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Spr B2W2 Rosa.png This user page is written in the format of a real article. Rest assured that I do not plan to post this anywhere else on the mainspace, and this page isn't a spoof either. It just resembles an article.
I hope this doesn't break any rules, it's just a pink-and-white box with a random picture.
B2W2 Rosa Pokéstar Student.png
Student portrait from Black 2 and White 2
Age unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Hometown LaRousse City
Region Hoenn
Relatives no
Trainer class Coordinator
Game counterpart Rosa


So, you probably want to find out more about this mysterious being if you're on her profile, right? :P Well, she discovered Pokémon around 2005, when her sister purchased a Pokémon Emerald cartridge and introduced her to this mystical world roamed by strange creatures. Naturally, she was quickly captivated, and gradually became almost addicted. Then Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen came out, and her passion developed from there. Yes, she's one of the newbies that joined the fandom Generation III onwards, but can you blame her? Generation I wasn't even available once she understood the concept of looking up the older games.

Now, in the beginning, she was a pretty stupid kid. She spent two whole days doing nothing but pressing alternate buttons on the control pad such that all her player character did was walk around Littleroot Town like a complete idiot. If the undervalued NPCs scattered around town (like the plump technology-obsessed guy) noticed how May patrolled the town like a policewoman, they didn't say anything, but if given the opportunity to speak as they wished, they'd probably say something along the lines of 'YOU STUPID GIRL, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO VISIT BRENDAN'S HOUSE?! ARE YOU REALLY THAT MUCH OF A MORON?!' When her sister finally kindly pointed out where she was supposed to go, the game progressed from there.

The Evil Mudkip Syndrome is a running gag between the two sisters. When YOLO2468 was playing Pokemon Emerald, she never progressed much through the game, as she'd find herself getting bored halfway through and restarting it with a new player character, starter Pokemon etc. Her sister related to her the short but nonetheless tragic tale of her friend's Mudkip, who betrayed the team in a tag battle before proceeding to escape from the trainer, then warned her never to choose Mudkip as her starter. Being extremely gullible and brainless, the younger sister believed her.

Guess what? Out of all the replays of Emerald she's done over the years, the only one in which she managed to get as far as the Pokemon League was the one where she chose Mudkip. -_-

Despite all this, she still claims the title of Pokemon Master. To her, anyone can achieve this status, but - BUT - what exactly is a Pokemon Master? A person who memorised the entire Pokedex? A person who conquered all the leagues, covered every pixel on the screen, and obtained all the Pokemon? Or the veterans, the ones who have stuck loyally by the franchise since Generation I? That's up to you to decide. Ash Ketchum has stated too many times that he's from Pallet Town and his ultimate goal is to become a Pokemon Master (the best there ever was, ha! As of the Unova League, to her, he's more like the worse there ever was. He's participated in six leagues and lost all of them!), but never once has he specified what exactly being a Pokemon Master entails, or even is.

Okay, fine. Ash isn't that bad. He's just an annoying immortal kid. XD

Goals on Bulbapedia


[X] Fix a stub
[X] Fix a serious grammatical error
[ ] Fix a serious factual error


[X] Create a user page
[ ] Create an article about shipping (I'm planning on doing AbsurdistShipping, it's just... so many hints can be put off as friendship...)
[ ] Create an article about the games
[ ] Create an article about the anime
[ ] Create an article about the manga
[ ] Create an article about fanon


To be honest, the only article I've created on Bulbapedia is my user page. That's probably due to the fact that I'm still a student and we're getting avalanches of homework every day. Sigh. :P Hopefully, though, that will soon change. I guess I pride myself most on my edits of the PokéSilverShipping, FlavescentShipping, ChoosenShipping, SpecialShipping, MangaQuestShipping, SpecialJewelShipping and AdmirationShipping articles. Isn't expanding stubs fun?

... Just kidding. The MangaQuestShipping article alone took me several hours to find evidence and edit. XD

I will be working mostly on shipping articles, but I will probably expand to games, anime and manga after a while. (Mostly out of boredom than anything else though.) Right now, I'm trying to make a user page for AbsurdistShipping (Diamond/Pearl), as well as expand AbilityShipping (Ash/Anabel), PreciousMetalShipping (Gold/Silver), AgencyShipping (Black/White), CavalierShipping (Gary/Dawn), CommonerShipping (Diamond/Platinum)... yeah, I'm reading off a list of stubs here. I'm not as familiar with movie ships and game ships, though.


Spr FRLG Cool Couple.png This section contains personal points of view. Please do not be offended by whatever the user writes about shipping here. If you don't know what shipping is, click on the link.
I hope this doesn't break any rules, it's just a pink-and-white box with a random picture.

