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In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, there are hold-items mainly called scarves, bands, bows, or ribbons, that typically increase statistics or make the Pokémon immune to certain status conditions when held.

They are replaced by looplets in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Scarves that prevent status conditions

Scarves that promote stats

Other Scarves

*Note: Friend Bow, Beauty Scarf, Sun Ribbon, and Lunar Ribbon are not listed because they are already listed at Recruitment and Mystery Dungeon evolutionary items

Aura Bows

The player can have one of these Bows, depending on what aura the player got in the beginning of the game.



MDBag Scarf Sprite.png MDBag Scarf V Sprite.png MDBag Scarf VI Sprite.png Scarf PMD GTI.png Gold Ribbon PMD GTI.png Sparkling Scarf PMD GTI.png
Sprite of Scarf from Rescue Team and Explorers series Sprite of Scarf from Gates to Infinity Sprite of the Popular Ribbon from Super Mystery Dungeon* Model of Scarf from Gates to Infinity and Super Mystery Dungeon* Model of Gold Ribbon from Gates to Infinity* Model of Sparkling Scarf from Gates to Infinity*


Defense Scarf.png Power Band.png Pecha Scarf.png Friend Bow.png
Defense Scarf Power Band Pecha Scarf Friend Bow

In the anime

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!, all of the members of Team Go-Getters received one Pecha Scarf each from Aunty Kangaskhan. The Scarves later protected the trio from the Poison Powder attack of a group of Shroomish.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness, Sunflora bought a Scarf for each member of Team Poképals, including herself. Piplup got a Joy Ribbon, Chimchar got a Defense Scarf, and Sunflora got a Power Band. The two former ones reappared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness.

In other languages

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English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish South Korea Flag.png Korean
Scarf 스카프
No-Stick Cap Anti-Adhésif Antihafthut Antiviscido Antiadhesivo
Pecha Scarf Ruban Pêcha Pirsifschal Velopesca Pañuelo Meloc 복슝스카프
Persim Band Ruban Calme Persimband Nastrocaki Lazo Caquic 시몬머리띠
Weather Band Climaprotect Klimaband Nastrometeo Lazo Clima
Defense Scarf Ruban Déf+ Defens-Schal Velodifesa Pañuelo Defensa 방어스카프
Detect Band Voil'Esquive Scannerband Eludinastro Lazo Evasión
Munch Belt Obi Goinfrex Mampfgürtel Cintamunch Cinto Munch
Power Band Ruban Force+ Kraftband Nastroforza Lazo Energía 파워밴드
Special Band Ruban Spé. Spezialband Nastrospex Lazo Especial 스페셜리본
Twist Band Turban Spiralband Nastrogiro Lazo Espiral
Zinc Band Bandana Zinc Zinkband Nastrozinco Lazo Zinc
Bounce Band Dévi'Objet Federkraft Nastrobalzo Lazo Rebote
Choice Ribbon Volltrefferband N/A
Coalition Scarf Unisonoschal Pañuelo Alianza N/A
Cover Band Schützerband Cinta Auxilio N/A
Curve Band Ricoch'Objet Winkelband Devianastro Lazo Curva
Diet Ribbon Ruban Famine Diätband Galalinea Cinta Dieta
Distraction Ribbon Lazo Varía N/A
Dodge Scarf Evit'Objet Wehrschal Veloschivo Pañuelo Evitar
Fickle Ribbon Wankelband Lazo Elegido N/A
Gold Ribbon Ruban Doré Goldband Galadoro Cinta Oro 금의리본
Heal Ribbon Rubansoin Heilband Galasalute Cinta Cura
Joy Ribbon Ruban Joie EP-Band Gaudiogala Cinta Júbilo
Lucky Ribbon Beschwörungsband Lucky Ribbon N/A
Mobile Scarf Passmuraille Mobilschal Velomobile Pañuelo Móvil
Pass Scarf Dérivation Zueigner Trasfervelo Pañuelo Cesión
Patsy Band Voile Cible Negativband Nastromira Lazo Pelele 표적의머리띠
Pierce Band Passetout Perforband Perfornastro Lazo Perfora
Plain Ribbon Ruban Simple Band Galabase Cinta Común
Racket Band Ruban Alarme Lärmband Nastrodrin Lazo Ruido
Reunion Cape Versammlungscape Sayo Reunión N/A
Sneak Scarf Silencieux Leisefußband Velosvicolo Pañuelo Sigilo
Stamina Band Ruban Ardeur Ausdauerband Vigornastro Lazo Faja
Tight Belt Ceinture Enger Gürtel Cintastretta Cinto Ceñido
Trap Scarf Trappeur Sperrschal Trappovelo Pañuelo Trampa
Warp Scarf Télécharpe Warp-Schal Televelo Pañuelo Teletransporte

Aura Bows

English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish South Korea Flag.png Korean
Bow Ruban Band Lazo
Blue Bow Ruban Bleu Blauband Lazo Azul
Brown Bow Ruban Brun Braunband Lazo Marrón
Cobalt Bow Ruban Cobalt Kobaltband Lazo Cobalto
Fuchsia Bow Ruban Fuchsia Purpurband Lazo Fucsia
Green Bow Ruban Vert Grünband Lazo Verde
Lime Bow Ruban Citron Neonband Lazo Lima
Minty Bow Ruban Menthe Türkisband Lazo Menta
Orange Bow Ruban Orange Orangeband Lazo Naranja
Pink Bow Ruban Rose Rosaband Lazo Rosa
Purple Bow Ruban Violet Lilaband Lazo Púrpura
Red Bow Ruban Rouge Rotband Fioccorosso Lazo Rojo
Silver Bow Ruban Argent Silberband Lazo Plata
Sky Blue Bow Ruban Azur Hellblauband Fioccazzurro Lazo Azul Cielo
Violet Bow Ruban Mauve Violettband Lazo Violeta
Viridian Bow Ruban Jade Smaragdband Lazo Verde Oscuro
Yellow Bow Ruban Jaune Gelbband Lazo Amarillo

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