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I'm currently on a hiatus. I should be back... well whenever I'm not as busy. The summer thing... didn't work out.

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Welcome to my page.
Go Cute Stalker Emolga!




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Teh Pokémon of the Day
April 20, 2024



"The guy who is always bored."
Falkner is meh fuckin' homeboy.
Age 13
Gender Male
Hometown Sootopolis City
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer

My Pokémon Story

I've always loved Pokémon. One day, I was flipping through the channels on my TV and I saw a boy with a yellow animal thing shooting lightning at two weirdos and a talking cat with a coin on it's head in a balloon. Interested, I watched it the same time the next day. And the next. After a couple more days, I knew the plot basics, the characters' Pokémon, and I started watching every day. It was the Johto League Champions season, and I kept watching through all of the Master Quest. Sure, I liked the show, but it wasn't an addiction. Then all the sudden, Generation III came around. I had no idea what was going on when all the sudden, there were like 100 new Pokémon all around. I was then hooked. I got LeafGreen when it came out, then got my older cousin's old Ruby, then Emerald, which I restart on a lot. I've been a game collector since then. Currently working on a whole shitload of Pokémon games and I also pre-ordered the English version of Pokémon White. I was going to have a My Teams page, but then a ton of things happened and there's way too much going on to be able to do that. I most likely will later, but for right now I won't.


Enjoy teh Squirtle.

My Opinions

Note: This is just a video game. I'm not really this pissed at these things (although not all of the opinions are rants) and what I say below is not a reflection of me actually overreacting.

I like Team Magma because Team Aqua wants even more water. There's enough water for all of the species of aquatic life but as we're seeing with global warming on real world earth with global warming, too much water is a bad thing. I think more land is a lot safer, don't you?

I like Team Rocket because they're badass (I especially like the Executives).

Hitmonchan is a male-only Pokémon who wears a dress. Way to represent the small amount of male-only's 'Chan!! That's why I prefer 'Lee.

I'm gonna assume that there will be a Satanic Pokémon (National Dex #666) in Generation VI. Probably not very satanic, I mean come on it's a kid's game, but at least make it be evil or mean or Fire-type or Dark-type or dwelling underground or SOMETHING.

You know why in every Pokémon games there's an evil team? Because there is no government. Sure, there's a police force, but they don't do anything during the day, ambush 10-year-olds at night, stay in the same place (which is usually the middle of no where, and who would commit a crime THERE?), stop you from going to Saffron City until they get something to drink (Big shocker), and the only investigation they ever participate in is the Cerulean City robbery by Team Rocket. And even then, they just stand there and talk to you, they don't even do anything about it. They don't chase the Rocket member, and they just leave the house in ruins. How do the regions even survive? At least the Gym Leaders could be in charge of the towns, and maybe have a mayor for the towns that don't have Leaders? Another thing that kills me: When an evil team is in complete control of a town, blocking doors, harrassing people, and hijacking or stealing a town's technology and valuables. Gym Leaders have Pokémon many levels higher than all of them, and yet THEY DO NOTHING. And after you beat all of the team members out, you go to the Gym, and the Leader talks to you like nothing ever happened. Does the entire region expect two or three ten-year-olds with (based on the time function) only about 10 or 20 hours of experience to save them from an elite organization with tons of quite-well-trained adults?? And sure, the Champion will appear from time to time, but only for a little bit and usually only to tell you some crap that doesn't matter. Oh, and they decide to play dumb with you and not tell you that they're the best Trainer in the game until you have to beat them. That might've been more useful information had I known when I wasn't supposed to beat your Pokémon up. AND OF COURSE, WHEN THEY'RE ON YOUR SIDE FOR A DOUBLE BATTLE AGAINST THE EVIL BOSS, THEY HAVE, I THINK, LIKE 3 NOT-EVEN-THAT-GOOD-POKÉMON. BUT THEN, WHEN YOU AREN'T ON THEIR SIDE, THEY HAVE TOP-QUALITY-HIGH-LEVELED-FULLY-EVOLVED-CHEAP-ASS-MOVESETTED-WITH-A-REALLY-GOOD-TYPE-OR-COMBINATION POKÉMON???!!!!!


My Teams

Pokémon Crystal

Pokémon Emerald

Pokémon White

Contact Information

All Bulbagarden stuff (including forums): BeeBwakka
Don't hesitate to contact my for appropriate reason on my talk page.