(Note: bold denotes preference over others)



  • ContestShipping = OTP <3 - Drew & May - I like how Drew's use of reverse psychology and constant teasing has gradually motivated May to train harder and become the talented Coordinator she is today. No doubt, Brianna's accusation got May thinking about how she really felt about Drew, though it's not canon since the anime has to continue. (I don't think it'd be a good example to set for kid viewers if ten-year-old protagonists were dating, anyway.) In addition, don't red roses symbolize love or at least strong feelings? And Drew gives May red roses, doesn't he? Need I say more?
  • PokéShipping - Ash & Misty - I don't ship this just because, like many say, "Misty was there from the beginning". It's not a matter of time. It's how it stands out. Ash and Misty have shown their care, concern and worry for each other more than most other characters paired together have in the entire series. While it's already been established that this ship is a one-sided canon on Misty's side, that merely means Ash is too dense or oblivious to recognize her feelings, let alone reciprocate them. Never has Ash outright rejected Misty or refuted the PokéShippers' beliefs, so we can keep hoping, right?
  • IkariShipping - Paul & Dawn - I guess I've involuntarily, inevitably and irrevocably been captivated by the highly appealing personality contrast. While I still strongly believe this is a crack ship, Dawn and Paul would still look cute together, and it is a fact that he opened up slightly to her. Maybe she could change him for the better if they got together.
  • FlavescentShipping - Yet another crack ship that I have no idea how to explain ended up on my favorite list... Maybe there's just something about WishfulShipping and NegaiShipping that deters me. Besides, Trip was interested in Iris during BW031, for Arceus's sake. Other than that... I have no idea... but I'm working on the shipping page. I'll stretch it all out like GaiaShipping somehow.
  • SommelierShipping - Cilan & Burgundy - You're probably starting to notice a trend in this list now. Yes, I love love-hate relationships. Happy?
  • PearlShipping - Ash & Dawn - Not as big a fan as I was back in 2010, but I've got to give it credit for being the first ship I ever supported since my alarmingly late introduction to the shipping universe.
  • KitchenMaidShipping - Brock & Autumn - Well, it's cute. It's the first time Brock hasn't fawned over a cute girl (and one in a maid's outfit at that). I actually prefer this to LuckShipping, which is saying something.
  • QuestShipping - Jimmy & Marina - Preferred over BackShipping.
  • RocketShipping - James & Jessie - I'm not a hardcore fan, but they're practically soulmates.
  • ShootsdownShipping - Kenny & Zoey - It may not have many hints, but I have a tendency to pair up whoever's left, and that includes rivals.


  • FerrisWheelShipping - N & Hilda - Let's face it, N wanted Hilda to be his ultimate opponent. And ferris wheels... aren't they so romantic? At any rate, I prefer this to ChessShipping. How would a relationship between two player characters work? I mean, unless there are two players that are dating, but still...
  • FortuneShipping - Lucas & Dawn - This is a cute pairing, in my opinion more so than TwinleafShipping. Otherwise, there isn't much of a basis.
  • SequelShipping - Hugh & Rosa - Hugh's spiky hair fascinates me. Besides my opinion that they would make an adorable couple, I guess I tend to be attracted to pairings in which the guy has a somewhat dark past.
  • LiveCasterShipping - Curtis & Rosa - Well, Curtis has been so sweet to my player character that I decided to go ahead and like this ship.
  • VoidCubeShipping - N & Rosa - Rosa reminds N of Hilda, doesn't she? Just like how Nate reminds him of Hilbert, but let's not go into that at the moment.
  • NewRivalShipping - Wally & May - Preferred over HoennShipping and LoveRivalShipping.

Pokémon Adventures / Special

  • SpecialShipping - Red & Yellow - It's not the cuteness of the couple this time, or the fact that it's a one-sided canon. It's the fact that Yellow cares so much for Red, that the entire Yellow arc is largely centered around SpecialShipping, though others would protest in favor of FeelingShipping or LuckyShipping. Red has also shown many signs of caring for Yellow, though he has yet to prove that he remembers that Yellow is the girl he saved in the Viridian Forest.
  • ChoosenShipping - Silver & Green - As they say, childhood friends always end up together, or at least fall for each other. Silver and Green have shown many signs of caring for each other ever since their debuts, and implications of romantic feelings date back to even before the manga's first chapter. Overall, I think this would be more likely to happen than its rivals, LuckyShipping and OldrivalShipping.
  • MangaQuestShipping - Gold & Crystal - Ah, the personality contrast strikes again. I think Crystal is one of the few people that can actually keep Gold in line, at least for a few seconds.
  • FranticShipping - Ruby & Sapphire - Shockingly, as canon as this ship is, this isn't among my Adventures OTPs. It's cute and the love-hate relationship is prominent in the entire Ruby & Sapphire arc, and I must admit that I have reread their confession scenes countless times, but sometimes it bothers me when ships get too popular or too canon. (Of course, this doesn't apply to ContestShipping. That can never get too canon.)
  • CommonerShipping - Diamond & Platinum - Now, this is one pairing I'd like to see canon. Diamond already has an obvious crush on Platinum, but so far she has shown no sign of returning or even realizing his feelings. Only time will tell. Again, I likely support this because it's the manga counterpart of FortuneShipping.
  • AgencyShipping - Black & White - I don't like ChessShipping, but there doesn't seem to be much of an option in the Black and White arc...
  • LithiumShipping - Silver & Sapphire
  • ViridianShipping - Silver & Yellow - Poor Silver, getting paired up so much! I see him as a rather shippable character.
  • HyalineShipping - N & White - A surprisingly unpopular alternate to AgencyShipping. Personally, I don't think this ship has much of a chance of becoming canon, but I ship it for the sake of FerrisWheelShipping.


