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The Golden Armor (Japanese: おうごんのヨロイカブト Golden Armor) is a suit of armor from ancient times in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. It somewhat resembles the armor worn by Steelheads, but is, as the name implies, pure gold.

In the present, the Golden Armor is found and divided among the Societea during the rise of the Sky Fortress. Hocus and Kasa each take one of the gauntlets from this armor, Arley takes the mail, and Edward (aka Ed "the Thinker") uses the chest-plate and helmet.

This gives them control over Pokémon far superior to the Pinchers wearing the Steelhead armor and the Control Gauntlets, with Arley and Ed using great legendary Pokémon, Kasa using a Ditto capable of transforming into Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, and Hocus being able to amplify his magic tricks onto his Crobat, causing it to grow in size.

After the player has captured the Mewtwo under the control of Ed, Purple Eyes appears with the help of a Gardevoir, revealing that he had stolen the pieces of the Golden Armor from Hocus, Kasa, and Arley. It is with this armor that he summons Mewtwo again, this time giving it a powerful aura that amplifies its attacks and makes even touching Mewtwo damaging. Despite this, his efforts are thwarted by the player, who manages to free Mewtwo.

In the past, the Golden Armor is worn by the Golden Steelhead, Ellios. With this armor, he is capable of controlling the other Steelheads, including the Temple Chiefs, and attempts to control Arceus with this armor. He finally does so, only to be stopped by the player, who has traveled through time at the request of Celebi.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Armure d'Or
Germany Flag.png German Goldene Rüstung
Italy Flag.png Italian Armatura d'oro
Spain Flag.png Spanish Armadura de Oro

Boss: Societea
Administrators: Red EyesBlue EyesPurple Eyes
Locations: Wireless TowerSubmarineSky Fortress
Objects: Golden ArmorControl GauntletsZ.Z. Flyer
Other: Steelhead

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