Dalizapa Passage

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Dalizapa Passage プルピケ山道
Purupiquer Mountain Road
Map description
This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Glaseado Mountain
West Province (Area Three)
Dalizapa Passage
Paldea Route 0
Location of Dalizapa Passage in Paldea.
Pokémon world routes

Dalizapa Passage (Japanese: プルピケ山道 Purupiquer Mountain Road) is a subregion of Glaseado Mountain and a route in northern Paldea. The route is located along the southern base of Glaseado Mountain and connects Zapapico in the East Province to Medali in the West Province. There is a Pokémon Center located in a cave roughly halfway along the route.

Route description

Places of Interest

  • Dalizapa Passage Pokémon Center





  • When entering Dalizapa Passage by land, its name will be underlined with the same color as the province it was entered from (i.e. underlined in blue if entering from the East Province, yellow if entering from the West Province, or green if entering from the North Province). Flying to the Dalizapa Passage Pokémon Center will always show its name as being a part of the North Province, however.

Name origin

Dalizapa is a portmanteau of the two cities that the passage connects, Medali and Zapapico.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 錦穴山道 Gám-Yuht Sāandouh
Mandarin 錦穴山道 / 锦穴山道 Jǐn-Xuè Shāndào / Jǐn-Xué Shāndào
France Flag.png French Tunnel Mezcla-Pincho
Germany Flag.png German Mesclores-Passage
Italy Flag.png Italian Passaggio Mescadia
South Korea Flag.png Korean 푸르피케 산길 Pureupiquer Sangil
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gruta Vestura

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