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イオリ Iori
Artwork from Shadows of Almia
Gender Male
Hometown Pueltown
Region Almia
Relatives Melody, grandparents (unnamed)
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Isaac (Japanese: イオリ Iori) is a character in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. He is a young scientist, who graduates from the Ranger School with the player and gets to say the graduation word.

In the games

Isaac was a student in Mr. Kincaid's class in the Ranger school, where he was allowed to go off to the library to learn on his own due to his IQ of 163. He was next seen with Mr. Kincaid doing an experiment in his secret basement laboratory. After graduation, he went to Pueltown with his sister, Melody. He seemed to do 8-digit multiplications easily in his mind, which is quite abnormal for an average human. He is also known for his mushroom-like hairstyle.

He began working for Altru Inc. after graduation. When they first arrived to his workplace, he showed the player and Murph around the building. He then leaves with Blake Hall for work.

He was briefly mentioned when Kincaid was boasting about the Miniremo units, in which Kincaid described him as a little boy who possessed intelligence of the kind that only appears once in a century. He was later seen working for Team Dim Sun under false promises that their machines make Pokémon and people friends. During his stay with Team Dim Sun, he apparently taught the Sinis Trio basic programming. A Dim Sun minion could be seen singing the Miniremo production song; he mentioned "The creator of this thing is no hack.. His name rhymes and it is... Whoa! A Ranger?" Isaac's name rhymes with the word 'hack'.

Isaac did not seem to recognize that Sven considered him a criminal and was happy to see that Sven is going to send him to Professor Hastings. He also attempted to show the player his experiment with Skuntank and also wondered why the player treats Dim Sun Grunts badly. After learning that the Incredible Machine is actually a machine to control the Pokémon of Almia, he became worried as Team Dim Sun Admins try to attack him. Fortunately, Sven protected him while the player captured a Gliscor under Kincaid's command.

After that incident, he decided to work at the Ranger Union, when he was offered a deal after telling them the Incredible Machine's design disc's password. He attended the meeting to reveal that the Altru Tower is, in fact, the Incredible Machine.

Later, the Sinis Trio attacked the Ranger Union to take him back. While Heath distracted the player with an Electivire to capture, Ice was reminding him of memories of Altru and how they were friends; however, Isaac refused, which forced Lavana to interfere. Because she was threatening his sister Melody, he returned to Altru.

He was later seen under pressure from Dim Sun admins programming the Incredible Machine. When the player arrived to this scene, they were eventually tasked to capture Pokémon under their command. Nevertheless, when the player showed up to stop Isaac, it was too late; he had finished the "wicked" program. Isaac accompanied the player to destroy the barriers created by Team Dim Sun by deactivating the program to allow the player to perform a Target Clear, notably doing this to Heath and Lavana's programs in 1.3 and 1.2 seconds, respectively. However, he eventually became trapped by a barrier created by Ice. In the end, Barlow managed to free him by damaging the generator using his "Trademark Field Move".

Isaac's sister, Melody, currently lives with their grandparents and a Buneary in a house in Pueltown. As he is busy with his work, he cannot spend much time with her. However, he loves his sister very much. Her name is Isaac's password in Altru Building's elevator, as well as the Incredible Machine's design disc. At the end of the game, he received a day off and plays the whole day with his sister. There is also an optional quest to help Melody gather singing Pokémon to help her sing a song for Isaac.




Buneary: Isaac lives with this Buneary in Pueltown.

In the manga

Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic

Isaac makes two cameo appearances in Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic. In Altru Inc. Mystery, Erma mentions Isaac, Keith, and Rhythmi who were once Kate and Kellyn's classmates at Ranger School and how he is currently a researcher. Later in the chapter, Professor Hastings mentions that he was visiting Isaac when he was suddenly grabbed by the collar.


  • Isaac's English name may come from the scientist Isaac Newton.
  • Both his IQ and his height, in centimeters, are 163.
  • Besides science, a hobby of Isaac's appears to be watching soccer. The television in his family's Pueltown home is noted for being good to watch soccer with.

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