Gourgeist Festival

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The festival

The Gourgeist Festival (Japanese: パンプジン フェスティバル Pumpjin Festival) is a holiday that is celebrated in the Pokémon world at night in an unnamed town between Dendemille Town and Anistar City. It was shown in A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?.

The festival

Festival Candy
Gourgeist soup

During the festival, the participants put on costumes of Pokémon. On the streets the participants trade sweets with each other. At the end of the festival, fireworks are shown.


List of costumes




The costumes which are shown throughout the festival

Nurse Joy Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff Clemont
Nurse Joy Gourgeist Festival Costume.png Nurse Joy Wigglytuff Gourgeist Festival.png Clemont Gourgeist Festival Costume.png
Clemont's Chespin Bonnie and Dedenne Serena
Clemont Chespin Gourgeist Festival Costume.png Bonnie Clemont Dedenne Gourgeist Festival Costume.png Serena Gourgeist Festival Costume.png
Ash's Pikachu Team Rocket Ash
Ash Pikachu Gourgeist Festival Costume.png Team Rocket Gourgeist Festival Costume.png Ash Gourgeist Festival Costume.png


In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Gourgeist Festival
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Gourgeist Festival
Finland Flag.png Finnish Gourgeist-festivaali
France Flag.png European French Festival de Banshitrouye
Germany Flag.png German Pumpdjinn-Festival
Italy Flag.png Italian Festival di Gourgeist
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Gourgeist-festival
Poland Flag.png Polish Festiwal Gourgeistów
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Festival de Gourgeist
Russia Flag.png Russian Фестиваль Гургайст
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Festival Gourgeist
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Gourgeist-festival

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