  • BelleShipping - Drew & Dawn
  • NovelShipping - Paul & Misty
  • CheekyShipping - Max & Mira
  • TiramisuShipping - Barry & Lyra - Seemingly the only ship I can see Barry in and not flinch, besides TwinleafShipping. I see HyperShipping as a form of twincest.
  • ShatteredShipping - Paul & Lyra - Yet another crack ship that I find similar to IkariShipping.
  • LeafGreenShipping - Gary & Leaf - The cross-canon counterpart to OldrivalShipping. I think I like this ship a lot more than the latter.

Shōnen Ai / Yaoi


  • ComaShipping - Ash & Paul - Though I have a feeling Paul would put Ash in a coma upon discovering this ship, it's still fairly adorable, how much of an effect Ash has had on Paul.
  • KodakShipping - Ash & Trip - Who knows, maybe Ash is generally kind toward Trip because he reminds him of Paul.
  • CafeMochaShipping - Ash & Cilan
  • ThirdWheelShipping - Brock & Tracey - They are both third wheels to Ash and Misty...


  • IsshuShipping - Hilbert & N - Same reason as FerrisWheelShipping.

Pokémon Adventures / Special

  • PreciousMetalShipping - Gold & Silver - I don't know why, but Silver's line to Gold toward the end of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc got me thinking. I don't have anything against homosexuality and the like, so why not ship them? And so I did.
  • OriginalShipping - Red & Blue - They are the original rivals, after all.
  • AbsurdistShipping - Diamond & Pearl - Diamond willingly lets Pearl smack him and treat him like an underling, but finally couldn't take it anymore and expressed his desire to be independent. And the make-up scene was so touching...

Shōjo Ai / Yuri


  • SapphirePearlShipping - May & Dawn - They instantly started acting like sisters upon their first meeting. Then again, so did Misty and May, as well as Dawn and Iris...
  • ImageShipping - Misty & May - For the reason stated above.
  • AppealShipping - Dawn & Zoey - Well, it would be cute? They seem to really care about each other's wellbeing.


I'm not fond of any yuri ships in particular...

Pokémon Adventures / Special

  • JadeShipping - Green & Yellow


Least favorite shippings


  • AdvanceShipping - Ash & May - To me this is so wrong on many levels, probably because I grew up believing that they were siblings or at least close friends that didn't like each other romantically. I can tolerate it (to an extent) though.
  • NegaiShipping - Ash & Iris - SAME AS ABOVE.
  • AdmirationShipping - Drew & Brianna - The only fanfic I wrote about Brianna was about her getting stabbed by May. So... you understand that I don't like her?


Pokémon Adventures / Special

  • HaughtyShipping - Pearl & Platinum - This is one of the few love-hate relationships I dislike...

Alternate names

  • YOLO2468 - Her pseudonym on Bulbapedia. As you may have guessed, YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once, implying that one should enjoy life, even if that entails taking risks. She's generally not a person that likes taking risks, though.
  • anonymousretard2468 - Her YouTube username, where she usually post sloppily-written Pokémon fan fiction in slideshow format. It's a lot easier than the conventional writing format one has to use on FanFiction. The name sounds like a five-year-old on a delirious Pokémon-catching high danced on the keyboard and the computer accurately autocorrected it, then refused to change it.
  • TheNinjaPenguin - The username is derived from her fondness for the Pokémon Piplup. The ninja part was added because she envied a fellow user's name IceCreamNinja.
    • Variation: Penguinja


  • She's slowly learning Japanese, but kanji is especially difficult for her to process as she's used to the Chinese pronunciations.
  • She has multiple conflicting personalities.
  • The name for the theory of a romantic relationship between Gary and May is BrunettShipping, not BrunetteShipping. IT REALLY IRKS HER/ME HOW PEOPLE MIX THEM UP.

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