Johto Festival

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The Johto Festival

The Johto Festival (Japanese: ジョウトフェスタ Johto Festa) is an anime-exclusive event organized by Khoury's father with the purpose of promoting the culture of Johto to people living in other regions. In Sinnoh, the event was hosted in an unnamed town close to Lilypad Town.

Ash and his friends attended the event in An Egg Scramble! after learning about it from Lyra, who is a part of the staff along with Khoury.


One of the events in the Johto Festival is a battling exhibition. If one wins, they will receive a prize. Dawn was invited by Lyra to challenge her, and won against her Chikorita with Piplup. Her prize was an Egg that hatched into a Cyndaquil.

Another part of the Johto Festival is stands with free food from Johto, such as a Moomoo Milk stand. The stand run by Khoury and his dad sells Apricorns, Apricorn Boxes, Berry Pots, Rage Candy Bars, and Apriblenders.

During the festival, a video featuring Lyra is played on a giant screen informing those at the festival about cities and landmarks in Johto, such as Ecruteak City, the Burned Tower, and the Olivine City Lighthouse.

In An Egg Scramble!, the Johto Festival was attacked by Team Rocket, who stole goods and Dawn's Egg. They were all retrieved by the end of the episode.

In other languages

Language Title
Italy Flag.png Italian Festival di Johto
Poland Flag.png Polish Festiwal Johto
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Festival de Johto
Spain Flag.png Spanish Festival de Johto

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