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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Ecruteak Gym

Ecruteak Gym

Ecruteak City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Morty

The Mystic Seer of the Future

The Ecruteak Gym specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon. These spirits take serious damage from Psychic, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks, and are usually unaffected by Normal- and Fighting-type attacks. However, a Pokémon with Foresight can disable these immunities. In addition, Pokémon with the Scrappy ability—like Miltank—can hit these ghosts with Normal attacks. Three of Morty's Pokémon know Mean Look, which prevents the target from switching; however, this can still be achieved through the effect of U-turn. His Gastly and two Haunter can drain the target's health every turn with Curse, but this requires paying half of their maximum HP. It is recommended to bring a few Full Heals or Awakenings in order to disrupt his Haunter's Hypnosis-and-Dream Eater/Nightmare combo.

Ecruteak Gym
The Fog Badge

Defeated, Morty awards you the Fog Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 50, and enables the use of Surf in the field. He also hands over TM30 (Shadow Ball) as a prize. There are two ways out of Ecruteak City. Route 38 leads west to the Cianwood Gym and Olivine Gym. Route 42 leads east to the Mahogany Gym. After receiving the Fog Badge, you can go both directions and defeat the next three gym leaders in whatever order you want. Before we leave, go east from the city and try to enter the cave on Route 42. A hiker will crash into you, and will give you the HM for Strength. This is required to obtain, so don't forget it.

Now that you have Strength and Surf (optional)

Now that you can use Strength and Surf outside of battle, why don't we collect some useful items in some areas we have been to before?

Cherrygrove City

Violet City

Route 32

Slowpoke Well

Ilex Forest

Route 34

Route 35

Union Cave (optional)

Union Cave, B2F

Exploring Union Cave's basement floors with Surf and Strength reveals two more exits that lead back to the Ruins of Alph. On the bottom floor, a wild Lapras appears every Friday.


Return with the HM moves Surf and Strength to finally explore the rest of the cave.

To reach the Ruins of Alph, take the north stairs down to B1F. Surf north to reach a fork in the road; the northern path leads to Puzzle 3, while the southern path, blocked by a boulder, leads to Puzzle 4. To reach the bottom floor, surf across the southwest pool of water on 1F to reach the stairs. Swim across another pool on B1F, and take the next flight of stairs to the north side of B2F.


There is an Elixir in the northeast corner, and a Hyper Potion on the platform near Ace Trainer Nick. A wild Lapras appears in the southern pool every Friday. SAVE your game before trying to catch it.

Spr 4h 131.png
Water Ice
Water Absorb or Shell Armor
Held item:
Lapras/ Lv.20
Confuse Ray
Ghost Status
Ice Shard
Ice Physical
Water Pulse
Water Special
Body Slam
Normal Physical

Route 38

Route 38

Route 38 is a tree-lined path that connects Ecruteak City to Route 39 in the west, near Moomoo Farm.

Route 39

Route 39

Route 39 is a quiet, pastoral road that links Route 38 to Olivine City in the south. The Moomoo Farm is located in the northwest part of the route.

Meet Baoba

When you approach the farm, you meet an old man named Baoba. He is the warden of the newly constructed Safari Zone near Cianwood City, across the sea to the southwest. Swap phone numbers with him to receive a call when the park is up and running.

Moomoo Farm

The Moomoo Farm depends on its herd of Miltank to produce milk, but one of these cows has gotten sick. In order for it to recover, it must be fed a total of seven Oran Berries. Once its condition improves, speak to the two girls to receive a Seal Case and three sets of Seals as a reward. In addition, visit the farmer's wife to receive TM83 (Natural Gift). With things back to normal, the farmer begins offering Moomoo Milk, which restores 100 HP, for PokémonDollar.png500 per serving. They can also be purchased by the dozen.

Olivine City

Olivine City

Olivine City is a major port city located on the west coast. Landmarks include Olivine Gym and Glitter Lighthouse, neither of which is operating normally. In addition, the S.S. Aqua, a ferry that sails to Kanto's Vermilion City and back, is currently undergoing engine maintenance. Silver emerges from the Gym as you pass by, and mentions that the Gym Leader is tending to a sick Pokémon in the lighthouse.

Hook the Big One!

Stop by the house south of the Gym. The Fisherman inside hands out the Good Rod, a mid-level fishing rod that is capable of reeling in a wider variety of Pokémon than the Old Rod.

Time for a Trade

There are two houses to the northwest of the lighthouse. In the house on the left, a Fisherman is hoping to trade his Voltorb for a Krabby. Voltorb cannot be found in Johto, while Krabby are somewhat common in these waters, especially with the Good Rod.

Glitter Lighthouse
Glitter Lighthouse, 6F

Glitter Lighthouse

Climb to the fourth floor, battling Gentleman Alfred, Sailor Huey, and Bird Keeper Theo along the way. On 4F, fight Lass Connie to reach TM87 (Swagger) in the southwest. Walk to the light spilling in on the east side, and jump through the opening to land on the exterior platform, where a Rare Candy can be found. Head back inside to a separate part of the third floor. Beat Sailor Kent to reach the Ether, then climb to 5F. Pick up the Super Repel near Sailor Ernest, and take the final ladder to 6F, the Light Room.

Jasmine, the local Gym Leader, is here tending to her sick Ampharos, Amphy. It would normally use its tail to illuminate the harbor, but has gotten sick and has not yet recovered to its full strength. Jasmine talks of a pharmacy across the ocean in Cianwood City that specializes in a form of non-traditional medicine. She cannot leave Amphy unattended, so she asks you to retrieve the medicine for her. She unlocks the door to allow you to quickly come and go via the elevator.

Route 40

Route 40

Route 40 is a seaside path that links Olivine City to Route 41 to the south. The gate leads north to the Frontier Access, but a man inside blocks the way for now. On Mondays, Monica of the Week Siblings can be found here; speaking to her will result in a Sharp Beak on the first meeting.

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