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If you were looking for the main-series game character and Gym Leader, see Larry.
If you were looking for the anime character with the Japanese name of Larry, see Ridley.
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Larry (Japanese: セキネ Sekine) is a character from Pokémon Ranger. He is a resident of Ringtown.

Larry is first encountered soon after Spenser brings the player to Ringtown's Ranger Base. Showing a tendency to panic, he frantically begs Spenser to find a Ranger to capture his "precious" Pokémon, then shows his rude side, insulting the player by calling them a rookie and saying 'a less trustworthy face I've never seen' when Spenser assigns Larry's request to the player as a Rookie Mission. Larry's panic also leaves the player without knowing what kind of Pokémon they are looking for, leaving no choice but to capture every kind in sight until his Taillow appears. Despite everything that happens, Larry is grateful for the service and apologizes for insulting the player.

Later, due to Larry's habit of pouring too much affection onto his Taillow, the Taillow gets into a fight with the Plusle or Minun that followed the player from Fall City. The ensuing fight introduces the player to Poké Assists and then results in Plusle or Minun becoming the player's partner Pokémon.




  • Ringtown Ranger Base:
"Trouble! There's trouble! It's a crisis! Help, help, help!"
"Listen, Leader! My precious Pokémon ran off in the Lyra Forest! Hurry! Capture my Pokémon and take it into protective custody!"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa?! Don't be afraid of failure? Leader, you've got to be joking! Failure's no good! You've got to be afraid of failing! Are you sure it's going to be OK asking this rookie guy/girlto handle this mission?"
"Well, isn't this just dandy. I asked the Leader because he's the most trustworthy Ranger here. But look at this rookie. A less trustworthy face I've yet to see!

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