Gardenia Town

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Gardenia Town
アベリアタウン Abelia Town
Gardenia Town.png
Gardenia Town
Region Kanto
Debut What I Did for Love!

Gardenia Town (Japanese: アベリアタウン Abelia Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Kanto region. Among the town's attractions is a Contest Hall, attracting many Pokémon Coordinators who wish to compete in the Kanto Grand Festival. It was first mentioned in Curbing the Crimson Tide!, in which May discovered that a Pokémon Contest was scheduled to be held there.

Ash and his friends arrived in Gardenia Town in What I Did for Love!. May was excited at the chance to add the coveted Gardenia Ribbon to her collection, and decided to train her Eevee for its stage debut. When a girl named Mollie appeared looking for the registration desk, Eevee popped out of the ground and knocked her over, revealing it had learned Dig. After that, Brock gave her the directions and she took off.

Later, an experienced Pokémon Breeder by the name of Yuma appeared and complimented Brock's Bonsly. Brock, trying to impress her, sent out his other Pokémon and showed her the Pokéblock he gives his Marshtomp. Yuma then asked Brock if he competes in Pokémon Contests and revealed that she is a Top Coordinator who wants to pass her techniques on to beginning Coordinators. Hearing this, Brock ran to the Contest Hall to get a Contest Pass and register for the Gardenia Contest.

In the Performance Stage, May had Squirtle creating a pyramid of bubbles and freezing it with Ice Beam, while Mollie displayed her Raticate's ability to grind a log with Hyper Fang. Brock started his performance by commanding Bonsly to use Fake Tears before throwing baseballs in the air so Bonsly could juggle them with Flail. They all managed to impress the panel of judges enough to advance to the second round.

During the Battle Stage, Brock was matched against Mollie, using his Marshtomp to battle her Absol. He won the battle and quickly made his way to the finals, where he found himself up against May. Brock proved to be a tough opponent for May, as Marshtomp was able to sense Eevee's underground movements with its fins. However, May was able to take advantage of several dirt mounds to evade Brock's attacks and land a few hits, lowering Brock's points in the process. When time ran out, it was shown that May had more points than Brock, and thus, Lilian announced May as the winner of the Gardenia Contest. This victory gave May her fourth Kanto Ribbon.



Language Name Origin
Japanese アベリアタウン Abelia Town From Abelia, a genus of woody plants in the family Caprifoliaceae
English Gardenia Town From Gardenia, a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae
French Gardeniaville From its English name
German Gardenia City From its English name
Italian Città della Gardenia From its English name
Spanish Pueblo Gardenia*
Ciudad Gardenia*
From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Gardênia From its English name
Korean 아벨리아마을 Abelia Maeul From its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 六道木鎮 Liùdàomù Zhèn From 六道木 liùdàomù, Abelia

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