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The Sinis Trio; from left to right: Lavana, Heath, and Ice

The Sinis Trio (Japanese: トリオ・ザ・ヘル Trio the Hell) is a group of three highly ranked Team Dim Sun members. They are composed of Ice, Lavana, and Heath.

They report directly to Kincaid and are said to be his favorite admins. The Sinis Trio are met while gathering the Tears of Princes. They also appear at the Oil Field Hideout and before and during Operation Brighton.

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Main article: Ice (Ranger)

Ice is the leader of the Sinis Trio. He is first seen at Almia Castle trying to get the Blue Gem. He controls a Froslass, a Gallade, and a Garchomp. He then orders Lavana and Heath to give him control of their two Pokémon at Altru Tower, adding Magmortar and Rhyperior to the list. He calls the player a noob on many occasions, adding it to the end of their name. At Altru Tower, it is revealed that, after learning basic programming from Isaac, he was not contented so he continued to study even further.


Main article: Lavana

Lavana is first seen in the seventh volume of the Almia Times where she was seen battling Keith on top of the Fiore Temple. She was actually seen in person for the first time at Volcano Cave where she was trying to get the Red Gem. She controls an Infernape and a Magmortar, and she is the leader of the all-female Dim Sun Crimson Unit. Lavana herself is very concerned with her appearance and can be heard complaining about the heat ruining her makeup.


Main article: Heath (Ranger)

Heath is first seen at Hippowdon Temple trying to get the Yellow Gem. Before this, though, he kidnapped Keith and used his Styler to fool the other Rangers. He controls a Magnezone, a Rhyperior, and an Electivire. He's the most loyal member of the Sinis Trio and stays with the boss of Team Dim Sun even after Ice and Lavana run away at Altru Tower, but he abandons everyone at the end to escape to the Countryside. He also speaks English poorly.


Language Name Origin
Japanese トリオ・ザ・ヘル Trio the Hell From hell
English, Italian Sinis Trio From sinister
French Sinis-Trio Same as English name
German SinisTrio Same as English name
Spanish Sinis Trío Same as English name

Boss: Blake Hall
Subordinates: KincaidSinis Trio (Ice, Lavana, Heath) • Wheeler
Locations: Altru BuildingCargo Ship
Oil Field HideoutAltru Tower
Objects: Gigaremo unitsMiniremo units
Tears of Princes and Shadow Crystal
Incredible Machine
Other: Altru Inc.Team Debonairs

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