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Hola! I'm Jarticuno. I just graduated from college (Go Mocs), and I've been playing Pokémon since it came to the States in 1998 and my life in 1999. (I take pride in having actually bought my Silver version from Burger King...either that, or my parents lied to me.) I immediately fell in love with Articuno when I first found it in the Seafoam Islands, though I cried the first time (and two times afterwards) my Lv. 69 Charizard beat it with a Flamethrower and I never got a chance to catch it. I was only a kid at the time (and still am at heart), so it was a great learning point for me to make life an adventure and to catch every thing and opportunity that comes your way. The way my life has gone, I think I've done that, and hope to do far more. But back to Articuno. You know how there are some things you just love at first sight and can't really explain why? Articuno and I, Exhibit A. I dislike the idea of using legendaries consistently, but I'll call out my trusty ice bird legend pal every now and then.

Huh? My favorites? Wellllll, I believe that Black 2 and White 2 are the best, fullest, most enjoyable Pokémon games out there right now, because of the incredible amount of content (medals, PWT, etc.), engrossing replayability, fabulous soundtrack, and the fact that they have difficulty levels. On the flip side, I believe that X and Y are underwhelming (still great games...until you get to the postgame and look for things to do or Trainers to beat), and I'm loving Omega Ruby so far - it's a very deep game, far better than X and Y or the originals. Speaking of the originals, I'm also a big Battle Pyramid aficionado, and I just reached 1,000 consecutive floors (or 143 straight passes), so I guess you could say I've figured it out pretty well. And yes, it's as hard as it sounds...but worth it, believe me. You can buy ANYTHING from the Prize Exchange. I also love love love the Mystery Dungeon games, and yes, I have cried during the credits of all of them.

Outside of the wide world of Poké, I'm an avid sportswatcher (as much as Pokémon, if not more, and I love Pokémon), Excel user, Mario veteran, trivia nut, tweeter, and fan of not mowing the grass. So, that's me in a nutshell. Howdy!

Teams of Note

Black 2

Beaten the Champions Tournament multiple times, with all four battle styles, with this crew.

Omega Ruby

For this game, I took two Pokémon each from my original Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald teams (which were all different, somehow). The first and last are from Emerald; the second and third are from Ruby. You should be able to figure out the last 33% of the equation :)