Seven Treasures

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The Seven Treasures and their Guardians

The Seven Treasures (Japanese: 7つのひほう Seven Treasures) are items in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness and Explorers of Sky given to players after they defeat the Guardians in seven secret dungeons. They are all based on musical instruments.

The only ways in which players can access these dungeons is by being granted the "Secret Rank" by rescuing Scizor from Froslass in Crevice Cave, and then entering the correct Wonder Mail codes or downloading the missions via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Due to this, the missions can actually be obtained twice. In Explorers of Sky however, the mail can be obtained in Spinda's Café.

Before players fight one of these secret bosses, it will address their team as the "Seekers of the Seven Treasures!" and then challenge them. Upon the defeat of a boss, the player will obtain its respective Treasure. After winning them from the bosses, the Seven Treasures may be sold, unlike many other rare items in the game. The bosses may also join the player's team. After the recruitment of a boss, additional copies of its respective Treasure are obtained whenever the player reaches the end of that boss' dungeon. The player cannot reach the interior of these dungeons (where the treasure and bosses are) while completing missions inside the dungeon.

Each of the treasures increases the recruitment rate by 20%[1] for Pokémon of its respective type. Grass Cornet increases the recruit rate for Grass types, the Fiery Drum for Fire types, and so on.

If one of the guardians wants to be recruited upon its defeat, it will reappear after the player retrieves the treasure: "Oh? The Pokémon is saying something. It seemed to develop a kinship with the player while battling! It says that it wants to join the team!"


Treasure Type Guardian Time & Darkness Code
Location Sky Code
Terra Cymbal
Terra Cymbal
だいちのシンバル Earth Cymbal
Ground MDP RT 383.png
#&S6 NY2& YJN=
1P57 F0MN MH7Y
Shimmer Desert
@9R=4 0S0J#Q2 40548
Fiery Drum
Fiery Drum
ほのおのドラム Flame Drum
Fire MDP E 485.png
86N8 +SY@ &%YN
Giant Volcano
7S&X8 T6FCWK- 3-&FP
Icy Flute
Icy Flute
こおりのフルート Ice Flute
Ice MDP RT 144.png
4MP= K98# CT%Y
R@-- &P7% %K86
Mt. Avalanche
N22#9 S55M1TR JT2M0
9P%%3 CT6N39S @N5R#
みずのハーモニカ Water Harmonica
Water MDP RT 382.png
FN01 HWN- 00%F
8678 +XY@ &%#3
Bottomless Sea
@+JXC 7CH5H1J S4T83
@M@J7 @F5P#SK &9F9S
Rock Horn
Rock Horn
いわのメガホン Rock Megaphone
Rock MDP E 487.png
4N3- P4NM 8K&C
World Abyss
@288C 2W9N-YJ STK=W
Grass Cornet
Grass Cornet
くさのラッパ Grass Trumpet
Grass MDP E 151.png
PFH@ @##K 5W8K
Mystery Jungle
%+%6W N=WY+R& %WTJ7
Sky Melodica
Sky Melodica
ひこうのピアニカ Flying Pianica
Flying MDP RT 384.png
HW+8 66%T 5S51
+J5Y 4-K# H@P-
Sky Stairway
02=53 Y16R1K@ 415RK

Guardians' Quote

"Seekers of the seven treasures! I am Kyogre/Groudon/Articuno/Heatran/Giratina/Rayquaza/Mew! The guardian of Bottomless Sea/Shimmer Desert/Mt. Avalanche/the Giant Volcano/World Abyss/Sky Stairway/Mystery Jungle! If it is the treasure that you seek... Calm the raging waves.../Calm the wrath of the land.../Conquer the freezing cold.../Withstand the scorching fire.../Conquer the silence of darkness.../Possess the sky.../Ascertain the truth... I challenge you to surpass your limits... Demonstrate your power to me! Now it begins!"


  • Only the Rock Horn and Grass Cornet do not affect the Pokémon (Giratina and Mew respectively) guarding them.
  • Every member of the super-ancient Pokémon guards one of the Seven Treasures.
  • All the Pokémon in Bottomless Sea are at least part Water-type, and all the Pokémon in Giant Volcano are at least part Fire-type.

In other languages

English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish South Korea Flag.png Korean
Seven Treasures Sept Trésors Sieben Schätze Sette Tesori Siete tesoros 7개의 비보 7 gae-ui bibo
Aqua-Monica Aquarmonica Aquamonika Acquarmonica Acuamónica 물하모니카 Mul Harmonica
Fiery Drum Tamtam Ardent Feuertrommel Tamburovente Tambor fuego 불꽃드럼 Bulkkot Drum
Grass Cornet Phytocorne Wiesenhorn Cornettaerba Herbicorneta 풀나팔 Pulnapal
Icy Flute Flûte Glacée Eisflöte Flautogelo Flauta hielo 얼음플루트 Eoreum Flute
Rock Horn Cor de Roche Felsenhorn Cornoroccia Cuerno roca 바위메가폰 Bawi Megaphone
Sky Melodica Aéromélodica Aeromonika Cielmelodica Aeromelódica 비행멜로디카 Bihaeng Melodica
Terra Cymbal Terracymbale Terrabecken Cembaloterra Terracímbalo 대지심벌 Daeji Cymbal

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