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This article is about the Mystery Dungeon series items. For the items from the core series games, see Black Glasses and Wise Glasses.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, glasses (Japanese: メガネ Glasses) are a type of equipment that grant the user certain benefits.


Available items vary depending on the game. In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, these items do not exist and many of their effects instead exist on looplets.

Item Game
Alert Specs
Fickle Specs [note 1]
Goggle Specs
Gold Scope
Heavy Rotation Specs [note 2]
Lock-On Specs
No-Aim Scope
Scope Lens
Whiff Specs
X-Ray Specs
  1. A similar item, Fickle Ribbon, exists instead.
  2. A similar item, Choice Ribbon, exists instead.


Lookalike Items

Main article: Lookalike Item

There are two Lookalike Items for Goggle Specs and X-Ray Specs called Gaggle Specs and Y-Ray Specs respectively.



Glasses PMD GTI.png
Glasses from
Gates to Infinity and
Super Mystery Dungeon*



  • The X-Ray Specs and the Insomniscope are designed after Venonat and Hoothoot's eyes, respectively.

In other languages

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English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish South Korea Flag.png Korean
Glasses Lentilles Brillen Lenti 안경
Alert Specs 경계안경
Fickle Specs Lunettes Volage Wankelbrille Variabilenti Gafas Variedad -
Gold Scope Radar Lingots Golddetektor Lingottoscopio Gafas Acuáticas -
Goggle Specs Révélateur Spektralglas Lentispesse Revelalente 또렷안경
Gold Scope Radar Lingots Golddetektor Lingottoscopio Gafas Acuáticas -
Heavy Rotation Specs Lunettes Doublette Wiederholungsbrille Stabilenti Gafas Repetición -
Insomniscope Insomniscope Alertoskop Vegliscopio Insomnilente 불면스코프
Lockon Specs Viseur Akkurabrille Lentiprecise Gafas Lince 록온안경
No-Aim Scope Besicles Erratikum Guizzatore Gafas Azar 제어불가스코프
Scope Lens Lentilscope Scope-Linse Mirino Periscopio 초점렌즈
Whiff Specs Binocles Schonglas Lentiopache Gafas Gafe 명중불가안경
X-Ray Specs Rayons X Röntgenaugen Lenti X Gafas RayosX 투시안경

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