Cremini Town

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Cremini Town
シキミタウン Shikimi Town
Cremini Town.png
Cremini Town
Region Kanto
Debut Three Jynx and a Baby!

Cremini Town (Japanese: シキミタウン Shikimi Town) is an anime-exclusive location found in Kanto. It appeared in the episode Three Jynx and a Baby!. The Battle Tower, led by Anabel, can be found just outside of the town. As such it is close to Tohjo Falls. A family of Jynx reside here, who once went on a rampage looking for their baby sister.

When Ash, May, Max, and Brock were heading to Cremini town in Three Jynx and a Baby!, May saw a Smoochum and was about to hold her until Smoochum was being carried by a Jynx's Psychic. There were three Jynx who were protecting a Smoochum. The three Jynx used Blizzard against Ash which made him angry. Ash told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but the three Jynx used Ice Beam first. Ash was about to run to the three Jynx but then May told Ash to calm down and that she thinks the three Jynx were trying to protect the Smoochum. Max agreed. They all leave the Jynx and the Smoochum behind. Jessie, James, and Meowth were also camping near Cremini Town. They were fighting over the Onigiri. The Onigiri accidentally falls and leads to the same Smoochum Ash's gang encountered. The Smoochum eats it. Jessie, James, and Meowth finds the Smoochum cute and just sits there and admires it. Jessie gets an idea and imagines to make Smoochum a rockstar of her as the manager and Jessie daydreams about becoming rich. Jessie, James, and Meowth gets Smoochum and startles the three Jynx. Ash's group goes to Cremini Town's Pokémon Center where Pikachu is healed. Later on, they notice a ruckus outside the Pokémon center. It was caused by the three Jynx. Ash's gang tries to save Smoochum from Team Rocket. In the end, Ash succeeds to help Smoochum and he and the gang gain the three Jynx's trust. The Smoochum evolves and becomes a Jynx. the gang plans to rest in Cremini Town until the next day where they will head the next Battle Frontier.

Pokémon seen in Cremini Town

Cremini Town Jynx.png
Jynx (×3)
Jynx anime.png
Smoochum → Jynx
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Various.png
Mr. Mime
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Various.png
Cremini Town Magikarp.png
Cremini Town Spearow.png
Cremini Town Beedrill.png
Cremini Town Weedle.png
Cremini Town Farfetch'd.png


  • This town also shares its Japanese name with Shauntal, a member of the Unova Elite Four, who had not been revealed at the time this episode aired.

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