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A Grunt (Japanese: したっぱ Underling) is an underling of a villainous team who wears uniforms and helps to carry out nefarious deeds. Each Grunt can only be identified by the team they serve, and are not known to have names besides "Grunt" (which some Team Skull Grunts refer to directly as literally being their names), even after the introduction of names for all Trainers in Generation II, with Carmen of Team Star being the only exception.

Grunts of each villainous team include:

Similar groups

Some low level workers of other organizations also share similarities to Grunts.

In the core series, these workers include:

In the side series, these workers include:

Additionally, villainous teams in the Pokémon Ranger series each have their own grunts who work for them. These teams include:


Similar groups

Core series

Side series

Pokémon Ranger series

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Sbire
Germany Flag.png German Rüpel
Italy Flag.png Italian Recluta
Spain Flag.png Spanish Recluta

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