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Lumiose City

After a long journey, you are now back in Lumiose City. Much more of this metropolis can be explored now that the power has been restored. To claim the next badge, head to Prism Tower in the heart of the city.

North Boulevard

Shauna catches up to you just inside the city. She asks if you heard who saved the Power Plant, but it makes no difference what you tell her. After that, she directs you to Prism Tower to watch its relighting.

Centrico Plaza

Outside the tower, you and Shauna meet the local Gym Leader, Clemont, and his younger sister, Bonnie. Clemont activates the lighting system and the tower begins to shine. The two siblings head inside, leaving you free to challenge the Gym.

Lumiose Gym

Lumiose Gym

The Lumiose Gym specializes in Electric-type Pokémon. Use Ground attacks to deal serious damage, and avoid using Water- and Flying-type Pokémon. Take the elevator to the second floor to meet Bonnie, who informs you that you need to successfully answer her questions to advance. She will display a Pokémon's silhouette, and you must guess its name. To make a selection, you must battle the Trainer who blocks the elevator with the corresponding number. Each wrong answer forces you to battle an additional Trainer, so you may face anywhere from four to twelve opponents before reaching the Gym Leader on 6F. The correct order is #3 (Pikachu), #1 (Fletchling), #3 (Panpour), and #2 (Vivillon).

Clemont leads with his Emolga, an Electric/Flying Pokémon that only fears Rock and Ice moves. Its Volt Switch move lets it hit and run, so be careful. His Magneton can be a hassle due to its Sturdy Ability, and its Mirror Shot allows it to harass Rock types. Use Fighting or Fire attacks to take it down. Heliolisk is vulnerable only to Ground and Fighting moves, but its Grass Knot can trip up any Ground types looking to exploit its weakness.

Lumiose Gym
The Voltage Badge

After the battle, Clemont awards you the Voltage Badge, which ensures obedience of all Pokémon up to level 70. He also throws in TM24 (Thunderbolt) as a prize.

Holo Clip

When you step outside, you receive a Holo Clip from Sycamore. He asks that you meet him in Lysandre Café, located northwest of the Gym between Magenta Plaza and Autumnal Avenue.

Lysandre Café

Inside, you find Professor Sycamore meeting with Lysandre. The two briefly discuss Mega Evolution before Lysandre details more about his passion for beauty. He also reveals that he is related to a powerful king who ruled the region 3,000 years ago. The professor thinks that Lysandre is a great man, and Lysandre hands you a King's Rock before leaving.

Holo Clip

Trevor contacts you when you leave the café, and informs you that the group plans to meet up on Route 14.

You can leave at any time, but don't forget to check out the rest of the city!

North Boulevard

Office Buildings

The first office building stands near the Route 13 gate. There is nothing of interest here, as a photo shoot takes up most of the lobby.

A second office building is located west of the Route 14 gate. On 2F, a ghost girl appears behind you. She whispers, "No, you're not the one...", before disappearing. 3F holds a Fighting Dojo, where a Waitress hands out an Expert Belt and a Battle Girl gives out a Protein.

A third building can be found to the east of Hotel Richissime. The Scientist on 1F is looking for a Pokémon with either the Aroma Veil, Flower Veil, or Sweet Veil Abilities; show her one to earn a Star Piece. On 4F, talk to the little girl for a Prism Scale.

Café Triste

Café Triste can be found to the northeast of the Route 13 gate. There are few customers here, and even once you max your style, it merely gains a few more.

Galette Stand

The Galette Stand is located in the northwest, across the street from Autumnal Avenue. The shop offers Lumiose Galettes for PokémonDollar.png100 (PokémonDollar.png80 for more stylish patrons), but these are only available for one hour at a time. They may be purchased beginning at 3am, 9am, 3pm, and 9pm. Once per day, you will also receive a free Moomoo Milk. Those with maximum style may purchase them at any time.

Lumiose Museum

The Lumiose Museum can be found across the street from the North Pokémon Center. Entrance is free, but audio guides are available for PokémonDollar.png200 (or free, for those stylish enough). This allows you to check the box near a painting for a detailed explanation. Speak to the Ace Trainer on 1F to receive TM82 (Dragon Tail).

Hotel Richissime

Hotel Richissime is a luxury hotel, across the street from Hibernal Avenue. Talk to Mr. Bonding on 1F to receive the Bargain Power O-Power. The man behind the desk will allow you to stay the night, healing your Pokémon in the process, for PokémonDollar.png100,000. The woman next to him offers to hire you for some part-time work, and gives three tasks per day. Rewards range from PokémonDollar.png2,000 to PokémonDollar.png650 initially, and PokémonDollar.png50,000 to PokémonDollar.png950 for the most difficult jobs.

  • Room service: Receive a guest's order and repeat it correctly to the concierge, Stew, by combining four phrase options. Initially, you receive only one order, but this will increase to four.
  • Making beds: Go to a certain floor to meet the attendant, Ward. Quickly change the sheets of the bed in each of the four rooms while avoiding delays from the obstacles in the hallways. The time limit begins at 75 seconds initially, and eventually drops to 40 seconds.
  • Lost and found: A maid, Esse, receives a call from a guest who needs help finding an item on the floor. These items are fragile, and must not be stepped on. At first, you only need to find one item in one room, and it is still useable if stepped on once. Later, four items must be found across the entire floor, and stepping on any of them once is enough to fail the task.

Also, speak to the girl singing in the bathroom on 5F to receive TM49 (Echoed Voice).

Roller Skater

Near Hotel Richissime is a Roller Skater who teaches a special move, the backflip. To do this, accelerate while jumping off a ledge.

