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Russian Pokemon Community
Pokecenterru logo.png
Language Russian
Status Defunct
Run 2009 - 2013
Date opened May 27, 2009
Date closed July 17, 2013
Creator ILJICH
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum Thread system
Mascot Spiky-eared Pichu

Russian Pokémon Community (Русское Поке-Сообщество), or PokéCenter (Покецентр) was a Russian Pokémon fan-site.


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The site featured Pokémon-related news and articles in Russian, mostly focusing on the Pokémon games and anime. News and articles could be written by any user; articles were checked by moderators after publication. News were stored as blog-style entries with a comment system. Forum topics, articles and Battle Videos used the same system.


Several tournaments have been held by the community. PC's tournaments often use non-standard rules for battles. For example, the latest tournament, the Metronome Tournament, allowed using only 4 Pokémon (Cleffa, Happiny, Togepi and Snubbull) and they were to have only one move - Metronome - in their movesets. The goal of the tournament was to find the luckiest member. Special Cleffa were distributed via GTS to those who had no possibility or desire to raise their own Pokémon.

Batoru Eve

Every Sunday evening, a special event was held by the community. Trainers gathered in Jabber-conference to battle each other, trade, participate in Battle Frontier facilities, or even play any non-Pokémon Nintendo DS games. In every Batoru Eve any participant could achieve the title of King Of The Hill by defeating the previous holder of the title and put himself to challenge of holding this title, being challenged by the others. The last Tzar held his title till the next Batoru Eve.

Fake GTS distributions

Bulbanews has an article related to this subject:

Starting 4 April, 2010, PC has distributed Pokémon with a fake GTS, coded by the site administrator, ILJICH. Usually, distributed Pokémon had no special value and served as a symbol, like Noctowl distributed on the International Literacy Day or have some utility use, like level 91 Ambipom with Pickup. Pokémon were always legitimate (cloned however) as they were bred by the site users or administrators before distribution. Only one Pokémon was allowed to be received by one person. The only modification is that every Pokémon had their OT changed to RusPkCo, so anyone can identify distributed Pokémon, as users are neither allowed to trade received Pokémon, nor use them in tournaments.


Pokelab[1] was the Pokémon wiki supported by the site. The goal of the wiki was to provide info about universe to Russian-speaking Pokémon fans.

VKontakte group

The community is also supported by the group in popular Russian social network, VKontakte. The group[2] is the second largest Pokémon-related social network and currently has over 8,000 participants.

Jabber server

PC had its own jabber server, run by the community. Most conversations were held in the main conference, [email protected]. Those who had no jabber account could access groupchat via webgate[3] on the site.

Anime and Manga translations

Several Pokémon anime and manga translating projects were held by the community.


The site was closed on summer 2013 due to lack of activity. Vkontakte group continues to exist and functions as main site of Russian Pokemon Community.


  • Валентин Лупачев (ILJICH) - site administrator and owner.
  • Дмитрий Дреманович (SoulSilver) - news, tournaments organization.
  • Кирилл Жаров (Celebi) - site design, manga translation.
  • Ксения Соколова (Satoshi) - site design.


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