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Lookalike Items (Japanese: そっくりどうぐ Lookalike Items) are items in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (WiiWare).

Similarities and differences

They look like and are based on regular items. Their short descriptions are the same as their counterpart item, but have "...?" at the end. However, they have differences in their names (usually subtle spelling changes) and will have different effects; sometimes it is the opposite effect of the item it is imitating. Their full descriptions are also different.

List of Lookalike Items


Oren Berry artwork S.png Reviser Seed artwork S.png Via Seed artwork S.png
Oren Berry Reviser Seed Via Seed

In other languages

Lookalike Item

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Ensartede ting*
France Flag.png French Objet trompeur
Germany Flag.png German Plagiat-Item
Italy Flag.png Italian Similstrument
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Item parecido*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Objeto engañoso
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Liknande föremål*
English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish
Oren Berry Baie Orance Simelbeere Baccarancida Baya Arancia
Reviser Seed Rézutgraine Belabersamen Revoltaseme Sem. Rever
Via Seed Infâmigrant Schadesamen Semetorpe Semilla Vía
Slip Seed Rouligraine Schlaffsamen Semedornita Sem. Sumerno
Dough Seed Pépitgraine Schwungsamen Semedato Sem. Coneda
Dropeye Seed Colligraine Sachtsamen Semesvista Sem. Corviso
Mix Elixir Max Elinir Tip-Elixier Elisir Mix Elinir Máx.
Gone Pebble Rocaillasse Keimkiesel Geomasso Gimoguijarro
Gravelyrock Gravaleroche Geobrokrock Gravelgoccia Gravelorroca
Wander Gummi Gelée Mirocle Wandergummi Gommaincarto Gomi Invídeo
No-Slip Cap Ampli-Adhésif Anhafthut Anziviscido Anteadhesivo
Gaggle Specs Rélévateur Spektrumglas Lentismesse Revelante
Y-Ray Specs Rayons Y Rötgernaugen Lenti Y Gafas RayosY

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