Café Ultimo

Café Ultimo stands at the end of Hibernal Avenue. This is a favorite spot for Super Training fans. Talk to the woman near the counter with a Supremely Trained Pokémon in your party to receive a Training Ribbon.

Café Action!

Down the street from Café Ultimo is Café Action! This café is all about Trainer PR videos, and you can speak to the man near the counter to unlock three new phrases to use in these videos. Visit every day to unlock them all!

Battle Institute

The Battle Institute stands in the east, next to the Route 16 gate. This facility lets you put your battle skills to the ultimate test, but is only open to those who have become the Champion.

Lumiose Station

Lumiose Station is located next door to the Battle Institute. This station is a major hub, connecting Lumiose with other cities across the region. However, the high-speed trains are not running at the moment.

Café Bataille

Across the street is Café Bataille, which attracts those who are serious about battling. Visitors may find useful advice by speaking to the four Black Belts along the back wall.

Autumnal Avenue

Poké Ball Boutique

The Poké Ball Boutique offers specialty Poké Balls. This is the only location where Premier Balls and Luxury Balls may be purchased individually.

Quick Ball Quick Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Dive Ball Dive Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Timer Ball Timer Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Premier Ball Premier Ball
Pokémon Dollar200
Heal Ball Heal Ball
Pokémon Dollar300
Net Ball Net Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Nest Ball Nest Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Dusk Ball Dusk Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Repeat Ball Repeat Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000
Luxury Ball Luxury Ball
Pokémon Dollar1000

The quickest and easiest way to become more stylish is buying Premier Balls one at a time. After buying over 100 of these, visit the Ore Emporium on Vernal Avenue; if the man selling Mega Stones has lowered his price to PokémonDollar.png10,000, then your style is maxed out!

Talk to the little girl and answer Yes to her question. She rewards you with a random item, either three Heal Balls or one Luxury Ball. This can be done once per day.

Café Pokémon-Amie

Café Pokémon-Amie stands across the street, near Lysandre Café. The place is a favorite of Pokémon-Amie fans, though there is little of interest here.

Restaurant Le Yeah

Restaurant Le Yeah is a two-star restaurant located next door to the Poké Ball Boutique. It costs PokémonDollar.png15,000 to enter and participate in Triple and Rotation Battles. The perfect reward is 20 Big Mushrooms.

Juice Shoppe

The Juice Shoppe can be found next door to Restaurant Le Yeah. This specialty shop offers juices made from Berries. The man on the left sells pre-made drinks that have a variety of effects, from increasing level to happiness. The lady on the right will create a custom-blend juice by mixing two Berries; different-colored Berries yield different results. These juices cannot be kept, and must be fed to a party Pokémon immediately. Juice may be bought/blended once per day.

Name Effect Requires
Colorful Shake Increases happiness Any two different-colored Berries
Rare Soda Increases level by 1-4 1 Lansat Berry + 1 Starf Berry
Ultra Rare Soda Increases level by 4-5 1 Roseli Berry + 1 Enigma Berry
Purple Juice Increases HP EV by 4-32 Two purple Berries
Red Juice Increases Attack EV by 4-32 Two red Berries
Yellow Juice Increases Defense EV by 4-32 Two yellow Berries
Blue Juice Increases Special Attack EV by 4-32 Two blue Berries
Green Juice Increases Special Defense EV by 4-32 Two green Berries
Pink Juice Increases Speed EV by 4-32 Two pink Berries
Perilous Soup Resets EVs to 0 1 Kee Berry + 1 Maranga Berry

Rouge Alley

Vacant Storefront

There is nothing in this vacant building right now, but the owner claims that someone just started renting it and will be moving in very soon...

Sushi High Roller

Sushi High Roller can be found in the north alley, between the North Pokémon Center and Rough Plaza. The most exclusive of the four restaurants, you must have become the Champion and raised your style to enter. It costs PokémonDollar.png500,000 to enter and participate in Double, Triple, and Rotation Battles. The perfect reward is 25 Big Nuggets.

Hibernal Avenue

Restaurant Le Wow

Restaurant Le Wow is a three-star restaurant on the west side of Hibernal Avenue. It is only open to those who have become the Champion, and costs PokémonDollar.png100,000 to enter. Visitors may participate in Double, Triple, and Rotation Battles. The perfect reward is 25 Balm Mushrooms.

Café Kizuna

There is little to do at Café Kizuna, but the people inside enjoy talking about the friendship between them and their Pokémon.

Jaune Alley

Trevor's House

The single apartment here happens to belong to Trevor's family. Talk to his Ace Trainer sister to learn that their parents left to train their Pokémon while traveling the world. A female Scientist here is interested in seeing a Pokémon with the Eerie Impulse move; show her one to get a Revive.

Vert Alley

Café Cyclone

Café Cyclone has several chances for you to tip its patrons, including an old poet, a girl adept at disguise, and a poor Furfrou looking for a good grooming.

Estival Avenue

Loto-ID Center

Visit the Loto-ID Center each day to draw a random Loto Ticket number. If that result matches the ID Number of any of your Pokémon, you win a prize!

Matched Prize
1 digit Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk
2 digits PP Up PP Up
3 digits PP Max PP Max
4 digits Rare Candy Rare Candy
5 digits Master Ball Master Ball

Café Rouleau

Café Rouleau caters to roller skating enthusiasts. Speak to the skater in the back to learn how to execute The 360. To do it, rotate the Control Stick while jumping off a ledge.

Café Gallant

There's not much going on in Café Gallant. The only notable thing is that the employees are all male. It is apparently a popular café among the women of Kalos.

Lumiose Press

Lumiose Press is located next door to the Loto-ID Center. Speak to Viola's sister, Alexa, to learn more about various locations around the city. She even offers to take you there for free, which beats taking a cab!

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