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The Under

Now you're in the main part of The Under. Place the U-Disk into the UFO. This will make the platform go up. Not forward, up. You'll arrive inside the Pyrite Town windmill. You'll get a Time Flute. You can use it on Suicune. Go back down, up the stairs to the right, and up the lift to exit the Under. Leave Pyrite Town, go to the Outskirt Stand, get some more Ultra Balls. Go to the Shadow Pokémon Lab.

Shadow Pokémon Lab

Staying very close to the barriers, walk outside of the electric barriers to the right and up, and you will find 3 Revives at the back of the lab. Go back and insert the Maingate Key, and go to the bottom left to find 2 Full Heals. Go back and enter the lab's right door. One of the computers in this room has a Shutter Switch. Press it, and the left door will open. Exit the room and go through the left door. Save. Behind the wall where the PC is, hides 3 PP UPs. Head right, down the stairs, down, left, down the stairs, and get the Elixirs. Go upstairs, up, and you'll find a Researcher who will battle you.

Researcher Myron
100.png Level 38 Voltorb
100.png Level 38 Voltorb

Easy as pie. He'll flee, leaving the Card Key behind. Go back through the maze and outside, then through the right door. Insert the Card Key. Follow the path, and pick up the DNA Sample. Go left, and before you can take the elevator, a Cipher Peon will challenge you.

Cipher Peon Cole
162.png Level 37 Furret
223.png Level 39 Remoraid
351.png Level 41 Castform
190.png Level 43 Shadow Aipom

Aipom shouldn't be too hard to catch. Go down the elevator when finished. Heading right, you'll meet up with another Researcher.

Researcher Odlow
081.png Level 38 Magnemite
082.png Level 39 Magneton
101.png Level 39 Electrode

Still easy, just like the Researcher before him. Go up the stairs and another Researcher awaits.

Researcher Coren
081.png Level 39 Magnemite
082.png Level 40 Magneton
101.png Level 40 Electrode

An exact clone of Odlow except his Pokémon are +1 levels. Beat him and on the table is the Down St. Key. Go back down the stairs and up the elevator, and then navigate right to the first elevator and walk down, through the door. Talk to the Researcher by the whiteboard.

Researcher Lethco
309.png Level 39 Electrike
081.png Level 39 Magnemite
170.png Level 38 Chinchou

More pushovers. Use the Down St. Key to reach a room where a Cipher Peon will appear.

Cipher Peon Lare
228.png Level 38 Houndour
274.png Level 38 Nuzleaf
318.png Level 38 Carvanha
198.png Level 43 Shadow Murkrow

Murkrow shouldn't be too hard to catch.

Head back up the elevator if you need to heal+save. Head all the way down and left, and BAM! another Cipher Peon.

Cipher Peon Vana
333.png Level 40 Swablu
041.png Level 40 Zubat
247.png Level 40 Pupitar
205.png Level 43 Shadow Forretress

Swablu and Zubat go down easy, Pupitar goes down pretty easy, and Forretress is so-so difficulty catching. Go down the elevator, take a left, and BAM! another Cipher Peon.

Cipher Peon Lesar
111.png Level 40 Rhyhorn
253.png Level 40 Grovyle
168.png Level 43 Shadow Ariados

Throughout the next few rooms, two of them will have DNA Samples. If you head right from here, you'll get a Full Restore. Go up and take a right. You'll see a few elevators, and BAM! another Cipher Peon. You'll be going right, and BAM! another Cipher Peon.

Cipher Peon Tanie
264.png Level 38 Linoone
288.png Level 39 Vigoroth
210.png Level 43 Shadow Granbull

Take the rightmost elevator, and check the DNA Analyzer. A three-Pokémon password is needed. Check the three DNA samples. Remember the three Pokémon. Head to the left elevator and head left, and a Researcher awaits.

Researcher Kotan
082.png Level 40 Magneton
101.png Level 42 Electrode
181.png Level 41 Ampharos

Researchers are easier than Cipher Peons, hands-down. Kotan hasn't given up yet, though. And turns on the alarm.

Cipher Peon Remil
277.png Level 43 Swellow
352.png Level 43 Kecleon
064.png Level 42 Kadabra
329.png Level 43 Shadow Vibrava

After beeting Remil, head up and enter the code from the three Pokémon. Cipher Peon Skrub wants a rematch and he's behind the door.

Cipher Peon Skrub
075.png Level 44 Graveler
202.png Level 42 Wobbuffet
366.png Level 43 Clamperl
308.png Level 41 Medicham

Instead of Medicham, you'll have a second chance to get his Hitmontop if you missed it earlier. Hardest in the Lab so far, but still easy. Head forward to face the final Cipher Admin.

Raikou is among the toughest to catch. If you really need to, stock up on lots and lots of Ultra Balls before this battle. All of his Pokémon are extremely strong, so be on your best guard. Just to the right is a Data ROM. You must deliver this to Nett. Head back to The Under and go all the way to Nett's house. It's a list of Shadow Pokémon, but he has to find it because it was erased. You can now head to Realgam Tower, where several Shadow Pokémon and many, many Trainers lie.

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