Final Maze

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Final Maze
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Final Maze さいごのま
Final Chamber
Final Maze TDS.png
Basic info
Floors: 48
Rest stops: No
Traps: No
Monster Houses: No
Main type: None
Boss: None
Recruiting: Yes
Items: 0
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Final Maze (Japanese: さいごのま Final Chamber) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness as well as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It has 48 floors and no relay point. It can only be entered through the Marowak Dojo, and upon entering the dungeon, all of their items in the Treasure Bag will be lost.

Unlike the other mazes of the dojo, the player will lose some items should they faint. Also, Pokémon can be recruited. After the Marine Resort's location is revealed, the player will encounter Jirachi, Suicune, and Moltres at B23F, B29F, and B40F respectively. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, all three legendary Pokémon have been removed from the dungeon and placed in different locations. HMs are scattered randomly throughout the maze (they cannot be used inside any dungeon, but they are reusable).

After clearing the maze, Marowak will give the player a Brown Bow as a holdable item, which supposedly once belonged to his grandfather.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
066 Machop B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
081 Magnemite B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
084 Doduo B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
138 Omanyte B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
140 Kabuto B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
167 Spinarak B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
179 Mareep B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
200 Misdreavus B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
220 Swinub B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
228 Houndour B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
231 Phanpy B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
240 Magby B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
261 Poochyena B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
285 Shroomish B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
303 Mawile B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
307 Meditite B1-B48 40, 45, 50 5.5%
371 Bagon B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
397 Staravia B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
451 Skorupi B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
455 Carnivine B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
385 Jirachi B23 TD 45 -12%
245 Suicune B29 TD 45 30%
146 Moltres B40 TD 45 30%


Item Floors
MDBag Poké RTRB Sprite.png 2-37 Poké  ??F
MDBag Apple TDS Sprite.png Apple  ??F
File:MDBag Chesto Berry TDS Sprite.png Chesto Berry  ??F
MDBag Seed TDS Sprite.png Pure Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed TDS Sprite.png Totter Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed TDS Sprite.png X-Eye Seed  ??F
File:MDBag Health drink TDS Sprite.png Max Elixir  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Aerial Ace  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Blizzard  ??F
MDBag HM TDS Sprite.png Defog  ??F
MDBag HM TDS Sprite.png Surf  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Flamethrower  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Flash Cannon  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Hyper Beam  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Light Screen  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Protect  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Recycle  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Rock Polish  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Roost  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Secret Power  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Shock Wave  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Sleep Talk  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Torment  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Toxic  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Psych Up  ??F
MDBag TM TDS Sprite.png Attract  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb TDS Sprite.png Escape Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb TDS Sprite.png Foe-SealOrb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb TDS Sprite.png See-Trap Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb TDS Sprite.png Slumber Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb TDS Sprite.png Transfer Orb  ??F
MDBag Link Box TDS Sprite.png Link Box  ??F


Entrance Jirachi tileset
Final Maze entrance TDS.png Final Maze Jirachi TDS.png
Suicune tileset Moltres tileset
Final Maze Suicune TDS.png Final Maze Moltres TDS.png


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Dédale Ultime
Germany Flag.png German Abschlusstraining
Italy Flag.png Italian Dedalo Finale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 마지막 방 Majimak Bang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Dojo Final

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