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Route 10

Route 10

Route 10, or Menhir Trail, leads north from Cyllage City to Geosenge Town. The path is famous for its wide array of enigmatic stones. No one knows how or why these stones were left this way, but many who visit the revered site report feeling a mysterious energy.

Team Flare

A few Team Flare Grunts are investigating the standing stones. They are still hurting from their recent losses back in Glittering Cave, and each one is happy for a rematch.

Geosenge Town

Geosenge Town

Geosenge Town connects Route 10 and Route 11. Legends tell of overwhelming power being channeled by the odd stones that dot the landscape. People visit from across the region to marvel at them, but few facts about their purpose have survived the ages.

Hotel Marine Snow

The hotel stands across the street from the Pokémon Center. Head upstairs to find Mr. Bonding again; this time, he enables the Speed Power.

On Wednesdays, a tourist will hand out a Downcast Ribbon.

Team Flare, Again!

A Team Flare Grunt stands to the north, admiring the town's mystical stones. Excited, he runs off in search of something. He heads to the northwest corner of town, and disappears before an odd-looking pile of rocks.

Battle Korrina

Before you can reach Route 11, Korrina reappears and challenges you to a battle. Her two Lucario are on the stronger side, so hit hard with Fire-, Fighting-, and Ground-type moves.

Afterwards, she heads off to Shalour City, on the far side of Route 11.

Route 11

Route 11

Route 11, or Miroir Way, is a rugged trail between Geosenge Town and Reflection Cave. Mysterious crystals that line the path radiate a soft energy, and are rumored to hold valuable secrets.

Receive a Holo Clip

As you near Reflection Cave, you receive a Holo Clip from Sycamore. The professor states that Shalour City is just ahead, and suggests visiting the Mega Evolution guru there.

Reflection Cave

Reflection Cave, 1F
Reflection Cave, B1F
Reflection Cave, B2F

The large Reflection Cave is home to many wild Pokémon. This, along with its incredibly reflective walls, have lured many Trainers to explore its dark depths.


Head past Backpacker Lane to reach a junction; go north to get a Nest Ball, and east for a Revive. Turn south to meet Battle Girl Hedvig, and farther still to reach a Moon Stone. Backtrack to Hedvig and go east to fight Ace Trainer Monique, and take the stairs to B1F.


Talk to the Pokémon Breeder for a quick rest, then head east to find a Black Belt on a hill. Go south past Tourist Monami to meet up with Tierno, and receive TM70 (Flash) from him. Go east and climb onto the hill for an Escape Rope, and fight Black Belt Igor. Head north past Psychic Franz and Tourist Haruto to reach a Hyper Potion in the northeast corner. Battle Honeymooners Yuu & Ami, then Ace Trainer Emil to the west. Go southwest and take the stairs to B2F.


Head to the northeast corner to find a stairway; climb up over the hill to reach an Earth Plate. Backtrack and head west to an apparent dead-end, and check the reflection on the north wall to discover a hidden tunnel. Inside, pick up TM74 (Gyro Ball) and take the south exit. Jump the ledge to the east and climb back upstairs.


Backtrack to Ace Trainer Emil and turn west. Collect the Iron and climb the northwest stairs.


Battle Hiker Dunstan, then use Strength to move the boulder into place and create a shortcut. Go west to meet a female Scientist near the exit. Speak to her to learn about the Forces of Nature, a trio of legendary Pokémon from the far-off Unova region. Show her one of these Pokémon to receive the Reveal Glass, which allows them to change form. Go north to reach the exit.

Shalour City

Shalour City

Shalour City is the seaside home of the Tower of Mastery, where the Mega Evolution guru makes his home. The tower holds a silent vigil over the city, which also features the region's third Gym.

Mr. Bonding

There is a familiar face in the local Pokémon Center: Mr. Bonding! The O-Power he enables this time is the Critical Power.

Rewards from the Residents

Visit the first house to the west of the Pokémon Center and speak to the elderly woman inside. Show her a happy Pokémon to receive a Soothe Bell, which boosts friendship at a faster-than-normal rate when held.

