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From Siberia, where Ursarings are walking down the streets...

Well, hello there, my name is Илья and I'm from the city of Tomsk in Siberia. I study at TSU's Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics.
Apparently you came here because you noticed some poor grammar, well, sorry, english isn't my native language and my level is barely Intermediate, feel free to correct any mistakes you find. Even on this page
As Pokéfan I enjoy games, mostly main series. Raising a competitive Pokémon and battling with them is what makes the games my favourite.
As Bulbapedia user, I mostly focus on correcting mistakes and collecting Trivia.



Spr 2c 130 s.png Spr 3e 130 s.png Spr 4h 130 m s.png Spr 2c 125 s.png Spr 4h 172 s.png
It's He. Crystal. Battle Factory, thus not mine at all. Emerald. He again. SoulSilver. From The Egg. Crystal. Pikachu-colored Pichu.
Spr 4h 403 f s.png Spr 4h 047 s.png Spr 4h 068 s.png Spr 4h 417 m s.png
Gifted one. Finaly Random encounter. SoulSilver. Met in trade. Found in GTS. SoulSilver.


Randomly placed... I enjoy Roulette battles.

306MS.png 212MS.png 450MS.png 149MS.png 145MS.png 244MS.png

359MS.png 337MS.png 260MS.png 376MS.png 468MS.png 248MS.png

395MS.png 227MS.png 208MS.png 157MS.png 462MS.png 376MS.png

437MS.png 103MS.png 230MS.png 385MS.png 473MS.png 245MS.png

226MS.png 243MS.png 385MS.png 229MS.png 485MS.png 130MS.png

254MS.png 485MS.png 235MS.png 332MS.png 450MS.png 350MS.png

492MS.png 146MS.png 448MS.png 145MS.png

In-game parties

Generation II


Second playthrough. Played on my cellphone with emulator, err...

Generation III


My third playthrough. I cheated all the Pokemon in their basic forms...

IV Generation



Generation V


Obviously not started yet.

Contacts and Info

  • ICQ: four five seven - twice, seven nine seven.
  • Jabber: