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Keith (Japanese: ケイト Keito) is a character in Pokémon Ranger. He is found in Fall City.

His rank appears to be equal to that of his colleague, Lind. Both of them are often overlooked in favor of Aria; however, they did hard work investigating the Go-Rock Squad when called upon by Joel and Professor Hastings.


Fall City

  • Ranger Base
"Hiya, the name's Keith. It'd be nice if you remembered my name. But you must be some kind of impressive. I mean, you must be to get the job of escorting the professor. Huh? You don't get what's so impressive about that? It just so happens, Prof. Hastings is the Ranger Union's chief of technology. That Capture Styler you're using? That's just one of the professor's inventions."
  • Outside
"We're investigating to see where that Go-Rock Squad went off to. We're awfully sorry about it, but we've had to clsoe off the Krokka Tunnel until we're done investigating."
  • After returning from Summerland
"The rockfalls in the Krokka Tunnel seem to be pretty challenging. Massive boulders have blocked the path completely to the Ringtown side, I hear."


Language Name Origin
Japanese ケイト Keito From 時計座 Tokei-za, Horologium constellation.
English Keith Similar to Japanese name.
German Kent Similar to Japanese name.
Italian Dario

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