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Route 12

Route 12

Route 12, or Fourrage Road, stretches between Shalour City and Coumarine City. The lengthy trail runs past the Baa de Mer Ranch, where frolicking Skiddo can be ridden beside the breezy sea. Azure Bay is located to the north.

Adopt a Lapras

Speak to the Pokémon Breeder near the gate to hear about the Lapras that saved him from drowning. He would like it to see the world, but cannot afford to travel, so he asks that you take it. An empty party slot is required to accept the rare Water/Ice Pokémon.

Baa de Mer Ranch

The Baa de Mer Ranch stands across the water to the east. Enter the cottage and speak to the girl inside to receive TM45 (Attract), which can make opposite-gender targets mostly useless in battle.

There are several Skiddo roaming the pen outside. Approach one and hop on its back to ride around. Skiddo can leap up small ledges, which lets you reach the Shiny Stone to the northeast and Whipped Dream to the south.

Azure Bay

Azure Bay

The crystal-blue waters of Azure Bay make it a favorite vacation spot for Swimmers around the region. An empty cave known as the Sea Spirit's Den stands in the center of the great bay.

Southern isle

Cross the briny waters to reach a small, sandy isle in the south. Talk to the old man here to receive a new Mega Stone, the Ampharosite. Ampharos can be obtained by raising a Mareep found on Route 12.

Southwest isle

Surf west to the darker water's edge, then head south. The rocky island in the southwest holds several items. The Deep Sea Tooth and Deep Sea Scale are related to Clamperl, doubling its Special Attack or Special Defense, respectively, when held. In addition, these items cause the Pokémon to evolve into either Huntail or Gorebyss when traded. TM81 (X-Scissor) is a strong Bug-type attack. Don't miss the hidden Hyper Potion!

Coumarine City

Coumarine City

The scenic Coumarine City links Route 12 to Route 13. The city uses a monorail to merge bay and bluff. The lower bay area features a marina where expensive boats are docked. The upper mountain area offers impressive views of the nearby landscape, and holds the local Pokémon Center and the Coumarine Gym.


Receive a Holo Clip

On the way into the city, Serena/Calem calls you on the Holo Caster. The Trainer is looking for a fight, and challenges you to a battle outside the local Gym.

Incense Vendor and Berry Stand

There are two stands on the middle of the pier. The Incense Vendor offers a variety of these items. In addition to their primary effects, each one is necessary to obtain certain baby Pokémon species from the Day Care on Route 7.

Sea Incense Sea Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Odd Incense Odd Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Lax Incense Lax Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Luck Incense Luck Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Rose Incense Rose Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Full Incense Full Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Pure Incense Pure Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Wave Incense Wave Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600
Rock Incense Rock Incense
Pokémon Dollar9600

At the Berry Stand, one random Berry will appear every day, free for the taking. Varieties include Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, and Aspear.

Get the Good Rod

Speak to the Fisherman on the east side of the pier to receive the Good Rod, a mid-level fishing rod that can reel in a greater variety of water-dwelling Pokémon than the Old Rod.

Coumarine Hotel

The Coumarine Hotel stands in the northeast part of town. If your lead Pokémon is very friendly, a girl on the first floor will hand out a Lucky Egg, which increases the amount of experience earned by the holding Pokémon to 150%.

On Thursdays, a tourist in the middle room upstairs will give your lead Pokémon a Careless Ribbon; on Sundays, she hands out a Smile Ribbon.

Rather than meeting Mr. Bonding in the east room, you find the Game Director instead. Visit him again after filling in more of the Pokédex to earn several Diplomas.

TM Quiz

Head west from the hotel to the lookout to meet an Ace Trainer. Answer her question correctly to receive one of four TMs as a prize! These items include TM62 (Acrobatics), TM63 (Embargo), TM92 (Trick Room), and TM100 (Confide). Return each day for a new quiz until you earn all four items.

Seaside Station

Enter Seaside Station to meet some familiar faces—Professor Sycamore and Diantha. The professor rewards you for obtaining everything needed for Mega Evolution by handing over HM02 (Fly)! This powerful move will come in handy at the Gym. Diantha hints that she would like to battle on your next meeting.


Hillcrest Station

Talk to a man inside to receive a Metronome, which boosts the power of a move used repeatedly.

Pokémon Center

Rest up in the Pokémon Center, next door to Hillcrest Station. Speak to Mr. Bonding inside to receive the Befriending Power O-Power.

