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ゾロアーク Zoroark
Zoroark M13.png
Debuts in Zoroark: Master of Illusions
Gender Female
Ability Illusion
Current location Unova
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Zoroark Romi Park

Zoroark (Japanese: ゾロアーク Zoroark) is the titular main character in Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

In the movies

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.
Zoroark battling the Legendary beasts

Zoroark and her adopted child Zorua were abducted from their home region by businessman Grings Kodai, and brought to Crown City via his airship. Kodai tested Zoroark's power of illusions by showing her holograms of the Legendary beasts and training her to create illusions of them and their moves. Ninjask was sent in to take Zorua, while Zoroark was held in place with excruciating red energy beams. After Zorua was taken away, and Zoroark was freed from the stasis, she furiously attacked the ceiling that her child was taken through. Kodai warned Zoroark that if she wanted no harm to come to Zorua, she would need to obey him. Unbeknownst to Zoroark, Zorua had escaped Kodai's airship. With Zorua gone, Kodai used live video of a hologram of a scared Zorua to convince Zoroark to go out and create illusions of the Legendary beasts attacking Crown City. Zoroark took the form of Suicune to create floods, and then Entei to form a conflagration, and finally Raikou to unleash a thunderstorm. As this happened, Kodai used his remote camera drones to capture video of the illusions, and manipulated the footage to make it seem as though Zoroark had taken control of the Legendary beasts and unleashed them on Crown City. The fake video was continuously broadcasted across the city, along with a false apology by Kodai blaming the destruction on Zoroark. Kodai ordered Goone to recapture Zoroark. After being lured in by another hologram of Zorua, Zoroark was caught by more energy beams generated by Kodai's drone, which transformed into a cage. The panels closed around the electric cage as Zoroark tried to break free, to no avail. Goone later transported Zoroark back to the airship.

Zoroark being healed by Celebi

On the airship, Zoroark continued to attack the sides of the cage over and over, activating a force field that dealt an electric shock with every hit. Eventually, sensing that Zorua was in danger, Zoroark mustered enough strength to break free, and began making her way to her child. However, the three Legendary beasts that serve as guardians of Crown City appeared and, believing Zoroark was a threat to the city, began attacking her. Zoroark's battle with the three beasts gradually made its way through the city. With the Legendary beasts surrounding Zoroark, she created an illusion to trap the Legendary beasts in clusters of purple crystals, but Rowena revealed the illusion with her illusion canceler, and Joe's Mightyena destroyed the illusions. Mightyena along with Tammy's Tangrowth and the wild Pokémon of Crown City put themselves between the Legendary beasts and Zoroark.

Zoroark, sensing her child, made her way towards the Pokémon Baccer World Cup stadium, defeating Goone and his Pokémon along the way in a vengeful fury. Zoroark finally reached the stadium, intent on saving her child and getting her revenge on Kodai. Before she could reach him, Kodai revealed that he had recaptured Zorua and threatened to kill the child, giving Zorua an electric shock to prove his point. Seeing this, Zoroark had no choice but to stop and allow herself to be brutally assaulted by Kodai's Shuppet. However, when it seemed that Kodai had finally absorbed the full power of the Time Ripple, Zoroark smirked and revealed, to Kodai's horror, that it was all an illusion. Zoroark's deception allowed Karl to catch Kodai gloating about his actions to Ash on camera.

Zoroark and Zorua reunited at last

With Kodai's plan seemingly ruined, Zoroark was finally able to move in to reunite with Zorua, who tried shakily to reach its mother in return. However, their reunion was soon interrupted by Kodai, who sent his Shuppet to attack Zorua with Shadow Ball, causing Zoroark to dive into its path and take the attack to protect her child. Before she could recover from the attack, the enraged Kodai grabbed Zoroark with his robotic claw and delivered an electric shock. However, Zoroark managed to retaliate with Dark Pulse, destroying the claw and defeating his Shuppet, while Ash and Dawn managed to defeat his Mismagius. The tables now turned, Zoroark moved in on the now defenseless Kodai, as he made a run for the Time Ripple, only to be cut off by the arrival of the Legendary beasts, sending him running for his life. Suddenly, Zoroark collapsed from her injuries. Zoroark used her Illusion Ability on Kodai, who was seeking shelter at the stadium, making him believe he had escaped to the safety of his airship, only for her to cancel out the illusion and send Kodai falling from a high balcony to the field below, knocking him out cold. Zoroark let out a satisfied smile and then closed her eyes.

Zorua cried out for its mother and attempted to wake her, creating an illusion of a beautiful grassy field around them — their home. After regaining its strength with the use of the real Time Ripple, Celebi used the energy field to revive Zoroark. Zoroark awakened, and then embraced Zorua in a tearful reunion. Alongside Ash and the others, Zoroark witnessed Kodai as he awakened, the tape of him gloating about his past actions that devastated Crown City twenty years ago being broadcast live to the entire town. Zoroark let out a triumphant roar as Officer Jenny prepared to arrest Kodai for his crimes. The next morning, Zorua and Zoroark boarded a ship heading back to their home with Karl and Rowena. Before they departed, Zoroark and Zorua were transformed into Pikachu and Ash, respectively, turning back to normal to say goodbye as Ash promised to see them again some day.

Later, Zoroark and Zorua nuzzled each other affectionately as the ship approached a mist-covered island.

Personality and characteristics

Zoroark, in the form of Pikachu, saying goodbye

Zoroark is the adopted mother of Zorua, who refers to her as "Meema" (Japanese: Maa). She loves Zorua very much and is extremely protective of her child, willing to go to any lengths to protect Zorua from harm, including risking her own life. However, Grings Kodai uses this trait against her in order to force her to follow his orders.

Zoroark is also shown to have a strong sense of vengeance, as towards the end of the film, she went out of her way to defeat Goone, Kodai's right-hand man, on her way to confronting Kodai and ultimately using her illusion powers to defeat Kodai herself.

She is extremely strong, able to fight Raikou, Entei, and Suicune all at once to a draw. Her strength is greatly admired by her child Zorua, who looks up to her and wishes to be just as strong as she is one day.

Initially, Zoroark was unwilling to cooperate with humans, being distrustful of them. In the original version of the film, she specifically told Zorua to never talk to humans (which was changed to "strangers" in the English dub). However, she does befriend Ash and his friends after they help her rescue her child and defeat Kodai.

She also has some degree of Zorua's playfulness, as she turned into Pikachu at the end to play along with Zorua, who had transformed into Ash.

Moves used

Zoroark Night Slash.png
Using Night Slash
Move First Used In
Night Daze Zoroark: Master of Illusions
Dark Pulse Zoroark: Master of Illusions
Night Slash Zoroark: Master of Illusions
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 朴璐美 Romi Park
English Romi Park
Korean 김선혜 Kim Seonhye

In the TCG

Zoroark is featured in the TCG. The following is a list of cards featuring Zoroark.

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Illusion's Zoroark Darkness       L-P Promotional cards    
Zoroark and Legendary Pokémon Darkness Miscellaneous Promotional cards     Unnumbered Promotional cards    

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