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Temporal Tower じげんのとう
Temporal Tower
Basic info
Floors: 24
Rest stops: 1
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Psychic*
Psychic, Steel, Normal*
Psychic, Poison*
Boss: Primal Dialga*
Dialga (post-credits)*
Recruiting: No*
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 2

Temporal Tower (Japanese: じげんのとう Temporal Tower) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is the home of Dialga and has, in total, 24 floors (13 being of Temporal Tower, ten of Temporal Spire, and the Temporal Pinnacle). In Explorers of Sky, Temporal Tower can be revisited in the Special Episode In the Future of Darkness starring Grovyle, where Temporal Tower is shown to have collapsed in the future.

The only way to access it is by taking the Rainbow Stoneship from the Hidden Land. Additionally, the only Pokémon allowed to enter are the main player and their partner. Lapras will bring the player to Hidden Land, which must be completed before entering Temporal Tower.

Temporal Tower has a relay point after 13F. In the first visit the player will have to defeat Primal Dialga. After that, the player can recruit Dialga in its regular state.

Pokémon encountered

Main story

Temporal Tower

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
137 Porygon 1-13 40-42 Unrecruitable
337 Lunatone 1-13 39-41 Unrecruitable
338 Solrock 1-13 39-41 Unrecruitable
436 Bronzor 1-13 38-40 Unrecruitable

Temporal Spire

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
437 Bronzong 1-7 44-46 Unrecruitable
233 Porygon2 1-10 42-44 Unrecruitable
373 Salamence 1-10 45-47 Unrecruitable
474 Porygon-Z 1-10 43-45 Unrecruitable
376 Metagross 5-10 46-47 Unrecruitable
386A Deoxys
Attack Forme
5-10 45 Unrecruitable *
386D Deoxys
Defense Forme
5-10 45 Unrecruitable *
386S Deoxys
Speed Forme
5-10 45 Unrecruitable *

Temporal Pinnacle

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
483P Dialga
Primal Dialga
Temporal Pinnacle
First visit
48 Unrecruitable Boss
483 Dialga Temporal Pinnacle
Subsquent visits
48 100% Boss
Dialga cannot be recruited on the first visit.

In the special episode: In the Future of Darkness

Temporal Tower

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
041 Zubat 1-6 31 Unrecruitable
064 Kadabra 1-10 33 Unrecruitable
081 Magnemite 1-10 38 Unrecruitable
092 Gastly 1-10 33 Unrecruitable
096 Drowzee 1-10 35 Unrecruitable
132 Ditto 1-10 31 Unrecruitable
344 Claydol 1-10 33 Unrecruitable
429 Mismagius 1-10 34 Unrecruitable
437 Bronzong 1-10 39 Unrecruitable
042 Golbat 7-10 37 Unrecruitable
Since this is a Special Episode, no Pokémon can be recruited.

Temporal Spire

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
042 Golbat 1-4 37-38 Unrecruitable
065 Alakazam 1-10 38-39 Unrecruitable
082 Magneton 1-10 41-42 Unrecruitable
092 Gastly 1-10 33-34 Unrecruitable
097 Hypno 1-10 39-40 Unrecruitable
132 Ditto 1-10 31-32 Unrecruitable
344 Claydol 1-10 33-34 Unrecruitable
429 Mismagius 1-10 34-35 Unrecruitable
437 Bronzong 1-10 39-40 Unrecruitable
233 Porygon2 4-10 41 Unrecruitable
169 Crobat 6-10 45 Unrecruitable
Since this is a Special Episode, no Pokémon can be recruited.

Traps encountered

Along the way though this dungeon, players will encounter as many traps as they did in the Hidden Land.

Image Trap
Chestnut Trap RTRB TDS.png Chestnut Trap
Selfdestruct Trap RTRB TDS.png Selfdestruct Trap
Warp Trap RTRB TDS.png Warp Trap
Slow Trap RTRB TDS.png Slow Trap
Spin Trap RTRB TDS.png Spin Trap
Pokémon Trap RTRB TDS.png Pokémon Trap
Slumber Trap RTRB TDS.png Slumber Trap
Summon Trap RTRB TDS.png Summon Trap
Gust Trap RTRB TDS.png Gust Trap
Poison Trap RTRB TDS.png Poison Trap
Trip Trap RTRB TDS.png Trip Trap


Path Entrance Temporal Tower Rest stop
Temporal Tower path TDS.png Temporal Tower entrance TDS.png Temporal Tower TDS.png Temporal Tower rest stop TDS.png
Temporal Spire Temporal Pinnacle (Primal Dialga) Temporal Pinnacle (Dialga)
Temporal Spire TDS.png Temporal Pinnacle primal TDS.png Temporal Pinnacle normal TDS.png


Entrance Temporal Tower Rest stop
Temporal Tower entrance future S.png Temporal Tower future S.png Temporal Tower rest stop future S.png
Temporal Spire Temporal Pinnacle
Temporal Spire future S.png Temporal Pinnacle future S.png

In the anime

Temporal Tower in the anime

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness, Team Poképals and Grovyle were going to the top of the tower to stop Primal Dialga. Dusknoir tried to stop them, however, but failed. After a talk with Piplup, Grovyle took Dusknoir back to the future with him. Team Poképals were last seen taking the Rainbow Stoneship to Temporal Tower.


  • Like in the previous game, a tower is the final dungeon of the story mode. However, other Pokémon besides the player and partner cannot be taken to Temporal Tower, unlike Sky Tower.
  • At the relay point, Temporal Spire, and when at Temporal Pinnacle, one can hear a clock faintly ticking in the background: this and the location's name are likely due to the fact that Temporal Tower is the structure of time.
  • The Temporal Pinnacle, where Dialga is found, bears a striking resemblance to the Spear Pillar (where Dialga is also found).
  • The 24 floors of this dungeon may be a reference to the 24 hours of the day.
  • Only the player and partner can ever come to Temporal Tower. Ironically, that means that if Dialga is recruited by the player, the only way it can return to Temporal Tower is if it is released.
  • Despite being the last dungeon in the storyline, its layouts are simpler than those of the previous dungeon, Hidden Land.

In other languages

Temporal Tower

Language Title
France Flag.png French Tour du Temps
Germany Flag.png German Zeitturm
Italy Flag.png Italian Torre del Tempo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 시한의 탑 Sihan-ui tab
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torre del Tiempo

Temporal Spire

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese じげんのとう さいじょうぶ
France Flag.png French Aiguille du Temps
Germany Flag.png German Zeitturmspitze
Italy Flag.png Italian Guglia del Tempo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 시한의 탑 최상부 Sihan-ui tab choesangbu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pináculo del Tiempo

Temporal Pinnacle

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese じげんのとう ちょうじょう
France Flag.png French Pinacle du Temps
Germany Flag.png German Zeitturmkuppel
Italy Flag.png Italian Vetta del tempo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 시한의 탑 정상 Sihan-ui tab jeongsang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cúspide del Tiempo

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