Mt. Hideaway

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Mount Hideaway
ミヤーザーキ山 Mount Miyāzāki
Mt Hideaway.png
Mount Hideaway
Region Kanto
Debut To Master the Onixpected!

Mount Hideaway (Japanese: ミヤーザーキ山 Mount Miyāzāki) is an anime-exclusive mountain located near Pallet Town. The rugged area is home to unusually large Onix. Something in the soil causes the Onix to grow to gigantic proportions.

It is also a training area for Kanto Elite Four member Bruno. While training for the Indigo Plateau Conference, Ash and Brock decided to find him and seek his advice on training in To Master the Onixpected!.

Pokémon seen at Mt. Hideaway

Bruno Onix.png
Onix (mulitple)
Sandslash Mt. Hideaway.png

Caught Pokémon

Bruno Onix.png
Bruno's Onix

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 米亞查山 Máih'achàh Sāan
Mandarin 米亞查山 / 米亚查山 Mǐyǎchá Shān / Mǐyàchá Shān
Denmark Flag.png Danish Hideaway-bjerget
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Mt. Hideaway
Finland Flag.png Finnish Hideaway-vuori
France Flag.png European French Mont Cachetou
Germany Flag.png German Mount Hideaway
Italy Flag.png Italian Monte Hideaway
South Korea Flag.png Korean 바우산 Bau San
Poland Flag.png Polish Góra Straceńców
Portugal Flag.png European Portuguese Monte Esconderijo
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Monte Escondite
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Hideaway-berget

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