of all of Karen's Pokémon, her Gengar is the one to really watch out for — its Spite move can decimate your team's Power Points. Gengar's Destiny Bond will bring your Pokémon down when Gengar faints. Target its weaknesses and attack carefully. Houndoom is a tough foe, too — it likes to skyrocket its Sp. Atk with Nasty Plot, then go on the offensive with Dark Pulse or Flamethrower. Hit back where it hurts by using Fighting-type, Water-type and Ground-type attacks. Houndoom is very fragile(its Defense is very low), so a strong Physical-based move will surely knock it out.

Once Karen has fallen, heal up your team. Swap your Electric-type into the lead if you want to knock out the Champion's first Pokémon in 1 turn. Keep in mind that you will not able to switch the order of your Pokémon once you walk up the stairs in Champion's room.

League Champion

The Champion's room

With the Elite Four behind you, there is only one person left standing between you and the Hall of Fame: Lance, master of dragons and the Pokémon Trainer who helped you in Team Rocket HQ, Mahogany Town! He is the Champion of the Pokémon League! This will be your toughest battle yet, but find a way to slay his dragons, and you'll be recognized as the most powerful Trainer in all of Johto and Kanto!

Lance opens with his Gyarados, which will be fried by a strong Thunderbolt or other Electric-type moves. To show his mastery of the Dragon-type, Lance has raised not 1, not 2, but 3 Dragonite. Two are on level 49, but his level 50 Dragonite can do major damage with Outrage, and its Fire Blast will cause you a lot of pain, too. His dragon trio all know the Hyper Beam move, and each has one of the strongest elemental attacks (Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire Blast) as well. Ice-type attacks will do quadruple damage to them, so hopefully you have a high-level Pokémon with Blizzard or Ice Beam. Be extremely careful if you decide to use Dragon-type Pokémon against his Dragonite — your own Dragon-type will be hit super effectively as well. Charizard, although it appears intimidating, is easily defeated with a strong Rock-type move like Stone Edge. Avoid sending a Water-type to fight his Aerodactyl, due to its Thunder Fang move — use a Steel-type instead. If you can only use a Water-type against Aerodactyl, make sure that it can outspeed the Rock/Flying-type or can take at least 1 hit of Thunder Fang. If you don't have an Ice-type move, all 6 of his Pokémon are weak to Rock-type attacks (because all of them have Flying-type as their secondary type), so moves like Rock Slide or Stone Edge are also super effective. Defeat Lance's draconian army and they will be nothing but a memory.

After finally defeating the Pokémon League, Lance compliments you, saying how much you've grown with your Pokémon. However, he is interrupted by DJ Mary, who is looking for an interview with the newly crowned Pokémon Champion. She's a little late to see the battle, but it's not her fault - Professor Oak isn't as quick as he used to be. He applauds your domination of the Pokémon League, and tells you that your Pokémon persevered because they believed in you as a Trainer. Mary is quick to try for that interview, but Lance steps in to take you away from the noise, much to Mary's dismay.

Lance takes you to the Hall of Fame room, and tells you that it has been a long time since he was last here. He explains the machine in front of you, saying that this is where Pokémon League Champions are honored, along with their courageous Pokémon. He activates the machine, registering you and your partners as Hall of Fame members.

As the credits roll, you'll get to see all the major characters of Johto, including Elm, the Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four in a quick cutscene.

"The End" appears on the screen and the game saves, but that's not truly the end...


Once you've defeated Silver inside Mt. Moon, and battled alongside him against Lance and Clair in Dragon's Den, your rival will appear in the lobby every Monday and Wednesday, waiting to challenge you to a rematch. His Pokémon are at their highest levels, so prepare for a tough fight.

152 If the player chose Chikorita: 155 If the player chose Cyndaquil: 158 If the player chose Totodile:

After winning the eight Badges of Kanto and earning Professor Oak's permission to visit Mt. Silver, the Elite Four's teams will be upgraded to pose an even more difficult challenge. The full details can be found here.

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