Pokémon Flower Arrangement

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Event announcement

Pokémon Flower Arrangement is an anime-exclusive event, this event is hosted by the Celadon City Gym Leader Erika in her Gym. It consists of looking for the beauty of Pokémon through flowers.

Ash, Goh, and Chloe attend the event in Suffering the Flings and Arrows!.

Event summary

Erika teaching a class

During the class, participants go to the Gym's Greenhouse and have access to the Garden where they can choose a flower and see which one suits their partner best. Participants must cut and adapt them to reflect the nature and artistry of each Pokémon.

Some decor items can also be used, at the end, the participants present their Pokémon on a stage. During this presentation, Erika evaluates the work done by all the participants individually.

Pokémon entered


Leafeon is used as an example of the event proposal.

Erika Leafeon.png


Ash Pikachu.png


Goh Pinsir.png


Chloe Eevee.png


Participant Presented Pokémon
Ash Ash Pikachu JN094.png
Goh Goh Pinsir JN094.png
Chloe Chloe Eevee JN094.png

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