Sharpedo Bluff

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Sharpedo Bluff from a distance

Sharpedo Bluff (Japanese: サメハダいわ Samehader Rock) is a location in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky found to the west of Treasure Town. It is named after the Pokémon it looks like: Sharpedo.


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Upon returning to the present from the future, the player's partner reveals an accessible section beneath a bush, and tells the player and Grovyle that this had been their home before they joined Wigglytuff's Guild. The player and company reside here for a few days before Grovyle goes off to collect Time Gears on his own while the player and partner spread the word about Grovyle's innocence. The player and partner decide that they should go back to the guild and ask for their help. Later, the letter that Grovyle writes informing the player and partner about his current situation is placed here, and can be read anytime after its initial appearance until they leave for Brine Cave.

After the player's team passes the guild's graduation exam, Sharpedo Bluff becomes the new base for their Exploration Team. Unlike in the guild, however, the player will not be asked to save upon starting a new day, and must manually save by going to their bed. The player must also still return to the Guild to accept jobs.

Sharpedo Bluff is also the home of the Manaphy found as an egg in Surrounded Sea. The player and the partner will raise the baby Manaphy for the first few days after he hatches, and his appetite and sickness will require the team to retrieve Blue Gummis and Phione Dew, for him. During Manaphy's rearing under the team, a third bed is added to Sharpedo Bluff for him. Upon defeating Darkrai, Cresselia can be recruited here.

Over the course of many chapters, Dugtrio from the Guild is found on the bluff looking at the sea. Upon completely beating the game, Dugtrio is found on the beach, rescued by Team Raider.

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Exterior at night Team Base Cliffside
Sharpedo Bluff at night.jpg Sharpedo Bluff base TDS.png Sharpedo Bluff top TDS.png


  • Views of the cliff from a distance show that the bluff has a stone that forms the dorsal fin of Sharpedo. When visiting, however, there is a tree where that stone should be.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Falaise Sharpedo
Germany Flag.png German Tohaido-Klippe
Italy Flag.png Italian Promontorio Sharpedo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 샤크니 바위 Syakeuni Bawi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Risco Sharpedo
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