Team GO Rocket Leader (Trainer class)

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Team GO Rocket Leader
GOロケット団リーダー GO Team Rocket Leader
GO Team GO Rocket Leaders.png
Promotional artwork from Pokémon GO
Other names
Introduced in Generation VII
Appears in Pokémon GO
Gender Both
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Notable members Cliff, Sierra, Arlo
Anime debut
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A Team GO Rocket Leader (Japanese: GOロケット団リーダー GO Team Rocket Leader) is a type of Pokémon Trainer in Pokémon GO. They are high ranking members of Team GO Rocket serving under Giovanni.

Team GO Rocket Leaders can be found at PokéStops designated as Team GO Rocket Hideouts, which can be located using a Rocket Radar. In battle, unlike Grunts, Leaders will always use their Protect Shield against the player's first two Charged Attacks. Once defeated, the Leader will leave the PokéStop and abandon one of the Shadow Pokémon used.

Trainer list

Team GO Rocket Leaders use a teams of three Shadow Pokémon in Trainer Battles, each independently and randomly selected from separate pools. During battle, they will always use a Protect Shield whenever possible. Upon being defeated, a Leader will abandon one of the Shadow Pokémon used in battle.

The following lists the possible Pokémon used by Team GO Rocket Leaders since January 27, 2024.

Green-colored cells denote the Pokémon that will be encountered during the bonus challenge.
Shiny denote Shadow Pokémon have a chance of being Shiny (≈1.6%) in the bonus challenge.
Leader Cliff
Team GO Rocket Leader
#1 #2 #3
ZubatShinyShadow AerodactylShadowKingdraShadowGalladeShadow CrobatShadowTyranitarShadowCradilyShadow
Leader Sierra
Team GO Rocket Leader
#1 #2 #3
TentacoolShinyShadow SableyeShadowMiloticShadowHonchkrowShadow AlakazamShadowVictreebelShadowHoundoomShadow
Leader Arlo
Team GO Rocket Leader
#1 #2 #3
BagonShinyShadow CharizardShadowHypnoShadowGolurkShadow DragoniteShadowScizorShadowSalamenceShadow
For a historic list of past Pokémon teams used by Team GO Rocket Leaders, see Team GO Rocket Leader (Trainer class)/Pokémon change history.


Upon defeating a Team GO Rocket Leader, the player will receive GO Stardust icon.png1,000 and two reward bundles at random. It is possible for a player to receive two of the same bundles after one battle, except for Strange Eggs, in which the player will always receive one if there is space available. During some in-game events featuring Team GO Rocket, defeating a Leader also rewards one sticker.

Item Quantity
GO Stardust.png Stardust ×1,000
Two of:
GO Egg 12 km.png Strange Egg* ×1
GO Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion ×4
GO Max Potion.png Max Potion ×2
GO Revive.png Revive ×4
GO Max Revive.png Max Revive ×2
GO Unova Stone.png Unova Stone ×1
Event only:
GO sticker TR Arlo.pngGO sticker TR Cliff.pngGO sticker TR Sierra.png ×1*


Spr GO Cliff.png Spr GO Sierra.png Spr GO Arlo.png
Cliff's icon from
Pokémon GO
Sierra's icon from
Pokémon GO
Arlo's icon from
Pokémon GO

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese GO火箭隊幹部
France Flag.png French Chef de la Team GO Rocket
Germany Flag.png German Team GO Rocket-Boss
India Flag.png Hindi टीम GO रॉकेट लीडर Team GO Rocket Leader
Italy Flag.png Italian Leader del Team GO Rocket
South Korea Flag.png Korean GO로켓단 리더
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Líder da Equipe GO Rocket
Spain Flag.png Spanish Líder del Team GO Rocket

Boss: Giovanni
Leaders: CliffSierraArlo
Lower members: Team GO Rocket Grunts
Pokémon: Shadow PokémonShadow Raid
Items: Mysterious Component
Rocket RadarSuper Rocket Radar
Shadow ShardPurified Gem

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