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Artwork of Treasure Town from Explorers of Sky
Artwork of Treasure Town from Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness

Treasure Town (Japanese: トレジャータウン Treasure Town) is the central village in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is populated solely by Pokémon, like the rest of the world presented in the game and anime special.

Treasure Town

Aerial View of Treasure Town

Kangaskhan Storage

Main article: Kangaskhan Storage

Run by Kangaskhan, this storage system allows the player to store items so they will not be lost if the party is defeated in a dungeon. As the player advances through the ranks, the number of items the player is allowed to store increases.

Kecleon Market

Main article: Kecleon Shop

Run by the Kecleon brothers, the younger brother runs a part of the shop called Kecleon Shop which sells food, gummis, throwing items, and other various items, the older brother runs Kecleon Wares which sells TMs, Wonder Orbs and other rarer items such as Keys.

Xatu Appraisal

Xatu will unlock treasure boxes found in dungeons for a 150 Poké.

Electivire Link Shop

Run by Electivire, this shop allows the player to set moves, link them for combos, or remember forgotten techniques. However, Electivire cannot teach Deoxys moves it has forgotten, saying it's a "special" Pokémon. The shop opens after the player gains access to Apple Woods.

Duskull Bank

Run by Duskull, this bank allows the player to store money so it will not be lost if the party is defeated in a dungeon.

Chansey Day Care

Chansey will hatch Eggs received as a reward for missions. The Pokémon hatched from Eggs will be at level 1 and know Egg Moves.

Marowak Dojo

Main article: Marowak Dojo

Run by Marowak, this dojo contains several mazes for the player to explore and train in, labeled by the types of Pokémon that inhabit it. The player loses all items currently in the Treasure Bag upon entering a maze. Each labyrinth has 3-5 floors, with enemies getting progressively stronger as the player advances through the floors.

Outskirts of Treasure Town

Sharpedo Bluff

Main article: Sharpedo Bluff

Sharpedo Bluff is located west of Treasure Town, and is not really part of the town by itself. It becomes the player's exploration team base after graduation. The Dugtrio from the guild can be seen here during several chapters, talking to the sea. It's also here that the player and partner along with Cresselia departs for Dark Crater.


The Crossroads are located to the east of town and connects the outer world (dungeons) to the east, Wigglytuff's Guild to the north, and the Beach to the south via Beach Path. There's a sign pointing towards Wigglytuff's Guild to the North, Exploration to the East, Beach to the South, and Treasure Town to the west, there's also an Assembly Post that can be used to summon Chimecho to arrange the exploration team and a well where progress can be saved in Explorers of Sky. It's also here that the team members will wait before heading out on an adventure in Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, in Explorers of Sky they will wait in Spinda's Café instead.

Spinda's Café

Main article: Spinda's Café

Spinda's Café is located at the crossroads and was introduced in Explorers of Sky and has two new shops; Spinda's Juice Bar where the player can turn all food items into drinks, and the Recycle Shop, run by Wobbuffet and Wynaut where the player can trade unwanted items for another item. It is possible to trade for Prize Tickets, which, when redeemed, will give the player a chance to win big.

Wigglytuff's Guild

Main article: Wigglytuff's Guild

The Wigglytuff Guild is where the player and partner decide to start their exploration team. On the first floor Chimecho Assembly, where the player can arrange their team, the Outlaw Notice Board and the Job Bulletin Board, where the player can accept jobs, can be found. On the second floor Croagunk's Swap Shop can be found and here the player can trade a pair of rare Pokémon-exclusive items for other rare hold items.

In the anime

Treasure Town in the anime

Treasure Town appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness, where Piplup, Chimchar, and Sunflora of Team Poképals visited the Kecleon Shop to buy necessary items for their Labyrinth Cave mission. While shopping, Piplup realized that the vision he had had the previous night had been an image of the future, specifically this very moment.

In other languages

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Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Skattebyen*
France Flag.png French Bourg-Trésor
Germany Flag.png German Schatzstadt
Italy Flag.png Italian Borgo Tesoro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 트레저 타운 Treasure Town
Spain Flag.png Spanish Aldea Tesoro
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Skattkammarstaden*

Xatu Appraisal

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Xatu-vurdering*
France Flag.png French Stand d'expertise de Xatu
Germany Flag.png German Xatu-Begutachtung
Italy Flag.png Italian Perizie di Xatu
South Korea Flag.png Korean 네이티오 감정소 Neitio Gamjeongso
Spain Flag.png Spanish Anticuario Xatu
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Xatus värdering*

Electrivire Link Shop

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Sammenkædningsbutikken*
France Flag.png French Stand de chaîne d'Élekable
Germany Flag.png German Elevoltek-Link
Italy Flag.png Italian Combiteca Electivire
South Korea Flag.png Korean 에레키블 링크샵 Elekible Link Shop
Spain Flag.png Spanish Enlaces Electivire
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Electrivires länkbutik*

Duskull Bank

Language Title
France Flag.png French Banque Skélénox
Germany Flag.png German Zwirrlicht-Bank
Italy Flag.png Italian Banca Duskull
South Korea Flag.png Korean 해골몽 은행 Haegolmong Eunhaeng
Spain Flag.png Spanish Banco Duskull
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Duskulls bank*

Chansey Day Care

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Chanseys vuggestue*
France Flag.png French Garderie de Leveinard
Germany Flag.png German Chaneira-Tagesstätte
Italy Flag.png Italian Pensione Chansey
Spain Flag.png Spanish Guardería Chansey
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Chanseys dagis*

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