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About me

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My Favorite Pokémon

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Hey ya'll! This is Panjohn, but you can just call me John. I'm a Trainer who lives Laverre City and the brother of Olympia. Clemont is my best friend and I have a huge crush on Valerie. This is the story of my journey throughout Kalos.

John's Delphox
Fennekin → Braixen → Delphox
Delphox was John's first ever Pokémon. He chose him as Fennekin and has trained him since the start. As a Braixen, he and John bonded after he saved John in Terminus Cave and now they have an inseparable bond.

Delphox's known moves are Mystical Fire, Grass Knot, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Calm Mind. His ability is Magician.

Debut [[]]
John's Greninja
Froakie → Frogadier → Greninja
John found Greninja wounded as a Froakie. He had sustained serious battle wounds on the side of the road, but John took him in and nursed him back to health. John has been with his Greninja and Delphox since the very beginning of his journey, and loves both of them immensely.

Gloom's known moves are Water Shuriken, Night Slash, Acrobatics, Power-Up Punch, Rock Slide, and U-turn. His ability is Protean.

Debut [[]]
John's Florges
Floette → Florges
Florges was caught just after Greninja. Florges was found as a Floette just wandering around near John's hometown of Anistar City. John had never seen a Floette before so he walked over to see what it was. Floette had a strange attraction to John's Frogadier at the time, so he just took her along and now they are inseparable.

Florges's known moves are Psychic, Moonblast, Grassy Terrain, Magical Leaf and Wish. Her ability is Flower Veil.

Debut [[]]
John's Sylveon
Eevee → Sylveon
Sylveon was given to John as a gift from his mother as an Eevee. John's mother told him that much love and affection would give him the Pokémon that he needed - Sylveon. John's mother was correct! Sylveon was a much-needed addition to John's team and she can pack a punch!

Sylveon's known moves are Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Swift, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball and Psyshock. Her ability is Cute Charm.

Debut [[]]
John's Meowstic
Meowstic is the princess in John's group. She always demands everything and John gives it to her because she knows hot to bat her eyes and look cute. John found Meowstic under a pile of rubble after an Earthquake in Dendemille Town. Meowstic was very thankful that John saved her, so she joined his group.

Meowstic's known moves are Psychic, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Fake Out, Thunderbolt and Signal Beam. Her ability is Competitive.

Debut [[]]
John's Gogoat
Skiddo → Gogoat
As a Skiddo, John would ride him around all the time. They developed a great bond and John considers Gogoat the "powerhouse" of his team. John uses his dream team of Gogoat, Florges and Greninja in Triple Battles, his favorite method of battling.

Glaceon's known moves are Horn Leech, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Surf and Wild Charge. His ability is Grass Pelt.

Debut [[]]
John's Noibat
John caught Noibat during an attack by a swarm of Ariados. John used Noibat to take down all five of the Ariados and then Noibat stayed with John. John trains Noibat every day in hopes that he'll evolve into a Noivern.

Noibat's known moves are Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Air Slash, Wild Charge, Steel Wing and Psychic. His ability is Telepathy.

Debut [[]]
John's Hawlucha
Hawlucha is the newest edition to John's team. John uses Hawlucha mostly in double and triple contests alongside Heliolisk and Noibat.

Hawlucha's known moves are Flying Press, Fly, X-Scissor, Power-Up Punch, Steel Wing, Rock Slide and Poison Jab. His ability is Limber.

Debut [[]]
John's Helioptile
John found Heliolisk along with Hawlucha in the Santalune Forest. John knew the two couldn't be separated, so he took them both in as his own. Both are menaces in competitions and have won John an innumerable amount of ribbons and title.

Heliolisk's known moves are Parabolic Charge, Surf, Eerie Impulse, Dark Pulse, Dragon Tail, and Focus Blast. His ability is Dry Skin.

Debut [[]]

Things I Would Change

Generation I


☆☆☆FOR ALL GENERATIONS: All  Normal / Flying  changed to just  Flying  unless noted otherwise
Bulbasaur - Just  Grass  type
Charizard -  Fire / Dragon 
Nidoran♂/Nidoran♀ - Same Pokédex entry
Diglett/Dugtrio - Should have another evo to make Diglett - Digduo - Dugtrio
Psyduck/Golduck - Both  Water / Psychic 
Magnemite/Magneton -  Steel  should've been available in Gen I
Gastly Family - Should be half  Dark  type instead of  Poison ;  Dark  should've been available in Gen I.
Voltorb/Electrode - SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST
Seadra -  Water / Dragon 
Mr. Mime - Male only species
Ditto - Able to learn Tackle also
Eevee - 2-5 more Eeveelutions available


Player - Female option

Generation II


Noctowl -  Flying / Psychic 
Murkrow - Evo should've been available
Unown - Less useless; learn more than Hidden Power
Girafarig - Should have evo
Dunsparce - Should have evo
Gligar - Evo should've been available
Tyrogue - Different evo methods


Player (Pokémon Gold and Silver only) - Female option

Generation III


Ralts - Males should evolve into a male-like Kirlia; Gallade should be available
Kirlia and Gardevoir - Female only
Slakoth and Slaking - Different ability
Plusle and Minun - Better moves
Feebas - Different evo method
Eevelution - Should be some in this gen


Player (Colosseum and XD only) - Female option
Shadow Pokémon (Colosseum only) - Should be more Shadows

Generation IV


Budew - Just  Grass  type
Combee - Should have male evo (Vespiking?)
Pachirisu - Evo or die
Mantyke - Why do you exist


Player - A remake of Kris should be the female option instead of Lyra

Generation V


Audino - Should have evo
Trubbish and Garbodor - Redesign
Gothita family - All Female
Karrablast and Shelmet - Different evo method
Alomomola - Evo or die
Cryogonal - Should have a baby Pokémon
Durant - Should have evo or be alternate evo of Pineco