Crimson City

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Crimson City
ジョウチャンタウン Jōchan Town
Region Kanto
Debut The Fourth Round Rumble

Crimson City (Japanese: ジョウチャンタウン Jōchan Town) is an anime-exclusive location believed to be in Kanto. It has not been visited by Ash and his friends, but is mentioned in The Fourth Round Rumble at Indigo Plateau. Jeanette Fisher, who battled Ash on the Grass Field, comes from Crimson City.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジョウチャンタウン Jōchan Town From 嬢ちゃん jō-chan (young girl)
English, Italian Crimson City From crimson
French Putrinia Possibly from पुत्री putrī (Sanskrit for daughter)
Korean 랑랑마을 Rangnang Maeul From 랑랑 (娘娘) rangnang (lady)
Chinese (Mandarin) 姑娘鎮 Gūniáng Zhèn From 姑娘 gūniáng (maiden)
Czech Karmínové město From karmínový (crimson)
Polish Karmazynowe Miasto From karmazynowy (crimson)
Swedish Staden Crimson From its English name

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