Battle Serena/Calem

As promised, Serena/Calem is waiting outside the Gym, hoping to see your new-found power of Mega Evolution in battle. The Trainer uses her/his level 31 Meowstic, level 31 Absol, and second-stage starter Pokémon at level 33. Wipe out your opponent in style, then rest up for the Gym.

Chespin If the player chose Chespin:

Fennekin If the player chose Fennekin:

Froakie If the player chose Froakie:

Chespin If the player chose Chespin:

Fennekin If the player chose Fennekin:

Froakie If the player chose Froakie:

Coumarine Gym

Coumarine Gym

The Coumarine Gym specializes in Grass-type Pokémon. Fire- and Flying-type attacks are the most effective, as are Poison, Bug, and Ice moves. Avoid using Water-, Ground-, and Rock-type Pokémon. The building contains a large central tree, on which the Gym Leader has constructed an obstacle course.

Climb the rope near the entrance, then swing right to battle Pokémon Ranger Chaise. Climb the nearby rope, swing left twice and climb up the next. Swing left and climb down the next rope. Go left to fight Pokémon Ranger Brooke, climb the nearby rope and head left. Climb up again and swing right twice to battle Pokémon Ranger Twiggy. Climb the rope to 6F, and swing right twice more to reach the Gym Leader.

Ramos leads with his Jumpluff, a speedy Pokémon with a double-weakness to Ice attacks. Watch out for its Acrobatics, which doubles in power with no item to weigh it down. Weepinbell can be a nuisance due to its Poison Powder, but shouldn't be too difficult to take down. For Fire types, his Gogoat is the biggest threat; its Bulldoze inflicts double-damage and lowers the target's Speed.

Coumarine Gym
The Plant Badge

With the battle over, Ramos awards you the Plant Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 60 and enables the use of Fly in the field. He also hands out TM86 (Grass Knot), which deals more damage to heavier targets, as a prize. Afterwards, the wooden door to the right opens, allowing you to quickly slide down through the tree to the exit.

Another Holo Clip

As you approach the south gate, you receive a Holo Clip from Lysandre. He is thrilled that you've learned to use Mega Evolution, and hopes that you use this power to help shape a better world.

Gate to Route 13

In the south gate, Sycamore's assistants Sina and Dexio are waiting for you. The two inform you that a problem at the Power Plant has closed the gate between Route 13 and Lumiose City. They then upgrade your Pokédex with the Mountain Kalos listing, which encompasses the remaining eastern part of the region.

Route 13

Route 13

Route 13, or Lumiose Badlands, links Coumarine City to Lumiose City. No plants can grow in this inhospitable area, making it the perfect location to host the Power Plant. Many Ground types tunnel beneath the red clay; the more aggressive ones will follow you as you explore. Perhaps their behavior is related to the problems at the Power Plant...

Hidden Items

There are many hidden items scattered around the route, and one of them is a necessity. Using the Dowsing Machine in the southwest area leads to a large boulder near a metal bridge; inspect the rock to find the Power Plant Pass. Battle the nearby Team Flare Grunt, then enter the door beyond to reach the building.

Kalos Power Plant

Power Plant

The Power Plant supplies clean, efficient energy to Lumiose City, but a recent series of blackouts means that something has gone awry.

Explore the Plant

Team Flare is clearly up to something here. Defeat the first Grunt to learn that they are stealing power for their own selfish plans. Fight past two others to reach the central chamber. Follow the outer walkway to fight off another several Grunts along the way. Two ranking members are located in the room's center; battle the Admin first, then take on the Scientist, Aliana.

Defeating the two brings the Power Plant back online. Suddenly, two masked strangers calling themselves the Defenders of Kalos arrive to investigate, but you beat them to it. Impressed, they fully heal your party and give you a pair of Full Restores before leaving.

Outside this room, you will come across another entrance on the right. Speak to the worker and woman inside to obtain TM43 (Flame Charge) and a Magnet. On the right side of the room you'll find a Zap Plate.

Also, talk to the man in a suit to obtain Fresh Water; before the plant is restored he will charge $300 for a bottle instead of the usual $200, but afterwards he sells them for a discounted $100 per bottle.

The Traveler

Outside the Lumiose gate, you meet a tall, mysterious man. He doesn't say much before heading into the city, but maybe you will meet him again...

On the right is a small path leading to cracked rock, break it and check the patch of ground off the side for a hidden Stardust. Break the next rock to find a Rare Candy.

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