Union Road

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Union Road ユニオンかいどう
Union Highway
Union Road Ranger2.png
Map description
This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Peril Cliffs
Ranger Union and Crysta Cave
Union Road
Altru Park
Vien Forest*
Union Road Ranger2 map.png
Location of Union Road in Almia.
Pokémon world routes

Union Road (Japanese: ユニオンかいどう Union Highway) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
Spearow Spearow Flying PA.png Flying Cut 1
Oddish Oddish * Grass PA.png Grass Cut 1
Growlithe Growlithe Fire PA.png Fire Burn 2
Magnemite Magnemite Recharge PA.png Recharge Recharge 2
Doduo Doduo Normal PA.png Normal Agility -
Mareep Mareep Electric PA.png Electric Electrify 1
Aipom Aipom Normal PA.png Normal Tackle 1
Yanma Yanma * Flying PA.png Flying Cut 2
Pineco Pineco Bug PA.png Bug Tackle 1
Swellow Swellow Flying PA.png Flying Cut 2
Bibarel Bibarel Water PA.png Water Soak 2
Budew Budew Bug PA.png Bug Tackle 1
Floatzel Floatzel Water PA.png Water River Flow 1


These are the quests which can be found on Union Road:

SoA Quest icon.png
Cherrim, Cherrim, Come to Us♪
SoA Quest icon.png
Union Road
Nectar Sisters
Ghost Defenseccard.png Ghost Defense
Bring us a Cherrim.♪ Pretty please?♪
Real ones should be on a cliff.♪
Yes, high up on Peril Cliffs.♪
That's where ♪ they are.♪
SoA Quest icon.png
Apologies to Vespiquen
SoA Quest icon.png
Union Road
Energy Plusccard.png Energy Plus
On the road to Chroma Highlands, a
Vespiquen and her sidekicks are buzzing
around out of control. It's all my fault. I made them furious.
Sorry, but can you go settle them down?
SoA Quest icon.png
Please Save Shieldon
SoA Quest icon.png
Union Road
410mssoa.png New Partner Pokémon
That poor Shieldon got stuck on Peril
Cliffs while trying to get down.
Please, Ranger, you have to help that little
Shieldon out!

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