Dragonite Island

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The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Dragonite Island
カイリューの島 Kairyu Island
Dragonite Island.png
Dragonite Island
Region Kanto
Debut SS010

(Japanese: カイリューの Kairyu Island) is an anime-exclusive location located off the coast of the Kanto region. It was featured in SS010.

Dragonite Island is an island solely populated by members of the Dratini evolutionary line. It has a beach, forests, a river, and a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a small cave where local Dratini shed their skin. The local Dragonair use their weather-controlling powers to create constant storms around the island to keep it hidden, though the Dragonite living on the island sometimes take shipwrecked people there to recover. It is also located in an area without GPS coverage, making the task of pinpointing its location impossible.

Ash and Go visited the island after hearing rumors of its existence from Professor Sakuragi. During their visit, Ash helped a Dragonair learn how to fly. Shortly afterwards, it evolved into a Dragonite and chose to join Ash's team. Ash and Go later told Professor Sakuragi about the island, but he chose to keep its existence a secret from the public to keep the mystery surrounding it alive.

Pokémon seen on Dragonite Island

Dragonite Island Dratini.png
Dragonite Island Dragonair.png
Dragonair (×3)
Dragonite Island Dragonite.png
Dragonite (multiple)
Ash Dragonite.png
Dragonair → Dragonite

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