In the next house to the west, a Rising Star will give your lead Pokémon a Footprint Ribbon if it has grown at least 30 levels since you received it. In the same building, a girl asks for help retrieving some luggage; lend her a Flying- or Psychic-type Pokémon to earn five Stardusts.

There is a Scientist in the house to the east of the Pokémon Center. If you have seen at least 40 kinds of Pokémon from the Coastal Kalos Pokédex, he rewards you with an Eviolite. When held, this item gives a 50% boost to both the Defense and Special Defense of a Pokémon that can still evolve.

Hit the Beach!

Tierno and Trevor catch up to you on the way northward. Trevor wants to compare Pokédexes again, and both are excited to meet the Mega Evolution guru. They believe that he can be found in the Tower of Mastery on the city's north side.

Continue north to the beach, and Tierno reappears. He received an Intriguing Stone from a wandering stone collector for showing off his dance moves, and he wants you to have it. He happily hands it over, exclaiming that it might be a Mega Stone.

Tower of Mastery

Tower of Mastery


A large Lucario statue greets all who enter the Tower of Mastery. Step inside the room beneath it to meet Korrina and the guru, who happens to be her grandfather. Tierno and Trevor enter soon afterwards. The guru asks if it was you who found the Intriguing Stone, but dismisses it as an ordinary rock, not a Mega Stone. A commotion outside leads the group to check it out, but it's just Serena/Calem and Shauna. After a lengthy discussion about evolution and Mega Evolution, the guru informs the group that he has only one Mega Ring, which is required to activate the Mega Stones. Tierno, Shauna, and Trevor quickly decline, leaving you and Serena/Calem. The other Trainer suggests battling to determine who receives the Mega Ring, and uses her/his level 28 Meowstic, level 28 Absol, and second-stage starter Pokémon at level 30. Earning the Mega Ring is not so simple, though; to officially prove yourself, you must defeat Korrina at the Gym.

Shalour Gym

Shalour Gym

The Shalour Gym specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon. Use Flying-, Psychic-, or Fairy-type moves to deal serious damage, and avoid using Normal-, Rock-, Steel-, Ice-, and Dark-type Pokémon. The Gym is modeled as a large skate park, and the four Roller Skaters are constantly on the move. Defeating each one raises a section of rail; when all four are defeated, the path to the Gym Leader is complete.

You have battled Korrina before, but she lets her two Lucario sit this one out. Her Mienfoo tends to start off with Fake Out, and can prove deadly with Power-Up Punch. As an evolved Pokémon, her Machoke can deal even more damage, and also has Rock Tomb to counter Flying Pokémon. The speediest of the bunch, her Hawlucha is also vulnerable to Electric- and Ice-type attacks, and its signature Flying Press move is treated as both a Fighting- and Flying-type move simultaneously.

Shalour Gym
The Rumble Badge

Defeated, Korrina awards you the Rumble Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 50, and enables the use of Surf in the field. She also hands out TM98 (Power-Up Punch) as a prize. She then asks for a favor: meet her in the Tower of Mastery for another battle, as equals who can both use Mega Evolution!

Tower of Mastery

Inside, the guru tells you that Korrina, the Mega Evolution successor, is waiting at the top of the tower. Talk to everyone on the way up to learn the history of Mega Evolution. On 2F, a girl reveals the guru's real name: Gurkinn! On 4F, an Ace Trainer hands out TM47 (Low Sweep). The path ends on 5F, which leads out onto a balcony with Korrina and her two Lucario. She gives you the Mega Ring, a bracelet which now enables you to Mega Evolve certain Pokémon during battle! After a little more dialogue, one Lucario crosses the balcony, wanting to join you in battle. Both Pokémon are holding Mega Stones, so use Mega Evolution right away and unleash Power-Up Punch to easily defeat the other.

Afterwards, Korrina suggests taking that Lucario along on the journey. Leave the tower behind, and stop by the Pokémon Center to prepare for Route 12.

A Gift

Serena/Calem catches up to you near the east gate and hands over HM03 (Surf). In battle, Surf is a strong Water-type move that hits nearby Pokémon. In the field, it enables water-bound travel.

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