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Vatona and Nage are minor characters in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

Vatona is Nage's older brother and their father, Mr. Stubborn, lives on the Union Road. They worked together with Professor Hastings to create the Fine Styler and the Micro Aqualung, as well as the world's only Vatonage Styler. Even though their father hates science, he somehow found it fitting that he named his sons Vatona and Nage, from the word vatonage, as they created the Vatonage Styler.


SoA Quest icon.png
Charge Up the Trio!
SoA Quest icon.png
Ranger Union
Electric Defenseccard.png Electric Defense
Raichu, Luxray, and Ampharos. That threesome
appears to be what we need for our studies.
They look capable of generating seriously
powerful electricity.
Please, bring them to us.

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