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Ollie (Japanese: オイル Oil) is a character in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

He is first met after the Vien Forest fire near a Gigaremo unit. He was accused of starting the said fire so he was tied up. Due to not speaking at first, his real name is not known. Barlow called him Oil-Stinker-Creep due to him smelling like oil. He was given the name Ollie by Luana, as it was similar to "oil".

He later speaks up after Big Bertha shares some Milk Pudding with him and treats him kindly. He admits that he was hired by Team Dim Sun, even though he did not know who they were, to set up the Gigaremo units, as he needed money. He also said that the fire was an accident of him spilling some Gigaremo oil. He feels sorry and wants to make up for it.

He later asks the player to take him to his friend in Chicole Village. It is revealed that it was actually his mother and not a friend. He lives in Chicole Village, next to the player's home, and hasn't seen her in quite a while.

It is later revealed that Kincaid paid him to put oil on the Gigaremo units for a salary similar to Altru Inc. employees after he had a fight with his mother on his loafing around at home without a job.

During most of the game, he spends his time at the Ranger Base in Vientown. He helps out the others whenever they need it, especially Elaine. According to her, he helps out voluntarily with certain tasks.

In his house, he has a Nintendo Wii with 2 remotes, books on Knitting, Cooking and Children and Scrapbooks (it says of the kids so presumably he has Brothers and Sisters) and a Photo on the Fridge of a Mother and a Son.

In one of the game's Quests, he wants to make Elaine smile as she always works and is therefore quite serious most of the time. He learns that her favorite Pokémon is Dragonair, and is quite shocked that she didn't choose something like Magnemite or Magneton as she's a Mechanic. He then asks the player to fetch him one for her. She then comes out and is amazed by it. She then thanks Ollie.

After the game, after some convincing by Barlow, he wants to try the exam for the Ranger School so he could be a Ranger. Barlow told him that age doesn't matter.

Sometime later, when he leaves his mother's house and does not return, his mother becomes worried and asks the player to find him. When the player finds him in Vien Forest, he explains why he left. He is actually looking for a Celebi, hoping that it would revive the singed forest. After the player brings Celebi, he asks for the forest to be restored, but instead it flees. He believes that it thinks he was greedy and should have considered not causing any further damage and then cries out his guilt. Celebi responds and brings Vien Forest back to life, forgiving Ollie for the accident that he had caused.

At the end of the game, during the Extra Mission For the Bride and Shaymin!, he marries Elaine. When the Rangers run off to get Shaymin back, he mentions that he will stay and protect her.

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