Melody (Ranger)

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ロッコ Rocko
Melody Ranger performance.png
Melody performing for her brother
Gender Female
Hometown Pueltown
Region Almia
Relatives Isaac, grandparents (unnamed)
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Melody (Japanese: ロッコ Rocko) is a notable character in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. She is the sister of Isaac.


She first appears on the bridge that leads to the Ranger School, crying because she cannot find her brother, whom she wanted to visit because she cared for him so much.

She is seen later on in Pueltown, after Team Dim Sun's Gigaremo experiment, in which she was trapped in a circle of hypnotized Pokémon, including Elekid and Magby. Brook tries to help by doing a 'Super Brook Jump', trapping himself also, until the player destroys the controlling Gigaremo. She then goes back home.

During Team Dim Sun's attack on the Ranger Union, after Ice failed to get Isaac back using "gentlemanly" means, she was kidnapped by Lavana so that Isaac could come with them to finish the Incredible Machine, which he does so she could be saved. She is pinched as a demonstration of what will happen to her. Upon Isaac's leave, Keith gets angry at Team Dim Sun's low work.

She is next seen trapped in person with Dim Sun Admins, until she is freed and saved by Keith after the player captures the Admin's Pokémon. After the player defeats Darkrai, Isaac takes a day off so he could spend the day with her.

After the game, she writes a song for Isaac's birthday. She then asks the player to bring her a Chingling, Jigglypuff, Kricketune and Chatot to perform with her. Melody and the player then go to where Isaac works in the Altru Building to have her mini-recital for him. She sings the song called My Brother Isaac's Lullaby while the Pokémon are behind her. She made the song so that Isaac could sleep. Isaac then thanks her for it, even saying that he felt like dreaming.

Because he loves Melody so much, Isaac used her name for certain passwords, namely the Incredible Machine's design disc and the Altru Building's elevator, which surprises Keith about how much Isaac loves his sister.


SoA Quest icon.png
Gift of Music for Isaac
SoA Quest icon.png
Long Lineccard.png Long Line
I wrote a song as a present for my brother. I want to play a concert with these Pokémon: Chatot, Kricketune, Chingling, and Jigglypuff! Please, will you bring them here, all at once?




  • Buneary: Melody lives with this Buneary in Pueltown.



  • Jigglypuff, Chingling, Kricketune and Chatot: Given by the player character temporarily on a quest, to help her in her performance for Isaac.


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