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This template is no longer used. It is being retained for archival purposes.
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The following is documentation for using {{Party}} to display detailed info on Trainers and their Pokémon.

{{Party}} itself is deprecated, and {{Party/Single}} or {{Party/Tag}} should be used instead.


The Party template creates a standalone table displaying one Trainer battle (single or double) and their Pokémon. The table displays more detailed information about the Trainer's Pokémon than the Trainer templates.


Party takes 25 parameters.


  • color: Color scheme template. This is the dominant background color of the table. It should match the Trainer's Pokémon team type (example:{{fire color}}). It can also be another color template where applicable (example:{{ruby color}}). Note that this color is typically lighter than the bordercolor parameter.
  • bordercolor: Color scheme template. The border color for the table. Should correspond to the color parameter, typically a darker version of the same color (example:{{fire color dark}}).
  • headcolor: Color scheme template. The background color of the header segment of the table. Typically lighter than the color parameter (example:{{fire color light}}).
  • sprite: Image sprite for Trainer 1. Should be the filename written in plain text. Applies regardless of tag parameter.
  • prize: Amount of prize money for defeating opponent(s). Should include unit template before value (example:{{PDollar}}510). Entering "none" (case-sensitive) hides the prize display.
  • class: Name of class of Trainer 1. Applies regardless of tag parameter. Do not include a link here.
  • name: Name of Trainer 1. Applies regardless of tag parameter.
  • game: Game this Trainer is in.
    • Preset parameters are: RG, RGB, RGBY, Y, GS, GSC, C, Ru, Sa, RS, RuSa, RSE, RE, SE, E, FRLG, FL, DP, DPP, DPPt, Pt, HGSS, HS, PtHGSS, Bl, W, BW, Colo, XD, PBR
    • Manual links are also possible, but this is not preferred.
  • location: Link to Trainer location. Do not include a link here.
  • locationname: Text to display for location. This is very useful for routes, for example.
  • pokemon: Number of pokemon this Trainer is carrying.
  • tag: 'yes' or 'no' specifying if this is a double battle. Default is no.
  • headcolor1: Color scheme template. Only applicable when tag parameter is yes. Specifies Trainer 1's background color.
  • headcolor2: Color scheme template. Only applicable when tag parameter is yes. Specifies Trainer 2's background color.
  • color1: Color scheme template. Background color for Trainer 1's pokemon. Only applies if tag parameter is yes.
  • color2: Color scheme template. Background color for Trainer 2's pokemon. Only applies if tag parameter is yes.
  • class2: Name of class of Trainer 1. Only applies if tag parameter is yes. Do not include a link here.
  • name2: Name of Trainer 2. Only applies if tag parameter is yes.
  • sprite2: Image sprite for Trainer 2. Should be a text filename complete with file ending type. Only applies if tag parameter is yes.
  • pokemon1: {{Pokémon}} for Pokémon 1.
  • pokemon2: {{Pokémon}} for Pokémon 2.
  • pokemon3: {{Pokémon}} for Pokémon 3.
  • pokemon4: {{Pokémon}} for Pokémon 4.
  • pokemon5: {{Pokémon}} for Pokémon 5.
  • pokemon6: {{Pokémon}} for Pokémon 6.
    • Note that it is preferred to directly use a subtemplate of {{Pokémon}} than to use the gen parameter. The subtemplates are named Pokémon/Generation number (example: {{Pokémon/3}}). Currently, some things are broken if you use the gen parameter, for example monotyped Pokémon will show up as dual-typed with the second type as "Unknown", which is not the case when you use the subtemplate.


Single battle, HGSS


|color={{fighting color}}|bordercolor={{fighting color dark}}|headcolor={{fighting color light}}
|sprite=Spr HGSS Chuck.png
|location=Cianwood Gym

|game=HeartGold and SoulSilver
|ability=Vital Spirit
|move1=Rock Slide|move1type=Rock|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Double Team|move2type=Normal|move2cat=Status
|move3=Focus Punch|move3type=Fighting|move3cat=Physical

|game=HeartGold and SoulSilver
|ability=Water Absorb
|held=Sitrus Berry
|move3=Body Slam|move3type=Normal|move3cat=Physical
|move4=Focus Punch|move4type=Fighting|move4cat=Physical}}

Double battle, Emerald


|color={{ruby color light}}|bordercolor={{ruby color}}|headcolor={{fire color light}}
|color1={{ruby color light}}|headcolor1={{fire color}}|color2={{ruby color light}}|headcolor2={{fire color}}
|class=Magma Leader
|sprite=Spr RS Maxie.png
|class2=Magma Admin
|sprite2=Spr RS Tabitha.png
|location=Mossdeep Space Center
|move1=Take Down|move1type=Normal
|move3=Scary Face|move3type=Normal
|gender=male|level=44|type1=Fire|type2=Ground|ability=Magma Armor
|move3=Rock Slide|move3type=Rock
|move4=Take Down|move4type=Normal}}
|gender=male|level=43|type1=Poison|type2=Flying|ability=Inner Focus
|move1=Confuse Ray|move1type=Ghost
|move2=Air Cutter|move2type=Flying
|move3=Mean Look|move3type=Normal
|move4=Wing Attack|move4type=Flying}}
|move1=Take Down|move1type=Normal
|move3=Focus Energy|move3type=Normal
|move4=Rock Slide|move4type=Rock}}
|move1=Scary Face|move1type=Normal
|move4=Take Down|move4type=Normal}}
|gender=male|level=40|type1=Poison|type2=Flying|ability=Inner Focus
|move1=Air Cutter|move1type=Flying
|move2=Confuse Ray|move2type=Ghost
|move4=Wing Attack|move4type=Flying}}}}

Single battle, RB


|color={{grass color}}|headcolor={{grass color light}}|bordercolor={{grass color dark}}
|sprite=Spr RG Erika.png
|location=Celadon Gym
|move3=Sleep Powder|move3type=Grass
|move4=Razor Leaf|move4type=Grass}}
|move2=Mega Drain|move2type=Grass
|move3=Sleep Powder|move3type=Grass
|move4=Petal Dance|move4type=Grass}}

Single battle with a Shadow Pokémon, Colosseum


|color={{colo color}}|bordercolor={{colo color dark}}|headcolor={{colo color light}}
|sprite=Colo Rogue Cail.png{{!}}75px
|location=Pyrite Town
|move1=Karate Chop|move1type=Fighting
|move2=Focus Energy|move2type=Normal
|ability=Early Bird 
|move2=Rock Smash|move2type=Fighting
|move1=Shadow Rush|move1type=Shadow
|move2=Helping Hand|move2type=Normal
|move3=Quick Attack|move3type=Normal

Single battle with a Shiny Pokémon, FRLG


|color={{water color}}
|headcolor={{water color light}}
|bordercolor={{water color dark}}
|sprite=Spr FRLG Fisherman.png
|location=Trainer Tower
|move2=Thunder Wave|move2type=Electric
|move3=Confuse Ray|move3type=Ghost
|held=Sitrus Berry
|ability=Shed Skin
|move1=Water Pulse|move1type=Water
|move2=Thunder Wave|move2type=Electric
|held=Pecha Berry
|move1=Water Pulse|move1type=Water
|held=Choice Band
|ability=Swift Swim
|held=Cheri Berry
|move1=Horn Drill|move1type=Normal
|held=Focus Band
|move1=Mirror Coat|move1type=Psychic