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Eevee Evolution Lab
イーブイ進化研究所 Eievui Evolution Laboratory
Eevee Evolution Lab.png
Eevee Evolution Lab
Region Kanto
Debut To Train, or Not to Train!

The Eevee Evolution Lab (Japanese: イーブイ進化研究所 Eievui Evolution Laboratory) is an anime-exclusive research facility in Kanto, located in Vermilion City. Headed by Pinery, the Laboratory primarily studies an Eevee and its evolved forms.

In To Train, or Not to Train!, the lab assistants were unsuccessfully attempting to get a female Eevee to evolve under any conditions, including exposing her to a Fire and then a Thunder Stone. Later, Eevee left the Laboratory after spotting Professor Cerise's Yamper outside. The lab assistants went after it, only to end up at Chloe's school when Yamper thought they were out to get it for bad reasons. Once the confusion was cleared up, the lab assistants tried to return Eevee to the Laboratory, but Eevee decided to stay with Chloe instead.

The facility features multiple laboratories and a large biodome area for the Pokémon to wander around.


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The laboratory staff

The laboratory is initially composed of three known employees:

  • Pinery is a woman with straight blue hair who is the head of the Laboratory. After seeing the affection that Eevee had for Chloe, she decided that the best place for the Pokémon was to stay with her.
  • Another is a girl with red hair and a streak in the shape of thunder, who is already a minor recurring character in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, being one of the Trainers battling Lugia in Legend? Go! Friends? Go!. In To Train, or Not to Train!, she and her research companion searched for the missing Eevee, but were mistaken for bandits by Chloe and Goh.
  • The third is a boy with brown hair. When Eevee disappeared, he went looking for the Evolution Pokémon with his research partner.

On hand

Girl with red hair

Eevee Evolution Lab assistant's Jolteon
The female lab assistant with red hair has a Jolteon that she uses in battles. She used it alongside other Trainers in a Raid Battle against a wild Lugia. Jolteon was quickly blown away by Lugia however.

It is not known whether this Jolteon is the same as the Jolteon seen at the Eevee Evolution Laboratory.

Jolteon's only known move is Thunder.

Debut Legend? Go! Friends? Go!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Pinery:
Girl: 清水理沙 Risa Shimizu

Pokémon seen in the Eevee Evolution Lab

Eevee Evolution Lab Flareon Jolteon.png
Eevee Evolution Lab Flareon Jolteon.png
Eevee Evolution Lab Espeon Glaceon.png
Eevee Evolution Lab Espeon Glaceon.png
Eevee Evolution Lab Leafeon Umbreon.png
Eevee Evolution Lab Leafeon Umbreon.png
Eevee Evolution Lab Sylveon.png
Eevee Evolution Lab Vaporeon.png

Previously resided

Chloe Eevee.png
Chloe's Eevee


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