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Rocky walls (Japanese: ごつごつのかべ rugged wall; ゴツゴツのいわはだ rugged rock surface) are a type of obstacle appearing in Generation IV and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, commonly found in mountainous areas. To get past them, the player must have a Pokémon use the field move Rock Climb.


The English term "rocky wall" appears in Rock Climb's description: "It can also be used to scale rocky walls." A similar text appears when using Rock Climb: "This wall is very rocky..."

Areas with rocky walls


Location Blocks access to
Route 5 The house on the hill, home to an old woman who gives away a Cleanse Tag (also accessible via Cerulean City)
Rock Tunnel B1F (×4) An Iron
A hidden HP Up
An Oval Stone
Diglett's Cave B1F (×3) A hidden Calcium
A PP Max
A Rock Incense
Cinnabar Island (×13) A Magmarizer
A hidden Rare Candy
A hidden Iron
A hidden Star Piece
Cerulean Cave B1F (×4) A Dusk Stone
An Electirizer
Some Black Sludge


Location Blocks access to
Cherrygrove City A hidden Nugget (also requires Surf)
National Park A Shiny Stone
Route 38 A Lax Incense
A hidden HP Up
A shortcut to Route 39
Route 39 A shortcut to Route 38
Olivine City A hidden Rare Candy
Mt. Mortar 1F (south) A hidden Revive
1F (north) (×4) A Full Incense
A hidden Nugget
A hidden Ultra Ball
A Protector
A Rare Candy
Route 42 A Dubious Disc (only accessible via Mt. Mortar)
Route 46 A hidden PP Max on Route 45
Route 47 (×3) The Embedded Tower (also requires Surf)
A Wave Incense (also requires Surf)
A hidden Stardust (also requires Surf)
Cliff Edge Gate A hidden Big Pearl
Mt. Silver Cave 1F (×3) A hidden Hyper Potion (also requires Surf and Waterfall)
A hidden Ultra Ball (also requires Surf and Waterfall)
A hidden Dire Hit (also requires Surf and Waterfall)
A Revive
The lower mountainside
chamber (×2)
3F The upper mountainside


Location Games Blocks access to
Mt. Coronet 1F (south) DPPtBDSP The stairs to 2F (also requires Surf and Strength)
1F (east) (×2) The way past the western entrance from the peak
The entrance to the northern tunnel
4F (west) The eastern exit to the corridor to 5F
Peak (×3) The northern section, including the northwestern exit
A hidden NuggetDPBDSP
A hidden Star PiecePt
Route 208 A hidden Iron (also requires Rock Smash)DPBDSP
A hidden Star Piece (also requires Rock Smash)Pt
Route 210 (×2) Wilma's house
A hidden NuggetDPBDSP
A hidden Shiny StonePt
Route 211 East TM29 (Psychic) (also requires Rock Smash)
A hidden Zinc (also requires Rock Smash)DPBDSP
A hidden Calcium (also requires Rock Smash)Pt
Route 213 (×7) A Protein
TM05 (Roar)
A hidden Max Revive
A Max Revive at the Hotel Grand Lake
The Coin Toss app at the Hotel Grand Lake
An HP UpPt
Valor Lakefront (×2) TM85 (Dream Eater)
A hidden Rare CandyDPBDSP
A hidden Sun StonePt
An IronPt
Veilstone City A Full Incense
Route 216 A Mental Herb
An HP Up
A Max Potion
TM13 (Ice Beam)
Acuity Lakefront Pt A Reaper Cloth
Lake Acuity
Sunyshore City DPPtBDSP The Calendar app
The Dot Artist app
The Roulette app
Victory Road 1F (main) (×5)

Battle Zone

Location Blocks access to
Route 225 (×2) A Dawn Stone
A Razor FangPt
Route 226 (×9) 4 patches of soft soil (2DPPt/4BDSP Qualot and 2DPPt/4BDSP Pomeg Berries)
A Carbos
A Lagging Tail
TM53 (Energy Ball)
A TinyMushroom
A Big Mushroom
A PP Max
Route 227 A Charcoal
A Max RepelPt
Stark Mountain Exterior (×3) A Life Orb
North (×6) An Ultra Ball
A Max Elixir
A Nugget
A hidden Ultra BallPt